Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (Will soon start testing save feature from book 1!)

Apparently the last choice which challenge the lanista for Earth to is loop. Both of them

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Nice. Heres some more detailed stuff:

  1. Example of villainous behavior: use of dream entering power to manipulate companions. I did not see this power used during my mindpower-playthrough

  2. This is me clarifying earlier points:
    At the screen after creating a new char (who you specify is a supervillan at the beginning) you have the option to specify “What was your reason for deciding to turn into a supervillain?” There are “money” “power” “Revenge” and so on. I feel these goals cannot be adhered to through the game at the moment.
    Some examples:

  • Generally: After char creation up to the first fight I fell like I don’t want to talk to any of these people - ive been kidnapped, im annoyed - more “I say nothing” options

  • At this choice: “Pausing for a few moments, the Lanista then adds, “How closely it really resembles this city of their is something that nobody really knows. It can be an… interesting place”.” —> There could be a “get on the train and bide your time” sort of option

  • At this choice: The shapes of the trees, bushes and grass are different, yet the green colors on the leafs make them look similar to something that could exist on Earth. Mountains, hills and rivers dot the landscape, which strikes you as rather picturesque, almost beautiful. --> There could be a “look around and gather information/plan your escape” sort of option

  • At this choice: "The Lanista places one of his hands on top of his head. “Alice. You’re new here… could you explain?” I really want to be able to just say “No” or to wander off, or to be rude to Lanista —> something less polite more uncaring basically, rather than telling tales to your captor.

  • At this choice: “Anyway, tomorrow’s flight should be relatively straightforward, so it might be a good way to let Morrigan ease into things around here”. —> Something like “What do I get if i win.” “What’s in it for me” “whatever” “do i even have a choice?”

  • At this choice: “The news anchor, an androgynous-looking purple alien with three eyes and long hair, then briefly describes how the Navy has won another great victory against rebels at the edge of the galactic core.” —> a self-serving option like “Conflict means opportunity”, or “once I get out of here…”

  • At this choice: "Another subaquatic species race, the Cangrax, have also made the lake their home. Coexistence with them was always pacific, though the small gray Stilters appear furious at the collapse of their houses. They blame the Cangrax for this, as apparently they often damage the stilt foundations of their houses while foraging tor some crab-looking lifeforms, which they consider a delicacy. " ----> A “once i’m in charge…” style choice

  • At this choice: “As many of you will known, the seeded world of Bethan-bar-jar Prime has produced several renown fighters for the Battle of Champions. Sadly, the planet will be soon consumed by its star, and we won’t be able to expect any further fighters from it”." —> a more pragmatic response “Such a waste”

  • At this choice: "Joo then cuts Raas in mid sentence. “Raas, how can you say such mindless crap?? You know Larisse is the weakest around here! Alice, surely you disagree with these witless two?” —> options like “Your arguments are beneath me.” “Why would I care?”

  • At this choice: “While you don’t find anybody, Mastha and Joo each capture another Dodug, so that in the end you have three of them in the courtyard.” —> “This is pointless”/“A waste of my time” and “I don’t care, let them go” options

and so on and so on…

  1. If you specify “In a relationship with Aggy” all three of the first options are basically the same thing (please dont hurt my girlfriend) —> there could be a “Do what you want” option, a “say nothing but be angry option” a bluff option (“She means nothing to me”)

  2. Some options which I would have chosen I am put off from because of the exclamation marks.
    e.g. at this option: “Rieth-zzell likes to attempt “flying kicks” on its opponents. It isn’t the fastest of creatures, though if you’re not careful you could end with its feet on your skull”. I am presented with eight choices, five of which end in exclamation marks and many of them are about “revealing your powers” - I’m not that enthusiastic. —> an option like “we’ll see”, or “it looks weak”

  3. Vampire powers - opportunity to feed on your opponents after you have defeated them -> Example: incapacitate foe with mind powers then feed?

  4. It is possible to dominate Ruby Psyche with your mind with your very high WP, then select “shut down pathways” instead of “turn their powers back on them” then select other telepathic attacks, they can resist these, and then you lose the fight —> seems wrong since you’ve basically already defeated them in the first round.


@adrao i pair up with raas

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@adrao I went to the garden and held hands with her briefly. During the dance, I danced with Joo and leaned in for a kiss and it was stated around the lines of “we haven’t even hunted together” which seems like even though Joo likes me but we have to follow her tradition of hunting before mating. Honestly, it’s genius since it is very similar to our earthly dilemma of marriage before intercourse or vice versa to others. Also, I’m not sure if it has been mentioned but so far the entering or manipulating dreams option is so far meaningless as we haven’t been given the option to do so.

