Hero or Villain: Genesis (Updated to v.1.4.2., new content in post #1687)

Fair enough on Flying Death - looks like the bug is in the other direction then (since there’s a tackle option on him if you haven’t used it up in your previous fight).

Hm. The TK throw is already a trick play rather than something we can use as our core strategy. I’d still say that if I’ve stacked Psyche and lack a stronger ray, it might be useful against some of the stronger “normal human” adversaries (Morning Dragon, the EHGI thug, and Gisette in Book 2).

Psycho Soldier just squashes normal humans flat with a tackle, but I don’t think the average telekinetic MC will have a Fighting as high as hers, particuarly on higher difficulty levels where points are more scarce.

Answer that in Book 3, I think. If you don’t return to Earth, then the answer is “not much.” If you do, then you’ll have to deal with your debt (the Lanista may have destroyed the apartment building, but the landlord company still wants its money), same with other ordinary-person stuff like becoming unemployed. And DECs aren’t legal tender on Earth :slight_smile:

No. Not needed at all, just a random request if you felt like writing it out.


About the armor, i referred as a char without ur own armor in fact, (inventors are pretty awesome on defense tbh), so the point is, i can’t take off the armor at the store to put another, i can’t remember the name of the armor that i bought but it was one from Mongolia, and i couldn’t take it off to buy another one at the 2nd game (and i know that I’m supposed too XD).

Usually with the armored inventor i only buy the force field (since we don’t have the option to add one to it), and the helmet cause I’m not sure if the armor covers my head XD.

The nanoparticles would only be flavor text on my suggestion, but it would also be a way to use ur power discreetly if we ever need it (but it would be only flavor, cause i didn’t see the need for being discreet at BR), for example covering only 1 hand real fast, shooting/hitting something and hiding it again

And yeah the change on the endurance was perfect, thanks a lot for hearing me out

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What about in Book 3 then? There will be uses for the hacking computer

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1.4.3 is out and we can finally enter infinite Cheat Codes. Man I love my new super character. If you are thrown out of the cheat menu, don’t worry. Just enter it again and input another code.


So, time to bug you again :slight_smile:

-Bertrand’s gym (fighting, both lessons), the darts bar and the Bangkok airport pool table (marksmanship) still don’t benefit from enhanced learning speed. (I do miss this. Enhanced learning is very much a part of my build.)

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What are the codes? to be able to write them down

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Hopefully there will be :slight_smile:

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Can you date Charlotte let?

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Not yet. Future plan.

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Is a character with mental powers not able to engineer anything on purpose? I made a mental power character with 82 engineering and 95 intelligence but didn’t have the option to build anything other than a flying and wall crawling system. An animal character with like 10 engineering and 30 intelligence was able to build weak armor at least.

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Did power armour get nerfed? The option for additional defensive capabilities for said power armour was removed was that attentional?

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Some stuff can only be engineered by inventors.

Weak armor, flying, wallcrawling and trick arrows can be invented by anyone with enough intelligence and engineering. However, you can’t engineer armor if you have a force field.


I got this message after the scene where it has the options that said this

I’ve been eating protein bars my entire life in trying to improve strength

Or something along those lines. I think it might have occurred cause I used cheats or it was just a glitch

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I’ve gotten that it seems your playing with the cheat AllforOne, the way i managed to work around it was to not pick conflicting powers ,the powers that were causing this for me was the damage resistance powers from the inventor suit and the transfer energy into weapons powers, just make sure to avoid those and hopefully it should work :slight_smile:

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I actaully didn’t use all for one. I pretty much used all the cheats except for all for one and all the inferior version of cheats that raise the fighting skill, marksmanship, etc. I did use touched by midas and megabooster multiple times tho

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No I have the same problem when I was using cheats

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Using touchedbymidas to many times ends the story if you go past 99,999.

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Oh alr thxs

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