Hero or Villain: Genesis (Thread for reporting bugs etc)

Hi, thanks for all the suggestions. I really like many of them, so in the next update I might implement some of them (my first big update was to try to improve the RO a bit, then I added some new missions… generally the number of complaints about RO has greatly diminished, but I think I need another push to make them actually good… so hopefully my next update will focus on them!). Not sure why the latest update hasn’t gone online yet, but given that it is the holidays period I will not pester CoG on this (sorry, I was hoping to have it online for the holidays, but I might have been a bit too late).

Only one but though… the “water girl” (Catalina) is a RO for all genders… you didn’t manage to get this one? (I am wondering now if there is a bug…)

@yazata yes, there will hopefully be more missions on the hero side in the future. My hope is to continue to add “a mission or two” every 1-2 months or so. Which ones I add will depend on my own inspiration (sorry, I often have to go with wherever takes me), but also requests etc… my own feeling is that for the next update I might have to go back to the RO and add some more there…

@MooseRacerUK, thanks, glad they are appreciated! (and, whenever the new update goes live there will be one extra mission, basically the possibility to attack a police station . This means that the villain path might finally start to feel a bit more fleshed out, given a wider range of possibilities…

And finally… hope everybody has a Merry Xmas!!!


Ah i see. Hmmm… Either way I will say for the most part your game is great. I enjoyed playing/reading it, so just keep going strong :+1: you keep pumping out titles and I’ll keep paying. Lol

I wonder what other works you have in the making? O.o

I honestly I would like to see a continuation of Tokyo Wizard. But by no means am I pressuring you to make a sequel. But I honestly believe it had plenty of potential for an incredible sequel.

Anyway, I hope you have a peaceful, rest filled Holiday.
Merry X-mas!

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I keep wanting to make a continuation to Tokyo Wizard (it is the first game I released, and it has a special place in my heart… from time to time I go back to it and try to improve it a little), but my inspiration and events keep delaying this. At present, the games in various stages of development are the following (in the order in which I started them):

  1. The Nebula. My first ever WIP! One day I’ll finish it… to be honest, it is actually “finished” as in the game has been coded until the end… but I’ve learnt so much about writing and coding that I realize I need to go through it and re-write it again. I keep working on it from time to time, but it needs much love and care still…

  2. Untitled fantasy game, re-using the “engine” from Tokyo Wizard. I was making good progress on it at one point, but then decided to really finish Hero or Villain… it has stagnated ever since. My idea was to then re-use the “advanced engine” (including more spells, etc) to make Kyoto Wizard. The artist that makes the amazing artwork for my games even started to make a few sketches for the main characters in this game… before I asked her to instead move onto a different project (I want to make a cardgame based on Hero or Villain…)

  3. Hero or Villain: Battle Royale. I’ve been making really good progress on this during the holidays, maybe I have the first chapter ready now (~6000 words or so, up to the first fight). However, I am not planning to show it until I have the first few chapters finished, so I have only really finished 1/7th of the game…

So, in my mind the next 2 years might see the release of something like (in order of release):

  1. Hero or Villain: Battle Royale
  2. Fantasy game (reusing Tokyo Wizard engine)
  3. The Nebula
  4. Kyoto Wizard (reusing previous engine)
  5. Hero or Villain part 3?

oh an fantasy game? oh will we be able to choose between different races for the character we will be playing as?

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Wow that’s amazing, and a huge list of stuff to do. The sheer amount of coding makes me wanna cry. Lol :joy::joy::joy:

But it’s heartening to hear how much Tokyo Wizard means to you, I thought it was a spectacular story and I can say I’m pretty excited for a sequel. The same goes for Hero or Villain. I didn’t know you had already started on a sequel, so now I’m looking forward to that too. Lol
This Fantasy game youre making reusing the Tokyo Wizard engine sounds quite interesting. So I’d definitely like to learn more about that at some point, as well as The Nebula. I have no idea what the premise of that is, but the name grabs my attention from the get go.

But Excellent Job with your stories/games. I look forward to the next release :yum::+1: good luck and have a relaxing holiday. :slight_smile:


Yes, the different races are already coded… just, I want to advance more with the game before I share it… and at the moment my mind is 100% into the second part of Hero or Villain.

@XxDrifter15xX ere goes the link to the Nebula WIP :wink: not much there yet, but hope it sets the scene…


I might be asking too much but
about the fantasy one,can you give us a sneak peek at the avalible races?

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I am using the figure below to visualize how the races fit with regards to the elements (a central premise in Tokyo Wizard, which will basically be carried over into the fantasy game).

However, the only playable races are humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, orcs, and half-orcs… there are reasons why the other races will be limited, mostly related to lizardfolk driving much of the story.

However, I still don’t want to really discuss this game, despite current playthroughs being already 10,000-15,000. Basically, I still want to give it more shape before releasing, though my mind is now completely immersed in Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (I was surprised by how far I had gotten when digging this information up for you, which shows you how far my mind is from this project at present… and how much I am enjoying writing Battle Royale!!!)


Is it possible to become a successful villain in this game? I tried multiple times but I always end up being imprisoned.

@AlexHaydenX modifing the save file :slightly_smiling_face:
it worked for me

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@black care to elaborate? I havent played the game for months since I got frustrated from being sent into jail in the end.

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If we have any, who are the current romance options?

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alright,that is a nice seletion of races for the player to choose.
I would add fairy race but still good job,there is already enough

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Anyone know of a walkthrough for this?

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Sorry to everybody for not posting for a while, I have been working hard on the sequel to this (currently with playthroughs of ~24,000 words, which is around 60% of my intended final playthrough length, though it seems the final game might be longer as I haven’t quite reached my intended half-way point in the game). This doesn’t mean it is 60% finished though, as I then have to work on side missions, etc (some of which have been added, but others need to be written).

@AlexHaydenX the villain path can be a bit tough, and requires a decent psyche to beat Neuron Butterly, or go through the supervillain path… but, it is arguably a difficult path in the game. I think it is possible to beat it though?

@Gustavo47 most of the character in the game are RO, though some are more developed than others…

@Kain_Leingod I don’t think anybody has written a walkthrough for this… I guess given all the different difficulty levels and powersets available, it might be challenging to do this for this game? (not sure, I have never really used them, though I’d be very interested in seeing what somebody could do)


@adrao Do you have planned that hero or villain Battle Royal is longer than the hero or the villian genesis?


I planned them to be about the same, though as I said, I might overshoot slightly in terms of length. In terms of structure I am planning to put more focus on side-missions, and less in “end-of-game-branching”. I.e. more “railroaded” in the overall structure, but more “branchy” in terms of side missions (not sure if this makes sense). Not sure if this makes sense? (anyway, note that this is my plan, and that my original plan with Hero or Villain had little resemblance to the final game!)


Is the version 1.2.1 here? Because on playstore it says 1.2.0

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More-so I want a guide on dialogue trees and Romance options.


I had no problems defeating Neuron Butterfly, but when it comes to battling Moon Crusader I always lose.

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