Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (polls on leaving the planet, #99)

This is the feedback thread for Hero or Villain: Battle Royale.

All comments, suggestions and feedback (even the negative type!) are greatly welcome!.


-Regarding the end of book 2 and Aggy: This is a question that has been asked by many, as it seems that Aggy is a favourite with many readers. Let me start by saying that she is indeed one of my favourite characters in these games. The story of these books grew from me gradually finding out who Aggy was, what were her motivations for robbing banks, and what drives her. In that respect, these books explore her character arc, with the story of the MC interwoven around her -regardless of whether you are her lover, friend, or enemy-. There are hints in this book regarding what is happening, though the strongest hints are only there for those who might not necessarily like her (and who drink her blood as vampires). Telepaths might also get some hints, by trying to read her mind. I don’t wish to spoil the story any further…


Can we save aggy?


Please check the Q&A in post #1… hope it sheds some light, without spoiling anything.

So… she would always die? :((((


Also the weapen which Joo gave to me… what are the stats?

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The stats for the rifle are:
*set weapon_ranged_damage 25
*set weapon_ranged_name “KTX-1989”
*set weapon_ranged_name_bullet “bullet”

The question is… who did Joo kill?

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K thx :slight_smile: :frowning:

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I’m hoping to revise Battle Royale in the coming days and release basically the first update for it (v1.0.4 just fixed enough bugs so that the game works as I initially had hoped). I still don’t want to make any major changes to the game, but if you have any suggestions for minor tweaks let me know (i.e. things like, I’d like to say xyz in this situation, I’d like to use let xyz in this situation, I’d like to use xyz power combo against this opponent)

I have been keeping this bottled up for a while now, Battle Royale is mediocre. Just short of being bad. I know the writer worked hard on it, but the hard work is just not showing.
First off the game’s world building, this aspect is sorta done casually fine, but what is the point of short exposition for interesting sounding planets if they are not important to the main story.
The main characters, The game just pisses on the original cast. Like what is the point of having a page of stats dedicated to keeping track of your relationship with all of them.
Speaking of piss, the Steel aeronaut. In the sequel she becomes not a really important part of the story, where I was expecting a standoff with her against the Lanista at or near the end. I got a few seconds of sexual tension at the party hosted by the elders when I saw her characters over sexualised appearance.
The new characters, not much to be said about them but they’re are not important to the story except Brierly…Joo. Onto the Lanista, the only actual interesting character in this entire series .besides the steel aeronaut in the first game in Mongolia. The characters sense of mystery quickly disappears though virtually nothing being revealed about the character or their motivations.
The Endings, oh yeah. Virtually garbage (at this point I have to say not trying to be a hater, just a person expressing their opinions. Returning)
All of the Endings are quickly cut short, though only shortly acceptable in the first make me disappointed in the writer’s sense of resolve. Which is to just cut you off write as you see potential for an amazing climax.
That’s Pretty much it, there was alot of stuff I cut out but this is pretty much it. Potential for growth of the writer were to get help from another writer/s.


I’m sorry to say the same thing over and over again but I appear to stumble on it everytime because Choice/Hosted of Games don’t put the right “warnings” on their products.
“This game contains descriptions of violence and fighting typical of a superhero battle.” is not enough: there is slavery and coehrcion as well it’s a DAMN IMPORTANT TOPIC that everyone always fail to warn readers about…
You can’t force me to play a slave happy to be taken their freedom away just because the plot requires it. Of course in this game you can keep your rebellious spirit(only the spirit, failed to see any actions you can take about it) but you’re alone, all the other gladiators appear to be ok with the situation so I refused to even know anything about themself and eventually stopped playing the game because it was just not my kind of adventure.
Again, I am not saying this is wrong or bad in anyway(I don’t want to be an hater too), but there must be warnings for these kind of games.

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@SPYGUY_CoG1 First of all, thanks for the honest critique. As I have said many times in the forums, I have thick skin, and I like to hear the frank comments of readers. Let me start by saying that writing these stories is a hobby for me, and I don’t delude myself into thinking that my abilities as a writer are great (to be honest, I’m even happy at hearing you call it “mediocre” :slight_smile: ). I always think of my games as gamebooks, rather than “interactive fiction”. Essentially, I am more interested in the game systems, replayability, and sandbox nature of my games than in making a single story. I feel my games should have many paths through them, catering to many types of players. As such, they don’t necessarily work for all playstyles (and… that is ok… with this group of books many have said that what is interesting is seeing how different playtypes and powers affect the story). For some people what is there works, for others not so. I try to continue to listen to what people want, and their suggestions, and gradually improve the stories (I mean, what you see already there has incorporated SO much feedback, I am eternally grateful for everybody who playtests the games and says “I want the option to do…”).

