Hero or Villain: Genesis (Submitted V.1.1, expanded RO scenes)

Your points make good sense.

[spoiler]One thing I’ve noticed about Emily already: Something that happens if your character is on really good terms with her (70 plus relationship I think.)

Anyways, if your character pursues Steel Aeronaut overseas, asks Emily for a vacation to do it, and your relationship is good enough, she will enthusiastically approve the vacation and ask where you are going, to which the character will honestly tell her. I can see this scenario leading Emily to figuring out the character’s secret identity, romance or not, if the character goes directly to Mongolia and tells Emily so.

Example Hypothetical Outcome:
News Report: ‘Our top powered story tonight! New York based hero (Hero Name) has defeated and captured the infamous super-villain Steel Aeronaut in Mongolia!’

Emily: “Oh, thank God that villain is finally in custody. Maybe I’ll be able to get that night at the ball out of my head… Wait, oh no, (civilian name) is on vacation in Mongolia! I hope they weren’t hurt… Wait… Wait a minute… Why would (civilian name) go to Mongolia in the first place?”

Emily: “Hold on, (civilian name) goes to Mongolia, and (Hero Name) ends up fighting their nemesis, the Steel Aeronaut, there right after? Is that just a coincidence? Come to think of it, I didn’t see (civilian name) at all that night at the ball after (Hero Name) showed up to fight Aeronaut’s minions. That’s two coincidences! And (civilian name) left work without warning the same day (Hero Name) fought Aeronaut at that bank! That’s three coincidences, and that’s too many to ignore! Oh my God, this explains everything! (Civilian Name) is (Hero Name)!! [/spoiler]

I could be wrong, but this seems to be an interesting hypothetical.

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what’s ro?

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romance option

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Weird, I have a 76 relationship stat with her and don’t get any option for that

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Hey Adrao, im not really into the idea of adding new RO because i want to play a game purely about super humans, not one about romance, but do you think there is still a chance to add new powers in the next update versions or the secuel of the game? (If you decide to make one) ive been looking foward for powers like necromancy, commanding animals, breathing fire, berserker mode, brainwashing, etc.

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Somebody have a list with all RO in the game?

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True, it wouldn’t be too difficult to put those two together, right? I guess something like that could happen, but at that point the story cuts anyway…

@GamesMaster the RO with Emily will probably only present itself if you stay in NY… going abroad doesnt give you enough time to do many of the RO.

@BGL, unfortunately I am not really planning on adding any more power options. Most people seem to agree the choices over there are really broad. However, the RO sequences have been critizised, so I want to polish that part of the game a little more for those that like that. I am happy to add more places to use existing powers, if anybody has any suggestions…

@Reinaldo_Pimentel most of the characters that appear can be RO, including colleagues at work, Emily, side characters -Carolina, Lyron, captain Villardi, Steel Aeronaut, Beltrand, gun shop attendants… mmmm did I forget anybody? However, if you are looking at that side of the game you might want to wait a bit, as I am currently working on an update that will hopefully increase -marginally in some cases, more substantially in others- the depth and quality of some of the RO scenes for some characters…


It will be interesting to see how the romantic intrigue side of the story will play out, both in the update and the next chapter of the story, alongside the relationships between the characters in general. Romance in a story can be a useful tool among many tools for helping bring characters to life. It’s far from the only tool, but is often useful. Romantic or not, connections to other people are something almost any human wants and can feel empathy towards.

What a character finds appealing or revolting, whether romantically, platonically, empathetically, or logically, can provide insight into who they really are. What does that character truly want deep down? What do they fear most? What psychological mask might they create and present to the world to protect themselves from potential threats in the setting, real or imagined? Ehh, sorry, I’m getting carried away here…

[spoiler]In any case, it will be extremely interesting to see how the Battle of Champions will play out, as the implications and number of questions involved are staggering.

How long will the tournament go on? What other people from Earth will be involved? What aliens will the player character meet? What horrors and opportunities await in the tournament? Will the tournament be broadcast to Earth for all to see, revealing that humanity’s super-powered were simply the product a god-like alien race looking for gladiatorial entertainment, or will Earth be left in the dark to wonder where all the powered individuals went? What will happen to the player character’s mother, friends, or love interests back on Earth? These are just a few of the questions that come to mind. Looking forward to what’s next. [/spoiler]


I’ve been achievement hunting but I don’t know how to get ‘Lord of Wall Street’ and ‘Down with the Military’.

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Those are both on the evil paths of the game, Down with the military means you need to defeat Captain Harris (in the evil supergroup path), Lord of Wall Street… is at the end of the building an evil crime empire path… :wink:

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Hey @adrao, I encountered a game-ending bug when I started playing it on my Kindle Fire. I was only about an hour or so into the story when it happened.

I’ll send in a screen shot to the support email tonight.

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OK, no matter what I do I can’t get her romance path to pop up. I have 100% on the layout and I made her like me and I stayed in New York as well.

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Thanks @Eric_Moser! :slight_smile:

@GamesMaster you don’t get “Message somebody in the office to see if they would like to meet up with me”? as one of the evening choices? If you choose this then you should be able to meet them… I am checking the code now, and everything seems to be ok.

Is anybody else having trouble romancing Emily? (please let me know now, as I have finished the next update for the game, improving several of the RO, so if there is a bug it would be better to sort it out before I push things to Choice of Games)

Out of all the options, I never get that one.

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Really? I usually do if I choose to stay in NY

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when will the sequel come out?

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Well, its not even one month since it was published, and I am still dealing with bugs, etc. I need to finish another game before I even start on the sequel for this, so we are really talking about 1-1.5 years (more likely 1.5 than 1, really…)

@adrao I have another question beyond the sequel that will come out, do you have any more future plans with the game? Or will it end with the sequel?

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The sequel is slowly weaving itself in my head. There is a vague notion of how I would like the sequel to end, and which factions I’d like to bring in. Then, there could be another sequel to the sequel, though that is really just an aspiration at this point (the general idea is there…)

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The first update to the game was submitted on the 17th of October. List of changes is given below:

V.1.1. Changes

-4,000 extra words.
-Expanded RO sequences for several characters.
-Possibility of second “date” with Lyron and Emily.
-New dialogue options
-New options in some fights.
-Bugfixes, etc

Thanks to everybody who gave feedback. Hopefully, I can continue to update and upgrade the game in the future!