Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP)



Hey as there’'s multiple locations and sellers and stuff, if’d be cool if there was a merchant pathway?
Like maybe food is scare in the desert, sells highly there, whilst there are many weapons, which can be sold at the place where theres a civil war for a higher price.

Maybe we can later on sell magical ingredients and stuff to Jolina (but I envision this as more of an exp-grindy thing), have race-horses, etc.

And although it would be hard to implement I think it’d be cool to be able to have 2 companions, as aside from the coding problems and stuff I don’t see why it’d be unrealistic/ not work (in most situations) and could make end game fights (designed for 3v1) harder as you 1v1 it.
And if they can randomly use abilities and such, and a tip if you wanna do that is give em unlimited Mana but a sorta cool down.


Is it possible to romance Jolina? If so, how?


No, if I remember correctly, @Lucid doesnt like teacher/student romances.


Which is a massive shame


Can the king/queen of Daria still be alive during this game? I mean demons are supposed to live pretty long and some classes like Druid would give you a very long life.
It would be cool if you could meet them and talk, maybe they’d even give you a quest of some sort.


They’re dead which is also why you can’t import your save from LH3. It doesn’t mean that the royal family doesn’t have demonic blood in their veins.


Not necessarily, they can just not be there. A druid or Vampire heir would probably still be alive, just not be the monarch anymore. I don’t think they should be in the game, but there’s a chance they’d still be around.


I don’t know though, it said it was about 100 years ago. Can a demon even die? In LH3 the only way to kill a demon was to cut their connection from their realm by destroying their stone from what I remember.
You should probably last a few centuries at least


The lost heir at the end of TLH in the hero ending is demon blooded most likely, like the Wizard can be in LOTW. You regain your humanity in that ending. You remain a demon in the villain ending, but lucid states that a hero rises up and kills you in that ending. The lost heir would still be human, just a slightly more powerful human. Unless you remained a demon, or were a druid and or vampire you would be dead most likely.


Hmm makes sense I guess.
It kinda makes me debate whether it’s good to become a vampire/druid or not.
You’d get to live very long and not die so it’s nice but then your spouse/child/friends etc will all die so it will be rather sad and lonely later.


True, but you seem to forget how vampires are made.


I don’t think I’ve became a vampire lord before. I only had a bit of vampire blood in one of the games (when the vampire bit me)


I prefer siren but I like it. You can make a coven of other vampires, also your blood passes to your heirs as well.


loaded up my save and I got stuck on this screen


Yeah that happens, it’s a problem with dadhingdon and not The game. Sadly the save is now unsusable, sorry


Happened to me too :disappointed_relieved:


Will we get our Animal Companion on our first level or is it more for mid level?


Hey is it possible to romance Briana? I tried but I got rejected, is it because I’m a gnome or is it just not possible?


Hmm I wonder if there is any mention of a Dreamwalker in LH or LoW.


Dreamwalker was originally intended as a prestige class for LH3, but was cut as the associated abilities are mostly useless for the LH MC.