Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (updated to v.1.0.5., see post #22)

I was turning your suggestion about the flares in my head, but it is logistically complex. Basically, it would mean the MC initiating contact, and throughout the game it hasn’t been possible to communicate directly with those in other Ludus. So, it would result in much structural story pain… this would make the story more convoluted and… well, you have some chance of spending time with her during this side mission…

@ghost3337 yes, I guess I over-wrote about taking showers… hahahaha


CoG informed me that the first “major” update for Battle Royale has been pushed. List of major changes is below (~2000 words extra in total), though this is really quite a major one as it fixes many bugs that are not listed. As always, thanks to everybody for reporting and all the feedback in general! :slight_smile:

v1.0.5. (256,000 words)

-Two new illustrations! (including one of the Blademaster and another of Joo)

-Added cryo arrows to inventor possibilities.

-Nuanced Aggy’s response during reception meeting.

-You can now buy a medipack, helping your recovery of wounds.

-Added new cyberimplant (Ultrasound modulators)

-Added new power (ultrasonic immunity)

-It is now possible to save Mastha at final.

-Fixed bugs to damage caused by various powers.

-Hopefully fixed bug related to some achievements.

-Many spelling mistakes and other minor bugs fixed throughout.


About some of the achievements, I can’t get any of the romance colleague achievements to pop. Even though at the end of one playthrough, Lanista refers to Larisse as my girlfriend. Am I missing some triggers. All of my playthroughs have involved imported saves, but none were done prior to version 1.05 as I waited for the fixes. I finally just figured out how I can save Mastha, damn that was perplexing me, but I have no clue how to save Raas or is that even possible? I have tons of other questions but I will post them in small batches for now.

Just making a reference for the closed forum, so are u saying that i, as a inventor, should have acess to everything (to be invented) with 90+ inteligence, and 30+ alien tech?

Also i noticed a bug, If i for example, buy a weapon or a armor, i can’t change It for one more powerful in the Future, also, it’s odd, How even as a inventor the best weapon i can get is from a store, cause my agi is really high (vampire), so the best store weapon (30+agi dmg) gets a higher dmg than my most powerful inventor weapon (80 dmg), on the same line is the forcefield watch, and helmet. (I presume the Kevlar is the same as my armor)

You can use inventor to upgrade a weapon past 80 damage, I think I had one that was doing 120 at one point, but yeah, gun with agility or sword with strength is the way to go most of the time, especially if you have one of the power sets that allows you to channel energy into that attack to gain an additional 20 or 30 damage.

@2xs Regarding Raas, unfortunately this is too “hard coded” into the structure of the game. Unraveling that would mean such massive headaches that it is impossible to really contemplate. I realized that Mastha was not that difficult -structurally- as it was at the end, and it could be a nice use of the first aid ability- . I will try to have a look at the romance colleague achievements next time… recently I was super-busy with work so all progress on my WIPs and updates to this were stopped. But, hopefully next week or the week after I will start work on v.1.0.6. of Battle Royale.

@Pedro_Aires hopefully the answer by @2xs makes sense? I am not sure about the bug you are referring to… you mean in the shop buying stuff? I can have a look, but can you indicate what it is you bought, and what you wanted to buy?

@adrao adrao I got the end that I was killed which I find impossible since my soldiers had the equipment to the maximum and my mc was ultra powerful will be a bug? and i have the sentinel robots

Really glad to play this 2nd installment after so many runs of the 1st! Sad I couldn’t use the previous chars since there was no way to save the profiles by then, but came up with another from scratch. The new game has been really fun! :grinning:

Made a grumpy and somewhat arrogant villain who’s mostly dismissive towards the new setting and its people/structure, since my main objective in the first was to join the Aeronaut and align with her mindset.

One of the most amusing events so far has been her visit to the Velinmere (I think that’s the name) area.

I first thought I’d be able to get involved with some kind of rebel cell trying to disrupt the system, but then came across the scene where an argument was building up between those 2 clashing races.

Since the MC’s a kinda brute, I thought the argument would come to and end after some verbal/intimidating rough up from her part. But then, she simply goes and punches one of them for the sake of it - and then everyone joins the fight before it ends in chaos. LOL, it was unexpected, but I had such a good laugh and loved the result. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@black… which of the endings? and, on which difficulty were you playing? (if you have any screenshots it would help). Also, how many soldiers were you bringing with you? (if you weren’t bringing enough, then it could well be that they get killed, no matter how well you equipped them… particularly if you are playing in impossible difficulty… )

@Gunnix glad you enjoyed it… do you think there should have been different options for you to try there? (I am always happy to place new options into the game…)

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You know, i like the games, i really do, i’m curious for what’ll happen in the third game, finding out what aggy was doing that was so important and finding out whether or not the lanista’s past will be good enough to stop me from shanking the alien repeatedly (or just a good ol’ beatdown, if in a hero playthrough. Hero or Villain, no one likes being abducted and thrown into an gladiator tournament by force, even if they like fighting)

And speaking of shanking, i wish there were some more situational attacks. You know, stuff like using telekinesis to throw the enemy around the room like a ragdoll instead of just using kinetic blasts. Or completely pulverizing someone with an plasma gun/missile instead of making small holes until they fall. Or scaring someone into a defeat, scarecrow style. Or using super strength to turn someone into a donut. Or a kebab, if you have claws/swords.

Still though, i like the series and it’s great array of ways to go about doing stuff.


It would indeed be fun, to have some opponents having some fear of us… Maybe with based on our fame?

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That part we kind of already have, i meant it more in the scarecrow way of using mental powers or some inventor gas to make them basically collapse from fear. Among the other things i said.

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This is probably really late, but what stats does one need to obtain the gambler achievement?

The Gambler achievement is not related to any stat… rather, it involves you helping protect the House of Games against the mob.

I’ve tried talk the mob down but instead achieved the exact opposite result. I even got the anti gambler achievement instead

Assuming that you want to calm the crowd down, to succeed you need (fame +charismatic) >120)

Otherwise the opposite will happen (i.e. the crowd will become more aggressive). Does this seem unfair?

Hiii si I’m super late in playing this game but I just finished and I loved it I have so many questions.

Number One: How do we turn another fighter into a vampire? It’s hinted that it’s possible in the achievements

2: Why isn’t our criminal deeds ever mentioned in the news Lil if we attack the prison and stuff?

3: is it possible to wake Larissa up from the coma in this game or do we have to wait till next game?

Does studying xenobiology do anything in this game?


Currently, the only fighter you can turn into a vampire is Joo, during the final, if you fight her. Be warned that she is not a walkover… for the case of Larissa you will have to wait until the next game. Xenobiology is indeed not that important, though it does provide a few bonuses here and there, and it is important if you want to use your first aid skills during the final and save your team mates…

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How high does fighting need to be to save Larisse? 50? 60?

Any idea how to create a vampire character from scratch