Regarding the worldbuilding… I went further into worldbuilding than in previous games as one playtester wanted more of that. It was a good comment they made, which made me think more, and develop my world more. I take your critique… not much is done with this new world (I never thought much about that point). So, let me throw it back to you… what would you have liked to have done in this planet, which was not offered to you? (the beauty about this being an app is that the game can be modified, which is something that I want to do in the next 1-2 months… following some other critical comments it is clear that I need to provide more options and make some changes to the game)

What do you mean by original cast? Those back on Earth? Well, the point is that there will be a book 3 that (hopefully) ties together the story, including the possibility of the MC to return to life as it was on Earth… it seems some players want that. So, the option should be there? Others might not want to return to Earth and… well, for them there is no point in that page being kept. But, the option should stay there…

About the SA… I take it that for some players in this game she is a bit removed (unless you have RO in book 1, which should give you more interaction). For me, what she is doing in this game is central to the story in book 3. But… yes, I guess she dissappears a bit because she is up to something… the Lanista is also up to something, and hints are given… but yes, I guess that this book doesn’t have a “conclusion” as it is just setting up a world/universe that will then reach its conclusion in book 3. As in, book 1 had a “conclusion”, with an optional epilogue for me to continue the story if it was well-received. However, when I wrote this second story I had the third one in mind… just wrote half (when I ran out of steam), and left the conclusion for book 3 (kind of like what happened with the back to the future trilogy, if you want). The ideas I want to explore are whether you will follow the rebellion to the end, go off on your own direction… or go back to Earth (and how all this interacts with the war going on). But, I take your point… it could be that this book is anticlimatic (just, it had to finish somewhere), as some of the things you want to see there are ideas that I have for book 3. For me, the “climax” of this book was the fight against blademaster, and potentially getting another stone

@Roby95 obviously I am sorry that you felt that way. Personally I feel there are ways out (although clearly the book starts by giving the reader a sense of dispair at the hopeless situation of slavery … I mean, from the start I am using the words Lanista and Ludus, so this is clearly an allusion to the situation of slaves/gladiators in ancient Rome). The MC is given the chance to join and eventually become the “leader” of a rebellion, by recruiting rebels, or even bringing criminals gangs into play. There are entire missions about this, if you want to pursue that. One of the end states of the game has you abandoning the other “slaves/gladiators” at the final, and leading a rebel army to take over the barracks of the city, potentially defeating the general in charge. The opportunity to rebel is clearly there. The rest of the “slaves/gladiators” are somewhere in between relishing the fight at the arena (Joo) to haven given up all hope (Raas). In that sense, it is the MC who is given agency and the opportunity to make a difference. So, I don’t actually agree that I ask readers to play happy slaves… rather the contrary, I would expect many players to rebel, and the options are there. I mean, all I can say is that you maybe give the book another try, the rebel leader is an acquaintance of Raas, so either follow him to a concert… or just wait until things happen to him, which will eventually make the rebel leader appear, and then arrange to meet her. However, I do agree that this is about half way into the story or so, so maybe the “dark” tone of the first half of the book got to you already (what can I say… in a sense I am happy that this dark tone of dispair permeates the first half of the book, as that was the feeling I was aiming for…)


Man I will give it another try and push it past the previous gameplay to check if I it was me, if you say that I got the wrong impression. If I did I’d be happy to change my stance and opinion on the whole game!

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Also, please note which version you started to play under… up to v1.0.3. if you started from a saved game from book 1 there was a major bug that messed up all the evening missions (leading to many complaining that they couldn’t do the rebel evening missions). If you started from book 2 the game should have worked fine, even in v.1.0.3. The current version v.1.0.4. solves this bug, but if you started the game before the 29th of September the game will still missbehave (if you are continuing the game).

I was also very upset about what happened to Aggy at the finals. I thought it was very anticlimactic and it didn’t made sense to me how she’d leave herself exposed like that. She’s the game’s most developed character! Fighting powered aliens with her was a big part of why I looked forward to the sequel. At the end, I didn’t felt as excited for Book 3 as I was with Book 2…

Big potential SPOILERS for Book 3! It’s also pretty long, sorry…

But then I started thinking… Would adrao really do that to the game’s most popular character? (there was literally a poll!)

