Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (submitted!)

I have been working pretty hard the last few months, after the release of Hero or Villain: Genesis:

Today, I want to start the official playtesting of the second part, Hero or Villain: Battle Royale.


The story picks up where the first part finished, though until the save system for the first part is implemented you’ll have to create a new character (sorry, I still don’t fully know how to do this, but it will happen).

-Current version is ~230,000 words long, with ~50,000 word playthroughs.
-The “main sequence” and alternative endings are all codes. Side missions are finished for the initial release.
-I will only be releasing the first 2/3rds of the game on this public site. If you want to playtest the entire game, you need to provide feedback (either on this thread or private messages).
-Feedback can be: bug reports (screenshots are very helpful); instances where you thought you should have been able to use a power, but were not given an option; extra dialogue options you would like (“while talking to character $$$$, I wanted to say $$$$$”); structural issues with the game; extra side missions that you would like to see, etc
-I will not be adding any further powers to the game. It’s already a nightmare to code all this. As I said, any suggestions on places to use existing powers are welcome (i.e. “when sneaking into the factory, I thought I should be able to use my teleport power to…”


Feedback and things to do:

-Add a recap to the story, citing the main parts of the previous game. Something like: "Only some months ago you were a normal person working as a “the job of the player” in a normal company but while you enjoyed your holidays you found a stone with an hypnotic light and somehow, after you touched it, it somehow gave you super human powers. After you learned what powers you had and how to control them you became “insert the path the player took” and started you new life as “insert super hero name”…” (thanks @LucHD, @StarWarsMaster, others)

-Cybernetics in inventor path, make our own cybernetics rather then buying them, their safety (or lacktherof) could be dependent on you intellect. How powerful a cybernetic it’s possible to build could also depend on intellect.It could still cost money for parts but perhaps less then going to the clinic or you could search for parts like in the previous game but it could be detrimental to the safety of the cybernetic.


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Let the hype commence!


Wow. I thought the first game’s title was beautifully crafted to get maximum search results, but this is something else again.


Loved the first game. A gamw where you make your own super hero (or villan) is rare and one in which you choose your powers is something I’ve never heard off. Now when I read the demo (I only got to the first part because my internet connection is sad) the only problem is saw was a typo


There’s no option to select if you had absorbed any meteorite stones in the last game.


So when are we gonna see Aggy again?


:wink: Yes, I thought that it could be a nice title, which could get a bit of attention! :slight_smile:

@Lycantrophy thanks for the typos, I have corrected these (though they will only be solved once I push the next version of the game, which might not happen until thursday or friday)

@eileesnu absorbing the extra stones doesn’t change the game itself (as in, it doesnt change the narrative). If you absorbed a stone, maybe you can lower the difficulty setting?

@Cantthinkofone you will see her in the next chapter… I have just finished debugging that today, so it will hopefully be released later in this week, together with some new options to talk to another of the characters (Raas, which I am currently coding…)

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great to see this. well it´s the demo but I am happy just the same.

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@adrao Can you add infinite points to spend for the presentation?


Well I assume that the lack of choices in build your own hero mode is a a matter of “hasn’t been finished yet” rather than an error, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. For example, no defensive powers, and wallcrawling was the only movement power available…

I think it would be helpful if Fire Demon was given a bit of an introduction. Something like “You are Fire Demon, a mild mannered blah during the day, using your powers of yadda yadda yadda.”

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@black sorry, I didn’t understand what you meant by infinite points for the presentation?

@stsword, ah, that option for Fire Demon wasn’t supposed to be there… it is basically there for playtesting for me… you were supposed to create a new character(I’ll remove this next time I push another version). Hence why there was no defensive powers… if you create a new character all the usual ones should be available.

I think @black means that there should be an option for the beta testers to gein infinitive points so they can more easily find bugs without having to worry about losing any fights and maybe finding bugs in fights when you want to use a super power that it just crashes or the option doesn’t even appear (but I think it wouldn’t be good for playing it the first time since it would take away all the enjoyment of the fights and the beta tester choosing this option couldn’t say things like “I choose “power type” and the fight against “enemy name” was very unbalanced” or “The fight against “enemy name” wasn’t really interesting since “insert feedback about the fight here” so you should propably change that so the player doesn’t get a too easy win.” and 1000 points is more than enough to get most things)

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right it is what I meant

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It’s really good to see that you have started working on the second part, I observed some things while going through the demo. Firstly, the stats page is somehow jumbled the same as the first part, it would be good if you created a different page for the powers in the stats page. Secondly, it would be very good if the attacks aren’t just in one-way thing, what I mean is that if I am able to attack differently in different ways to different attacks, it will make the story more endearing and interesting.

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Right, now that you say it the stat page is really a little bit too much cramped together something that is propably pretty good but I can already tell you that there won’t be multiple ways of attacking since, like the Autor already said, the way it is now its a hell to Programm for him and even though I like the sound of different attacks this would either take a hell of a time to do because he’d have to write and code individual fights for every enemy or we’d get something with too many bugs that would be hard to change since there would be too much code. But I have to say that an extra page for the powers sound pretty nice. And maybe some smaller explanation on what it does like “accelate time around you x4: you can move 4 times faster then a normal human which makes it very difficult for your enemy’s to hit you”.

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@adrao I propose that there be a detailed explanation of the attributes as well as the powers and abilities

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I was talking about making one’s own character when I said there were no defensive powers.

I made a gadgeteer. No defensive powers to buy, not greyed out or anything, just an empty page.

No movement powers but wall crawling.

Other options might be missing, but the other pages at least had options.

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@black sorry, but my line of thought is basically in line with what @LucHD explained. 1000 points already gets you almost all the powers, so it would take away from enjoyment and not help much in playtesting… sorry :frowning:

@Dwayne great suggestion, thanks! Again, @LucHD captures my feelings well. Having said that, I feel this problem myself during some playthroughs (i.e. in some fights it really does get over-repetitive). Can I ask you, which fight did you feel was especially that way, and which powers did you choose? (and, any suggestions for a different attack that you could use in that fight with those powers?)

@stsword word, thanks, I’ll look into that. There must be a bug somewhere (and do feel free to remind me about this if things are not corrected in the next update, which might come later today, with tons of bug fixes, etc)

I’m not sure I’ve replied to everybody, but basically overall I’m loving all the suggestions! (thanks always for all the feedback, it really helps a lot!) :slight_smile:

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