Hero or Villain: Genesis (feedback thread)

@Akoa in hindsight, I should have made telekinesis depend on psyche, so that you could have a range of telekinetics. At present, my assumption is that if you have a telekinesis of 20 it would be equivalent to what you could lift with a strength of 20 (as per the tables in the game). A telekinesis of 40 would thus be equivalent to what you could lift with a STR of 40. Does this make sense? (let me know if you’ve found an issue with the mechanics… or if you think I should insert some extra options to use telekinesis in specific places…)

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Honestly kinda surprised telekinesis damage isn’t affected by psych… Maybe add in another update or dlc :thinking: as long as that isn’t overwhelmingly complicated just something to keep in mind though in all honesty i can picture that as a insurmountable task with the amount of code needed for previous books maybe just add it to later books like were learning about the true limits of our power. More instances of us tossing around enemies like a ragdoll and throwing things like Vader in the end of Jedi fallen order would be cool maybe scenes of us pushing our telekinesis past it’s normal limit to hint at even greater power like us holding up a building in a state of panic before passing out in exhaustion or doing something crazy like crush a giant mech in rage if we have a large amount of psych just some ideas.


A cool instant in book 2 would be with the final boss saying that our friend died because he was weak or taunting us in that maner and in a rage we use a huge amount of telekinesis if psych is really high to destroy him in gory fashion well as much as the writer will allow making joo shocked/ impressed/ kinda afraid :flushed: like as a warrior and love interest she would be head over heels while in terms of survival instincts absolutely terrified kind of a funny combo also while on the subject kind wish we could convince her to let us face him ourselves just a little tidbit

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Um dear Author, i have suggestion… What if there was a ultimate power for the Time type power. Like for fire powers it’s Supernova, so on that basis time powers should in theory work like the mc can accelerate fast while slowing down time to the point of it freezing, thus moving extremely fast, like faster than the speed of light. The drawback could be that the MC can exhaust themselves and also can get burned because of the speed they are moving at. Sorry for my rambling. I am just exited.


@Akoa I think I already coded some extra options for telekinetics in the DLC, but let me save your answer and maybe have another pass at it after the DLC is released (currently I cant touch the files until it is released…). Not sure about making it related to PSY… I may have to just leave it as it is… (too much coding to change… not that I can’t do it, just I’d rather work on something else first).

@Tyrant_Evil mmmmmm could be… not so sure how it would work in practice, let me play around with this in my head to see if I could have the coding work…


Oh and I have another one. On the topic of Telekinesis, there can also be an DLC power like the the MC’s Telekinesis can not just lift stuff but also can manipulate the sub-atomic molecules. It’s could be something like Disintegrating the opponent at the molecular level through Telekinesis but at the cost of heavy psychic pressure on the mc’s brain.


I would like to know if there is much difference using gadgets or armor

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Question how powerful is Regen at different levels is 30 minutes wolverine level and a week just the regular comic human level healing like how a normal man like Batman gets wrecked but a week later is back fighting. Another example is John wick love the movies but i highly doubt a regular man can fight a week or two after getting stab wounds gunshots and severe fall damage also in terms of gameplay how much of a percentage of health is restored per turn.

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I wouldn’t say 30 mins is wolverine level but it is pretty close though it would be awesome if he added another level into healing to make it like wolverines.

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This question seems to come up a lot, so I made a video to explain how to become a vampire (it is a somewhat obscure path through the game, though many players do seem to find it!). Please check the link below:


@andrea_silva not sure I fully understand the question. Can you explain in more detail?

@Akoa currently, for those without regeneration power, the amount of health you get back per day depends on your endurance:

*if (endurance >90)
*set hp +10
*goto finish_recovery
*elseif (endurance >70)
*set hp +8
*goto finish_recovery
*elseif (endurance >50)
*set hp +6
*goto finish_recovery
*elseif (endurance >30)
*set hp +4
*goto finish_recovery
*elseif (endurance >20)
*set hp +3
*goto finish_recovery
*elseif (endurance >10)
*set hp +2
*goto finish_recovery
*set hp +1
*goto finish_recovery

You get a bonus to that if you have first aid. This basically means that you roughtly get 10% of your HP back per day, meaning that it would take you ~10 days to fully recover from a near fatal wound (glad that I am slightly more realistic that the comic books, but then again if you have some first aid it means probably you’ll be fully recovered in a week).

