Hero of kenrickstone and hollowford guide?

Is there a guide out there for each of them

Not a guide that ik of have you checked the game threads? Or what do you need help with specifically?

Just a play through of the best stats because with magic I can only get will power up to 6 and other stats only at 2 how do you increase other stats

Let me check and see real quick, it been awhile since i played. Did you want Isan as your mentor?

No I wanted to be independent thank you btw

It is impossible to raise Will higher than 6 independently, because none of the independent money-making activities will get you beyond 5, which can then be boosted with one of the rings Isan gives you.

Note that these activities I refer to are the ones available at the very start of each chapter, not the ones included with the opportunities to learn lore skills slightly after.

If you choose an activity while its relevant stat is at 5, you get more money and some renown, but the stat doesn’t increase, while if you choose one that is below 5 you get less money and no renown but the stat will increase. Therefore, always make sure to choose non-5 stats if you’re looking to maximize stats. Doing this, you can have a maximum of 7 points above the initial total of 8 you begin with by game’s end, including the starting bonuses gained from the background and dragon dream.

A further point in Eloquence can be gained by an independent by choosing Duke Leofric’s plan at the end.

As a result, it is optimal for an independent to have at least some investment in Eloquence. If you are going for maximised Will and magic, I would recommend starting with 3 Will from having natural magic powers and 4 Eloquence from the dragon dream, which will allow you to chase the razorclaw off telepathically. Then follow the above guidelines, which by the end of the game can get you to 6 in both Will and Eloquence, although personally I tend to put 6 in Will, 3 in Subterfuge and 5 in Eloquence instead.


Appreciate it

If you want to end up independent, 16 is the maximum total for your stats (and you have to choose the Duke’s plan); as FabricSeat mentioned, you can finish with 6 Will and 6 Eloquence, as well as 2 in both magic lores. Incidentally, it’s possible to finish the first game with only 1 in each magic lore (from either the magic background or studying the spellbook; this means there won’t be many opportunities to use magic in the first game, even with 6 Will), but to become a relatively powerful mage early in the second game, after boosting both magic lores to 2.

If you’re willing to finish the first game with William as your mentor, however, it’s possible to reach a total of 17 for your stats: start independent, and request to join William as your reward in chapter 5. You can boost the stat of your choice at the beginning of chapters 4 and 5, and then Subterfuge is boosted at the beginning of chapters 6 and 7. After getting a boost of your choice from Isan’s ring, you can pick William’s plan for another boost to Subterfuge (if you succeeded in getting Frida to return to Kendrickstone), or pick the Duke’s plan for a boost to Eloquence (but you only get the boost if you already have at least 5 Eloquence).

I did one playthrough like this, which finished the second game with stats of 2/5/6/4, and 2 in both magic lores. Isobel is a decent mage (5 will + 2 magic lore is enough to pass most magic checks), and her high Subterfuge lets her reach arguably the best ending to Hallowford: she has the Heart (and enough lore that she might be able to figure out how to use it), but she isn’t widely seen as a thief who economically destroyed a town (in fact, I managed to have her finish with high relationship values for everyone).

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Nvm i got it!:grin: so excited lol

I got another question how do you become the leader of the adventuring guild

I think you have to ask for an official city position and be and independent adventure and the duke should make you official guild leader.

And you need to have order higher than freedom.

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