Hero of Tomorrow

So I just replayed Heroes Rise: The Prodigy and I think I’ve found a bug (or at least, it looks like one).

At the near-end of the game it says I became the hero of tomorrow in the achievements, but I’m not given the grant like in earlier playthroughs.
I’m aware that one of my earlier save files for the Hero Project starts with 103,000-ish money and the only place I can think of getting 100,000 is the HoT grant.

I think you’re always listed as the ‘Hero of Tomorrow’, but you only get the grant if Sonja lives to print her article. Otherwise it’s not actually ‘official’.

Right, you have to be sort of an attention seeker in order to be able to pick Sonja (and get Legend bonus for decision consistency).

Hmm, the problem is that i made the exact same decisions for both playthroughs, I chose to save the sidekick. So if Sonja needs to be alive to get the grant then for some reason I got the grant in my earlier playthrough whilst still saving the sidekick, but I’d assume that was fixed because that playthrough was about 2 months ago.