Hero or Villain: Battle Royale (#68 news about the Card Game!)

One of the possible paths should take you to the homeworld of the elders… obviously there you might be able to find more of these stones…

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I’m already wondering when it’s time to get re-rated. Someone with 100 Psyche and a vast spread of mental powers is not what I’d call “ni-kyu.”

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I agree, it would be nice to have some sort of power level checks that could change based on our stats.

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Um how do we get the second date with Emily?

Could there be an option to study in our off time without trying to invent something, like there is in game 1?

Also, just discovered that nanobots don’t show up in either your inventory or your power list.

So, I’m not sure that this is a bug, but it does rub me the wrong way:

Unless you’re hijacking control of the Monpulet clan, and you’re a villain, you don’t get the Monpulet cash stash.
Unless you’re hijacking control of the Catagues, you don’t get their money. (If you’ve taken over the Monpulets as a non-villain, and then take the Catagues, you get the Catague stash.)

The first definitely feels off, especially in light of the second - if you’re leading the Monpulets for the rebellion, you definitely want their finances even if you’re not racketeering with them, because that’s what you’ll be buying guns with. But even if I don’t take over the gangs, I might want to rob them - which should be an option even for vigilantes or heroes (with a suitable boost to my vigilante stat), since you can do that in the first game.

These crooks need to pay their taxes. :slight_smile:

On a more amusing suggestion. I think insulting the crowds in the arena should increase your Charismatic score - as much as bowing to them, in fact. Everyone loves a good heel!

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Hey, i cant seem to save Mastha, i got the Medpack and my self aid is skill 83% and i have choose to study and pick a book about self aid, do i need more self aid skill? Or i missed some steps

A short video describing development so far of Hero or Villain: Battle Royale the Card Game


About power levels, i think it doesn’t work really well, if you are a inventor, cause you can only have super inteligence, but given enough time and resources and you can beat everyone (Aggy it’s a pretty good example). At the end of 2nd game i could pretty much clean the flor with Yuki even without using my vampire extra power

i really like the first book when the different power actually feels like a meaningful choice, but i was actually really disappointed with the second game. it didn’t have different possibility with different powers like in the first book. the only power that gave you something different or more to the story is mind reading. where in the first game there is flight, there is time control, there is teleportation…

also engineering does feel too flexible you get all the benefit of super smart, and able to fight like you have super powers, with super powers less meaningful in book 2 engineering seem like the superiors choice. it did not feel like that in book 1 because there are very important things you can do with other power that you can’t do with engineering.

maybe this all happen because the main theme of book 2 is an arena, where as long as you beat your opponent you are fine, how you do it matter less. you know as oppose to book one when you can rewind time to create some truly weird outcomes… those were fun times.

The power levels only mark your starting position, not your endpoint.

How does one learn more about alien technology in the second game? I wanted to be able to save both Larisse and Mastha.

you can save larisse by training with her twice, and i’m pretty sure saving mastha requires points in medicine and xenobiology and a first aid kit not alien technology, but it’s been awhile since i played it so i could be wrong.

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