@tbs9090 I could add another level, though I am worried that this may “break” the game? Having said that, this is a superhero game so it should be made to be broken? :slight_smile: In any case I cannot change the files until after the DLC is out, but will consider after that…


Oh cool. :smile: thanks for the info just also wanted to ask how much does Regen give mid fight does 30 minutes give full hp after the fight and how much mid fight. Would be funny if you had super high endurance and regen with no armor just walking twords the villain/criminal and they keep attacking only for the wounds you have to keep Regenerating and all they can say is “WHY! Why Won’t you just die!”

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Of course if we have intelligence in book 2 it’s going to be “why won’t you die!?” Ha ha ha Nano machines son! They heal in response to physical trauma! You can’t hurt me jack! ‘looks confused’ who’s jack?

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I Heavily agree with this - the telekinetic blast attack should be based on your PSY stat rather than just a base 40 dmg (especially with how much STR based damage is being boosted in this coming update) - it makes tons of thematic sense. I never understood why such strong psych characters could do such little telekinetic damage - it also was weird that the strongest attack was to agitate molecules into making fire (a weaker version of the fire blast attack)

Thank you!


Like I said with high intelligence and the inventor path, the mc could make a nano machine armour which regenerates on its own. Also healing the mc. But its weakness would be that it is connected to the MC’s brain and if the mc takes heavy damage they could lose connection with the nanobots

Pretty sure book 2 already has nano machines for invention when alien tech knowledge is high enough to give Regen power to intelligence power set so no point to alter that as it’s separate from armor and wouldn’t make sense at least I think :thinking: unless I’m missing something witch is totally possible :smile:

On the intelligence path we have two variants (with or without armor) I would like to know if there is any significant change between the two paths

So, just over one month away until HoV: Supercharged DLC releases… I am now concentrating on my entry into the Halloween Gamejam “Broken Mirrors”, while also adding bits to HoV: Armageddon. I made a video about all this, for anybody who wants to hear me discuss in more depth:


But, I just thought I would ask… what do you think I should concentrate working on after the 2nd of November? (I can’t promise to necessarily follow on it, as often my rational priorities are over-ridden by my mood on what I actually want to work on… this never ceases to amaze me, like two sides of my brain can be at war with each other, and the other parts of my brain wanting to yet do other things like play a computer game).

Anyway, what are you most interested in seeing me do next?

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  • More side missions (for heroes) for Hero or Villain: Genesis
  • More side missions (for villains) for Hero or Villain: Genesis
  • More side missions (for heroes) for Hero or Villain: Battle Royal
  • More side missions (for villains) for Hero or Villain: Battle Royal
  • More powers for Hero or Villain series (in general)
  • More cybernetic powers for Hero or Villain: Battle Royale
  • More options of things to invent for Hero or Villain: Genesis
  • More options of things to invent for Hero or Villain: Battle Royale
  • More interaction with existing ROs in Hero or Villain: Genesis
  • More interaction with existing ROs in Hero or Villain: Battle Royal
  • More cheat codes for Hero or Villain
  • Adding new ROs in Hero or Villain: Genesis
  • Re-writing early structure of Hero or Villain: Genesis to be able to quit job earlier (or have more options during daytime)
  • Adding an extra path in Hero or Villain: Genesis where you can stay in Philippines longer as a vampire
  • Adding an extra path in Hero or Villain: Genesis where you can stay longer with the supergroup
  • Concentrate on finishing Hero or Villain: Armageddon (part 3, which finishes the sage with the Elders and branches of the game)
  • Concentrate on finish Hero or Villain: Overloard (part 4, including the return to Earth and new challenges there, and conquering other planets)
  • Other for Hero or Villain Series (let me know)
  • New side missions for Tokyo Wizard
  • Extend some of the endings for Tokyo Wizard
  • Other for Tokyo Wizard (let me know)
  • In Highway Wars create the possibility of travelling through new roads in the early game
  • Extend some of the endings in Highway Wars
  • Other for Highway Wars (let me know)
  • New quests for Raiders of Icepeak Mountains
  • Extend the ending of Raiders of Icepeak Mountains
  • Extent Raiders of Icepeak Mountains so that readers can travel to other cities
  • Other for Raiders of Icepeak Mountains (let me know)
  • Finish “The Nebula” (my first WIP…)
  • Continue writing “Wizard: Genesis” (one of my other WIPs)
  • Continue working on “Dragon Chronicles” (one of Jacic’s games, which I promised to help with…)
  • Other?
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