Hero or Villain: Genesis (Game updated to v.1.3.2, see post #1347)

I have just added escrima sticks, though unfortunately adding shuriken is very difficult, from a structural point of view (basically I would have to change so many things throughout the game…). However, note that it might take some time until the next update is made to the game (possibly 2-3 weeks).

Is it just the standard shuriken or the large fūma suriken?

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Adding either is structurally quite difficult…

I’m suspecting that it requires a bunch of coding.

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Small idea:
Could superheroes (not supervillains; explicit heroes) make money advertising products? It would be easier to have money as a good guy then. I’m also imagining that the protagonist’s boss makes a comment about having their super alter ego show up to a party or a publicity campaign, and after that’s over, wondering why the protagonist wasn’t there.

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The idea is nice, and I have been turning this in my head for a few days (how to implement it), but finally I gave up (it is structurally complicated… as it would require much coding and reaction from characters you talk to in the game…)

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Link to second part on steam!


Game was just updated, to v.1.3.2. (well, the latest patch should be incorporating the two smaller updates I made earlier)

v1.3.2 Changes (353,000 words)

-New powers added to “Air” power-set (mini-tornadoes, air bullets and condense air)

-Small bugfixes and typos corrected.

v1.3.1 Changes (352,000 words)

-Small changes to end of game save system, to import characters into book 2.

-Small bugfixes and typos corrected.


Has the save implementation been added to Genesis yet?

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Yes, it is implemented and (from all reports so far) working well! :slight_smile: