Hero or Villain: Genesis (Game updated to v.1.3.3, see post #1391)

Can we save aggy

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What is the other part 2 forum thread

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No. She has to die, similar questions have been asked during its beta stages but according to @adrao she has been exploring the galaxy and found some via intel for the next game, that’s around the lines of what she is trying to tell you before well dying.

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I’ve elaborated a bit more on this on the first post of this new thread I’ve created for the feedback from Battle Royale…

I was thinking more along the lines to balance out some of the more prolific choices that inventor, air, mind or time powers get(for example: increased amount of miscellaneous like anticipatory fightings skills(+30 to marksmanship + fighting) double learning i get it as being exclusive to time, mind & inventor) in terms of justification, I’d say along the same lines of why the others have so many options whereas Light, water, fire do not? I apologize if I’m doing a poor job of conveying my thought process as I essentially base it off of “why would X get this & Y wouldn’t” and a lot of times it makes sense but less so for the add-on abilities/attribute boosters which seem more abstract & applicable to any of the power sets as consequences of touching the stone(ex: increased fighting abilities, increased first aid or additional attributes like AGI+40 or such rather than being restricted to a small pool of +20’s). Probably doesn’t help that I base this based on how many hero/villain points are left over after selecting all options on the ridiculously easy difficulty(on inventor, time, air I can use all points/not have enough points to acquire everything whereas for light, dark, fire, water I could end up with upwards of 400-500 points left over)

(also surprised that no one has posted them using 1000 points just to get 10000$ & going with the money is my superpower meme)

(sorry if this is redundant) I could argue that they utilize the fact that they have mastery over water to propel their body through the air at will, or that they use the abundant gaseous “liquid” in the atmosphere to do this, justification can be provided for most of these abilities(but not all) with a bit of roleplaying(which i think is an epic characteristic of your work on this by the way) but yeah those are just 2 slightly weak justifications off the top of my head for that example :slight_smile:

Quick reply… do let me think about this a bit. You make some good points. I am hoping of spending some time incorporating some new powers into the game (for fights), which would involve a bit of coding for both games. I might use the opportunity to rebalance those powersets that have less options. But, first I need to finish the fist update of Battle Royale. Anyway, I’ll put this in my list of things to do/consider…


To be vampire, i know you have to go accept a clients mission and that client is a vampire.But after that what do i do to become a vampire? Do i have to get bitten by him and how so?

What about shark guy (eating without paying one)? Can we meet him before joining alternative „avengers” squad?

How do you fight Shori Yuki. What do you do to go fight her??

Follow aeronaught to mongolia and accept courier job its obvious from there

follow Aeronaught to mongolia then befriend her(after causing some trouble together she’ll[Shiro Yuki] come to try and stop you)

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How do you get the achievements leech killer, shark catcher, and down with the military. I have all the achievements in the games except these two and I don’t know how to get these. Please help!!

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Go to the police station and help the captain, be a hero and go on patrol and I’m not sure about the last one

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You mean the agent Siedler or whatever his name is??

No for leech killer its a captain villiardi mission you just have to go to the police station to see if they need help when the option shows up. Just be sure to have a high psyche when you do

Forgot how to use spoiler option.

Comment towards EGHI side story. It’s kind of too fast. You can’t confront evil scientist, nor you can take photos or other proof of misconduct and illegal experiments to expose him. It’s either use machine on destroy it. And there is no epic ending like with Mr. Building Mafia and Tidal Bore. End the trade off is slightly unbalanced. You gain either little intelligence but lose little agility and little strength, or gain little strength, but lose only little intelligence. Like you see when choosing intelligence you lose more. It should be either one to one trade off or one to two in both cases.

EDIT: if it comes to powers, water could get transforming into liquid form (both as movement and defense power since as liquid you could “leap” to the stone in museum or got through cameras of EGHI), earth could get power to create “stairs” from earth to “fly”, or manipulate earth on more offensive base like stone spikes or bind (not only by plants), wind could get some more control over wind currents and lightning, because plasma don’t suit it, and fire could get more attribute powers since flames aren’t only agile, but also strong. Power to create flames that can’t be extinguished would also be cool. All elementals deserve enhancing their weapons. Water with chilling ice or hot boiling or whatever other reason, since chemical uses of water are nearly infinite (which could also be used for other water powers)and it is everywhere. Fire could well enhance both their weapons with burning flames. Wind with lightning or wind currents. Earth could make their weapons harder and less prone to breaking, or infuse it with thorns or since many plants are poisonous you could go that way to create their powers. I didn’t played animal hero, but ability to transform into full animal version would be cool (not werewolf but normal or human sized wolf f.ex.), as well as cool would be ability to summon/control animals. Also more animal options (I said I didn’t played not that I hadn’t checked from what animal I could get powers) would be appreciated (as well as individualizing animal powers from animal type we choose with exemptions in free write). Light and dark are pretty well build except attributes powers. Light is though to be gracious, an charismatic like angels. Shadows are hideous, cunning, and also somewhat charismatic since they always whisper in your ears and try to convince you to to evil. If you consider adding new powers, than shadow could control shadow to bind or ever harm opponents also some religions of old give shadows important meaning for human souls. Light could get medicine bonus (as well as water) since they are associated with healing, which you could use to give light (and water) powers to heal self and others. Light should also get power to manipulate human emotions since they are always get positive reactions from others.
Inventor needs more invention options later in game. Mind is perfect. Time could get little more offensive powers based on time rifts and other time theories, and less mind powers. Come on! It’s time, not some mind powered telekinetic. They could create time vortexes for offense and defense instead of telekinesis, and “see” time, and thus how people would react (for emotion manipulating powers), however I couldn’t justify getting into dreams for time powered heroes)

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@adrao i think i found a bug. I tried to RO captain Villardi after i defeat the leech creature and save her. if you try to kiss her with 94 relationship (pretty sure thats the max at that point) you get rejected.

Sorry to everybody for the late reply, I was busy with the update for Battle Royale and another new WIP…

@DarthShit yes, you should be able to. Choose to patrol the streets (you should meet him on the second time…) @Darron_Elliott that hopefully also explains shark catcher… for leech killer go and ask Captain Villardi for some work down with the military involves joining the steel aeronaut in mongolia, if memory serves me… . Regarding EGHI, I am fully with you. Basically my intention was to branch off this into a new set of side missions that you can pursue if you stay in NY. It remains on my list of things to do, though recently I was working mostly on improving Battle Royale. I’m hoping to come back one day and improve this EGHI side of the story with additional side missions that allow you to take them down, or blackmail them etc… About the powers, again, I am hoping to spend some time thinking about all these and possibly add some more, before I start book 3… my neverending and expanding wishlist of things to incorporate into the games! :slight_smile:


Actually I admire you. You are never satisfied with your results. You seek perfection with your hero games. You listen to us, and have energy, and patience to improve you masterpiece. That’s very admirable. Thank you for listening to us. I wish I had your determination. Than I would have built my own LEGO set, or my own text game. All I have are ideas, and enough time and funds to keep trying new things.
Thank you very much one again.

Lastly, will you be willing to share with us, on what update (because, I don’t think you should be working on part 3 of the game, when part 2 is still fresh and new) are you currently working on?

Thank you very much. Take care. Bye

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