Hero or Villain: Genesis (Updated to v.1.4.2., new content in post #1687)

This is my inventor (normal, hero)

Azure Knight

Enhanced Human Level: ni-kyu
Name: Miku
Surname: Nakamura
Gender: Female
Occupation: unemployed
Apartment: your apartment in the Bronx ($1250/month)




Fighting: 68%
Marksmanship: 82%
First Aid: 1%
Journalism: 1%
Law: 1%
Engineering: 81%

Maximum Health (ENDURANCE x 4): 80
Current Health: 31%
Salary ($/month): 0
Money ($): 3098


Superhero Costume: tight blue silver spandex top, tight spandex bottom, lace-up boots, long gloves, full mask
Normal Clothes: business suit, short skirt, business shoes
Eye Color: hazel
Hairstyle: short black
Other: , helmet


Arrogant: 14% Humble: 86%
Aggressive: 44% Peaceful: 56%
Charismatic: 90% Awkward: 10%
Vigilante: 8% Paladin: 92%
Kind: 96% Harsh: 4%
Cautious: 40% Impulsive: 60%


Fred: 63%
John: 76%
Richard: 28%
Emily: 21%
Black Cockroach: 68%
Captain Villardi: 91%
Steel Aeronaut: 47%
Mom: 88%
Charlotte: 71%
Beltrand: 55%
Analyn: 74%


Propulsion engine

More intelligent than the average human (INT +10) Strong psyche (PSY +10)

Stun grenades

Enhanced learning

Channel energy into bullets

Discover enemy weak points.

On hard would have been just as easy, since enemy weak points turned out to be a luxury purchase this game. Now, harder than that and I might have had problems. :slight_smile:

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Oh don’t get me wrong, i could have done the hard level, it’s just like i said the hero was too weak for my taste, so it’s wasn’t fun for me XD. My normal one was a bit stronger than your in fact (stat wise), since i don’t like stun powers and the weak points is pretty much useless if you’re strong enough, so i use the points to get a bit stronger

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Well, ultimately, more than a certain amount of anything is gonna be useless.

In my strat, the key element is enhanced learning, which is a totally hax power. With engineering topped up like that, I don’t see much reason to go for really super intelligence. You’re right, I could (probably should) have dropped weak points, stacked psyche instead and double-dosed Agility stones, but I didn’t.

I’ve (finally!!!) managed to get some time today to work on my various WIPs and DLC for HoV (so nice to finally find some time…). This has lead me to start adding more stuff to the game, and highlighted that I should get a new playtesting thread going (I originally had several, though I am not sure how many in them would like to playtest the new DLC). Anyway, for those who are interested, please send me a PM…

(I haven’t forgotten about replying to people… just got carried away with some new powers for the DLC, and after that I will address all feedback! :slight_smile: )


@sasa_se can you let me know more or less at what point in the game does it crash? I have been looking for this problem, but can’t seem to find it…

@tbs9090 ok, let me thing about the nanosuit… maybe at some point I should revisit the “inventing things” subroutine in Battle Royale and later Armaggeddon, to give readers more choice even if not inventors… (i.e. some other type of hero who then also becomes an inventor…)

@ThisNameIsTaken it is not easy for time based MCs to greatly increase agility and endurance… there are some ways within the game, but i think you will struggle to get high in them (by the time you get to battle royale they may be a bit higher, but still…)

@Patrick_Cody02 will put that on my list of things to do, I might eventually work on them for the next update to Battle Royale…

@Darthsoup thanks for pointing that one, I think I have a solution to prevent that from happening in the next update! :slight_smile:

@0roxson0 sorry, not sure I fully understand what you meant in post #1763, you mean you found a bug? You mean during character creation or later?

@Darthsoup to get lord of wall street you need to stay in NY, then you have to defeat Mr. Watson as a villain, and then choose to attack Wall Street . Does that help?

@tbs9090 added the biology power :slight_smile: However, I didn’t not enable it for all powersets…

@Darthsoup this is very strange about Carol… from what I can see there is no bug. I wonder, do you still get this problem?

@Patrick_Cody02 I was always more of a marvel than DC fan, though I think the game should work with all superheroes? The game mechanics were generally inspired by an RPG I used to play as a kid, which were marvel based (I made a video on this: Game mechanics of Hero or Villain - YouTube). :slight_smile:

I will stop at post #1772 by Ramidel and tbs9090, as this will take me into some of the “big” changes I am making for the next version and DLC! (just added vampiric touch to the list of powers…)

Things to do:
-Add more powers (will look at posts from #1514 for inspiration, some have been implemented already but currently only playtesters will be able to use), also posts #1684 to 1687.
-Write second EGHI story
-Add side story to go and visit mum.
-Add nanoparticles armour (for inventor, maybe in book 3, or book 2?). Check also post #1759.
-Finish writing new side mission for DLC
-Add hacking computer powers?


Character creation. I have no idea what happened but the bug changed. So during character creation if you are an inventor you can pick between integrating gadgets into your costume or making a power armor.

Nothing is wrong with the choice to integrate gadgets into your costume now.

Something is wrong with the choice to make power armor. If you make power armor you should be able to get the defensive options making the defense of your power armor stronger and getting immunity to certain types of attacks.

