Hero or Villain: Genesis (Game updated to v.1.3.3, see post #1391)

You just help the captain where you can, invite her to the masquerade ball and ask her out after that. But the most important thing is to select who you dated at school and it will determine your sexual orientation

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Or you can emotionally manipulate her through your powers but that sounds like a villain if you are interested in that path @Unknowniguessso2105

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Would you be able to expand on the water power with new abilities, the power set is pretty bland and I have only ever used the power once, not to mention the ability to breathe in water is only ever used once and then again that’s only in book two and the ability to not slip is never used at all.

Yes, water is indeed a bit “bland”…

Anyway, I think it is slowly getting towards the time that I should work on another update, picking up all feedback and comments from post #1460. Normally I incorporate these progressively, but last couple of months were absolutely crazy with work, and whatever time I had I was just working on my newly released WIP. But, I’m hoping from the middle of February I will have time to update this, and to start working on part 3… Hero or Villain: Armageddon!


Take all the time you need. I don’t want us to end up being a burden on the long list of things you already do. We can also wait patiently for the next game up to two years so as not to pressure you with the times and also even your story can have better quality with a calm mind. In conclusion, take the time you need.

Funny mistake:
#Read some books about the principles of law.
*set law %+5
*if (power_learning =1)
*set marksmanship %+5

Could you explain how to do this. Cause i selected female interest (gwen) i was polite with the conversations and help her stop the leexh mutant. Than I have the choice to kiss her (which she always rejects) and I dont see a option to ask her out. Do you remember how to do this

Well, try to accomplish most of the missions with the captain. Show yourself as a humble and charitable superhero. Also before leaving with her on the hunt for the slimy killer, ask her why she risks her life in the mission and after she tells you the story of her father, give an option that says that you are grateful that she trusted you for this mission and with her. A romantic option comes that shows your intentions with her for the first time and she smiles on you and after the success in the mission try to kiss her and she will accept your kiss, then comes the option to reveal your identity to her.

I think its a really specific situation i need?
I patrolled 2 times and got 80 relationship before starting the mission against leech. Did the steps you told me to. Than tried the kiss before and after the mission. Neither worked. Do you know what im doing wrong?

Just to check, you are playing as a superhero, right? And your vigilante score is low? (Villardi rates you on two things, how much she likes you as a person, and whether she perceives you to be a true hero… she doesn’t want to romance a “vigilante”)

hi, I am playing a villain and want to romance shark man and also hire him as my second in command but the only way i’ve met him as a villain is when i get arrested and recruited by the government, is there any other way as a villain?

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Creo que debes hacer algo de villano en las calles y en ello conocerás a Lyron

I belive, that only other way is to start as superhero or vigilante, and then after museum, choose to earn more money for mothers treatment instead of fighting SA. That way you romance Shark as hero, and than gani option to become a villain.

But it’s only guess, since I didn’t test that way.
I mean: You can only meet him if you patrol the streets two times. And only heros and vigilantes patrol the streets. So you can start as vigilante, patrol, be nice when you meet him, influence his dreams/behaviour (optional), and have not enough money so you would turn to crime.

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Found possible mistake. When facing Mr. Watson my relationship with Catalina decreased fron 80 to 64, and, after applying pressure to Black Cockroach wound, and Sebring him to hospital, my romance with Catalina was completely forgotten by the game, no comment on rescuing her was made, and next scene was with “my minions” despite me playing vigilante and not having ones, since I never created crime empire.
Something got very wrong here. I should be enjoying kiss with Catalina, and returning to my home, instead of returning to nonexistent minions, and none romance. Any guess why it happened?