On Genesis, Aggy demonstrated she clearly knows how to handle thoronium, twice! She doesn’t absorb the shard at the museum right then and there, and she absorbs the last thoronium shard on a secured facility in Mongolia.
The Aggy we know, would never leave herself vulnerable like that!
The Aggy we know, would do something clever like take all 3 stones and absorb them in a separate room, or just leave the arena somehow.
When she finds out you have mental powers, she prepares accordingly, and during the gala, she had the situation under her control. Even the Lannista said she’s too smart for her own good.

The only way I think Aggy would be convincingly defeated, even the MC can’t do anything about it, was if the Lannista got directly involved. Otherwise, I refuse to believe she is actually gone.

I speculated it might be related to sentient AI, like she uploaded herself or something on that planet. It seemed odd how the Lannista just brought it up. Another was simply more advanced medical science, if they can operate on Larisse on ghost form and self regenerating nanomachines are a thing… blood loss doesn’t seem like a big issue… But it seems adrao has something else for us in mind though and I’m so hyyyped!

Lastly, I just think it’s unfortunate but also kinda funny, how adrao did such a great job with the subtly that now he seems forced to make it more obvious, especially with the new hints!


^ I kept getting a “504 error” so I had to cut some parts.

Just an inconsistency, it’s odd how Aggy brings up the rebels… But doesn’t actually do anything with them? Perhaps if she likes you enough, she can offer you some robot minions or financial support. Maybe she can build the plasma cannon or EMP for you, for the attack. Maybe even a spare or mini armor for Zaam?
In turn maybe we can share our own tech with her or offer her our own minions as escort to that planet she’ll visit.
I think fans would also appreciate if we can invite her to watch the solar flares, especially with what seems to happen at the finals…

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In this part 2 pf hero or villain genesis, there is this side mission where you can go investigate the red spice drug…can you make it possible for us to use this drug and earn money from it?thanks


If you play as a villain you can take over the gangs in charge of the trade and make thousands from it as well as get a small army of minions

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@TrexM “Lastly, I just think it’s unfortunate but also kinda funny, how adrao did such a great job with the subtly that now he seems forced to make it more obvious, especially with the new hints!” It’s a very complicated one indeed, and many of your comments are spot on :slight_smile: -in others you are almost there… I guess you never played as a vampire and drank Aggy? I thought I had left enough breadcrums over the story that most readers would say… “it’s obvious, it’s probably going to be xyz…”. And, some people have realized or got closer to what is actually happening… like you… I guess that my problems is that I see all of those, but each reader might only be seeing part of them, or even none. But, the outcry has been so massive (over who is, still, my favourite character in this game) that I am having to point out to people certain things… but yes, it is unfortunate and kind of funny, as you say! :slight_smile: Anticlimatic… I take your point… I could, in the same sense, say that the freezing of Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back was also a moment of anguish for many viewers? I was looking for a moment like this for the end of this book… something memorable, but with some hints that all might not be what it appears.

About how Aggy doesn’t help the MC… she is up to something else. If you meet her in the evening (and note there was a bug in v.1.0.3. when starting with a save, so anybody who read this the first week or two after it came out could never talk with her) she tells you what she is about to do. This is why she isn’t helping you… she is going off-planet to investigate another planet… About the solar flares… in retrospect it is a good idea, but now difficult to implement… anyway, there is that one side mission to talk to her again, as I said earlier?

@Maxston_Leong, basicaly, what @Flame9091 said. Let me know if you are having problems getting to this side mission…


Complicated indeed! The outcry… I’ve seen actual negative Google reviews because of what happened and I’m like "guys… chill! stop making him ruin his surprise!"

I do play vampire actually, the vampire options are the new obvious hints I mentioned. I don’t think they were options the first time I played, so I assumed they were added because of the outcry, since they are a looot less subtle than the telepathy hint. I am most definitely hyped!

Ooh what happened really was memorable in that sense… But heh I guess the indented moment of anguish was a little too good, most failed to notice the hints?
Though I’m sure they’ll appreciate what you’ve done with that scene after book 3.
I just hope they don’t forget to retract their google reviews after…

Imagine my relief after I finally pieced things together… It makes sense now, why you wanted it to happen like that!

About the rebels, that’s true… she’s up to something big… Hmmm perhaps instead we can update her about what we’ve been up to with the rebels, when you meet with her in the evening? She tells you to meet her at the thoronium room but if you’re with the rebels, you probably wouldn’t be at the arena… but we couldn’t use the opportunity to tell her.
Hmmm perhaps we could just invite her to watch the solar flares but she can say she’s too busy? It’s the thought that counts! but I guess how to invite her is the issue…


Why is the MC always so smelly? lol