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I love the game but I found a few small grammar or spelling mistakes in the parts I have access to as shown below!

In here so as to not pollute the thread with images:


If you aren’t sure as to what I am indicating then feel free to pm and ask.

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@William5738 Doing the Lord’s work. Good job man.


@Blood_rose, thanks, just corrected that bug! :slight_smile:

@Alice-chan thanks for all the feedback! :slight_smile: Loved all the suggestions :slight_smile: going point-by-point:

-Still haven’t implemented the sequence to modify dreams (its in my to-do list…) @Judarkus also (glad you loved the Joo sequences)
-Several new frown/say nothing options added! :slight_smile:
-“get on the train and bide your time” option added :slight_smile:
-“look around and gather information/plan your escape” added! :slight_smile:
-Added option to be unkind to Lanista
-Extra options of “whats in it for me” or “do I have a choice” added :slight_smile:
-Added options for reaction to news anchor
-Added option of “once I’m in charge”…
-Added such a waste option
-Added options for arguments beneath me etc
-Added options after robbery
-Added relationship aggy options
-Added lets see option
-Options added to drink opponents after fights (though be careful what you dig your fangs into, not all are compatible… didn’t add option to drink the tree, for obvious reasons…)
-Regarding Ruby Psyche… yes, that would appear strange, but if a player chooses to follow that path, then its just bad strategy right? (I mean, choices have to have consequences?)

@William5738 thanks, I corrected all those :slight_smile:

@black this is a strange one… does it happen if you re-start the game from the beginning? (does anybody else have this problem starting the game from the beginning? (I wonder if this is basically down to a problem like that). Also, does the name Raas correctly appear when talking about your companion? Mmmmmm

Note that these will probably not be corrected until the next update, which might come tomorrow or Saturday (I’m hoping next update might have some other finished stuff, like the conversation with Raas, etc…)


I don’t know if this is a bug or not as it came up on every play through in every arena battle however even when I had an agility and strength of 5% I would get the ability to use super speed to shoot multiple times and to use super strength with my hand weapon. Unsure if this is a bug or you are inherently supposed to have super speed and strength

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Ok now all the choice to follow steel astronauts in becoming a rebel and escape is also loop.Also don’t know ifit already be posted but if you got you relationship stat very low with a character and partner with them this error will happen just before the choice (ERROR: There is a bug in the game. Please report “Reception Elders Error 001”.)

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@William5738 ah, thanks, just corrected those bugs! :slight_smile: (well, one was a bug, the other is an extra attack choice that is not based on strength, but just basically lowering your defence and going on a full on attack… so I just rephrased those… let me know if they still dont make sense).

@Blood_rose thanks, just corrected that bug :slight_smile:

I was going to wait a bit longer to push the new version, but given how many changes I made today (due to comments here or in private threads) I just uploaded the new version.

Not quite actually it still loop at the choice to challenge the lanista

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@Blood_rose ahhhhhh thanks!!! Your comment made me understand what was wrong! Hopefully I have now found the bug (reported by many people… but I was looking at the code forever without managing to find it) I just uploaded that too, so hopefully it won’t reappear :slight_smile: (though let me know if it does).

Are you sure? (I uploaded the newest version 7 min ago, so if you have a save that is within the chapter you probably need to re-start the chapter or it won’t pick up the new files from dashingdon). But, if it is still there let me know…

They seem perfect now, thanks.

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Ah yes sorry my internet connection is quite poor today😅. Sorry for the trouble. However i found this choice is also loop (That is not sufficient explanation. Why me… and why the Steel Aeronaut?")it is at the V-line scene. But man you sure have many loop choice.

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Hello !


First sorry for my english (french), but like we can choose that we were turned into a vampire can you do or for the cyborg too ? I was turned into a cyborg in my first game and like the idea of the hero who fails his mission.

And maybe add if we vainquish Steel Aeronaut ?


Are you asking for an option to be a cyborg?
First game or first playthrough?
Add an option that you vanquished (not vainquish) Steel Aeronaut?
your English is too broken for me to understand some parts.

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@adrao plugin error!! and the game is too slow to load

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In the first game you can end as a cyborg or defeat Steel Aeronaut but theses options are not seen when you precise your relationship with her and/or if you are a vampire. (Ah sorry my english is rusty)

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Ok i get it now.

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