Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (submitted!)

I was thinking something like organizing other tournament fighters for the rebellion


Thanks to everybody who has expressed an opinion on the poll so far. I have started work on this, and it is VERY helpful to see what people feel as preferences, in order to guide my overall effort this week. I have already started working on them. Eventually, I will implement all sequences, though the ones less voted will only get ~2 hours work each (so far these seem to be talking to Kobb’ha, casino and Mastha and lore -these last two might get one hour extra each?). I have already started coded the freeing criminals from jail, which due to its popularity will have three variants (namely freeing other rebels, freeing normal criminals, and freeing clan members, meaning that it can be used by those on a number of different game paths). Tomorrow I will also start working on the bar scene and fighting second clan.

@Nick_Miller that’s an interesting thought, and I might integrate this into the bar scene… mmmmmmm

Regarding the bar scene, could you let me know which other characters from the game you would like to meet there? (there are many other fighters mentioned in the book, which ones you’d like to meet?)


We all appreciate the massive effort you’re putting into this story and I’m sure it’s gonna be just as awesome as the first one regardless of what you add after this point. I guess just sayin don’t overwork yourself trying to make us all happy lol you’ve already made a winner of a game as it is :grin::+1:t3:

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Just updated the game, both in the public and private threads. The changes include:

-New side mission to go to a bar and meet some other heroes in the tournament.
-Beginning of the side mission to free criminals or rebels from the prison implemented (if you have any thoughts on this please let me know).
-Possibility of talking to Kobb’ha implemented (though very basic, as not many seemed interested in this character).
-Casino implemented (though basic, again not so many people seemed interested).
-A little bit of extra lore, though not much.

Any feedback up to here would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: (the game now goes on a bit longer on the public thread than before).


And another update today, the side mission to free criminals or rebels from prison is now completed! :slight_smile:


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So, I’ve been working extra hard on the game this week, doing everything that was promised in post #180 (yep, all there in the end… bar to meet other heroes, freeing criminals or rebels from jail, fighting second criminal gang, talking to Mastha and Kobb’ha, and even the casino). One of the side-missions needs a little bit of extra work, but essentially the game is there (just uploaded everything on dashingdon).

I had originally said that I would submit today (come rain or shine)… but I think its better to give everybody that wants to one last time to test it over the weekend (anyway, I guess CoG probably won’t start acting on it until Monday…).

So, please let me know any thoughts and comments! (any bugs that you find at this point are also particularly appreciated!)


Is it just me or did this just get a whole lot better
And writer if nothing else the banter is real :joy::joy::joy: “Here was me hoping to die out there” :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m dead


Can you turn one person in your team be turn into a vampire or can all of them turn?


Officially submitted the game!

I’ll leave the links here and in the private threads, so any feedback in the next couple of months is still appreciated! :slight_smile:


congrats on getting it finished, my friend!


Well done on your progress of part 2. I’ve recently completed my 5th play through of part 1 - I’m a sucker for multiple endings. I enjoyed reading through this forum last night and seeing all the ideas being floated around, and have since went over to check out what’s available on dashingdon. And even though I’ve just started I like what I’ve seen, the combat feels amped up but not impossible (it sure wiped the smug grin off my face when Flying Death’s javelin was too fast for my reflexes and managed to tear through my force field, thankfully I still prevailed due to a combination of teleports and shadow katana strikes. But I actually had to think about my moves, more than the first game). The social situations feel fluid from an RP standpoint too, the ‘fish out of water’ dialogue options are a very nice touch and work well for heroes and villains in most of the situations I’ve encountered, since I’ve only just started my criticisms are very few (spelling and a minor dialogue bug with Larisse that slightly broke my immersion.) and have not affected my enjoyment of the game thus far, so this is more of a “GREAT JOB” post than anything else.
There is one thing I’m curious about however, at several points throughout this post you mentioned that you were working on implementing the feature to carry your save forward from the first game, however, I don’t think you’ve commented whether it’s working in the final version or not, nor can I find a way to do it on dashingdon. So I just wanted to ask if there’s been any progress with that feature?
Once again thanks for a great game, looking forward to playing part 2 in full when it’s out.

Where do I go to get the full game