However, right now when you choose to make power armor you only get the defensive options of getting immunity to certain types of attacks. The options that let you increase the defense of your power armor are not there.


Still, but I decided to with it, since it isn’t a big deal anyway.
Also, thanks for the tip. That means, that I need to focus more on Watson’s subroutine.

@Thisnameistaken I’ll qualify Adrao’s statement: The one stone in the museum and the one the Aeronaut’s holding can both boost your AGI and END. There’s no unique way to raise either stat midgame though (aside from a point of AGI through yoga). STR has one extra method that I’ve rather relied on in many playthroughs, and INT has the same method and you can push it up through studying (which can bring you over the invention threshold if you started out near it).

If you just want Olympian levels, then try the following: High agility in your first choice, good endurance, then take the non-powers of professional bodybuilder and professional athlete, choose to have kissed someone strong, and choose the exercise bar as your favorite item at the end of chapter 1. That’ll get you pretty far.

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@adrao I just wanted to let you know I’ve absolutely loved HoV series, its been the source of hours of playthroughs for me. Your amazing at coming up with new updates and new content for the game, where as some authors will just one and done it. Stay awesome <3

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In Chapter 5, a minor text bug:

*if ((superhero_choice = “supervillain”) and (power_invisibility = 1)) #I’ll pretend to work on this ${piece_of_work}. However, I’ll spend most of the time using my telepathy power to steal from my colleagues.

Should be telepathy, not invisibility.

Ok, I just beat the steel aeronaut as a yon-kiu (50 hero points)

Basically it’s a completely powerless hero
At the start, before the black cockroach:

Strength: 16%
Agility: 16%
Endurance: 20%
Intelligence: 20%
Psyche: 4%

Fighting: 21%
Marksmanship: 1%
First aid: 1%
Journalism: 1%
Law: 1%
Engineering: 41%

Great natural intelligence
Decent natural endurance
Bad psyche
Professional bodybuilder
Profesional athlete
Usually practice martial arts

And ended up like this

Strength: 21%
Agility: 16%
Endurance: 20%
Intelligence: 22%
Psyche: 61%

Fighting: 66%
Marksmanship: 51%
First aid: 1%
Journalism: 1%
Law: 1%
Engineering: 70%

Additionally, through acting as a mercenary, insulting my mother and making Jacob piss his pants, I got enough money to buy/make

Interceptor body armor
Energy sword
Flying sistem

And I needed it all to defeat the steel aeronaut with basically a placebo meteorite.
(And then I absorbed the Aeronaut’s stone because why not)
I’m very sure this would work against the other “bosses” in the hero path, Mr Watson and the Cyborg Army, and I know it works on vampires because I killed those on the way to Mongolia, but it would need some adjustments as a villain because of the neuron butterfly, maybe take the small stone from the museum to increase your psyche early.

In any case, I just wanted to show that even without any actual powers, it is possible to be a hero.


It is just a fact about my chars, i always send the money to the mom at end, even with villains, but since up to this point, I’m always penny less, cause i use everything to buy resources, neither my relationship or my finances take a big hit by it, before the endgame

Interesting. You made an energy sword when you’re not a hand-to-hand fighter?

Checking that back now, I probably could have saved myself the energy sword and give mom her money.

However, I am a hand to hand fighter, even if 21 strength isn’t all that impressive, that’s still 63 damage on a headbutt, and the high fighting ability allows me to basically skip any fights against humanoids, hell, you can instantly win against Mr Watson with it after getting past his ninjas.

But the most important thing, is that I like hand to hand fighters, the gun is mostly to take advantage of the environment against the steel aeronaut, you know, shoot the lamp, shoot the nitrogen tanks, that stuff.

Ah. It seems you took Fighting and Marksmanship. My bad.

I myself would have grabbed the small stone for something, but that goes against your “no superpowers” theme (as does getting the genetics boost).

The “no powers” theme is more of a side effect of playing at impossible difficulty, and I didn’t take the first stone because I didn’t want to lose a single time against the steel aeronaut.
And I didn’t, but I still needed SWAT to help me in the museum.

I tried to have another go at this and my biggest peeve is that you can’t reject any of the Captain’s summons. I just wanted to do my job, hangout but all the choices are just you immediately running off

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What version are you on right now? I am looking forward to your next update

Sorry I have been a bit quiet. This week I managed to (finally!) re-start work on HoV: Armageddon, though only wrote ~2000 words of the main story, and managed to work a bit on v.1.4.3 of Genesis (mostly bugs that people reported). Every week I hope that I will get time to work, but my main job prevents me from making much advance. Hopefully next week I will get more time, but after that it could be that I don’t get much time until August. Anyway, I am still hoping to get a demo out “soon” (I don’t want to give any dates though…), as the first 15-20% of the game is kind of already pretty advanced (yet not coded either…)


Don’t worry. It is better for you that you take your creative rhythm in all your projects. I would not want to feel that our comments put a lot of pressure on you and that this stress ruins your experience of creating things with your imagination that in the end you end up liking the result.

If you have a job then we can wait patiently for your progress :slight_smile:

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