Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED



But that’s one of my favourite kinds of forbidden love. Right above “Opposite sides of a war” and just below “Princess/Prince and their knight”


I have some questions.

  1. Will our parents die?
  2. Will we have to defend our home from the evil (or maybe good) enemies
  3. where do we get a mount from (unless it hasn’t been added yet)
  4. Will we go on missions with teammates, and how will the combat system work (i.e will you convieniently have 2 enemies, our teammate distracted or can they fight with us?

Many of the questions are from ideas I was thinking up for my own game because I struggle to think of ideas.

Just and idea, perhaps the warrior/ barbarian class when high enough could allow you to equip 2 double handed weapons (not bows, obviously) and simply because in the other Daria games there was necromancy, and we have a graveyArd with seemingly infinite enemits, I’d love to have some sort of special Necromancer class.

But maybe a good necromancer class. Like if your house is damaged I’ll resurrect some thieves and get that fixed in a jiffy.

Also, we it’d be cool if we could be/ there is a wizard orc, but like a special type of magic.

I mean I don’t really know what type of magic half orcs would use, but probably tribal chanting (which would likely annoy the clerics)


There is precedent for Orc Shamans and Witch Doctors in Daria, I would enjoy playing either.

On Companion play, I imagine it would make combat easier (team up on one opponent or if we have multiple opponents- as should happen occasionally to challenge the player IMO but probably has yet to be implemented- split attacks) but we have to take reduced rewards (Gold, maybe XP) to compensate. I’m willing to put up with that for the benefits of friendship as long as it doesn’t make my job harder as a hero (choose companions wisely, beware escort missions!). It sounds like 3 will be the party limit (Hero, Familiar if any, 1 Companion) and that’s fine.

With you on hoping for Necromancy and cool Mounts. I disagree on dual wielding, there should be some realistic limitations.


I know what you mean for duel wielding, but even in real life there are people who can hold a heavy 2 handed sword in just one hand.

Now, we’re you to specialise entirely in that, and train as that for your entire life (plus magic and game-reality bending) it would kinda make sense to be able to wield a 2 handed sword in one hand.

With companions it’d be cool to have 1 or 2 long term companions, and many overy short quests (e.g. Guard woman comes with you to destroy the ‘4th’ wolf, but this has many sub quests that they also help/ accomany you with, and on the other hand maybe the not-witch joins us in 1 standalone quest.

There’s also the problem of balancing as it is (as a cleric just save all spells till boss fight, and adding companions can make it even worse (e.g. you have the guard woman with you but also the not witch, since they acompany you to do a quest you just ignore)

And sheesh I haven’t (read not allowed to) updated my game in ages but some of the stuff here is eerily similar. Don’t sue me in like 2-3 years haha.


Two-handed weapon in one hand is fine with me. But dual wielding two two-handed weapons? That’s a little freaky. They can interfere with each other and would probably take great dexterity to wield along with great strength.


Oh yeah I just meant as a special addition to a master/ awesome/ premium class (like if they have barbarian or something).

I mean, in previous games you could have a dragon, undead horse, literally manipulate reality/ fate.


I wouldn’t go that far dual wielding having two axes in two hands not only would previous people stated it would take great strength and dexterity hands and foot. But really would dual wielding a pair of two-headed axes would be clunky even though it sounds awesome. I prefer to dual wield a short Sword & Dagger but dual wielding pair of two-headed weapons would be a tad to much.


For me, dual wielding would only be ok if it would be, like, two short swords or two daggers, for example.
And would there something akin to a Bō for the Monk class? (Two-handing, of course.)


I’m ok with dual wielding Sword & Dagger, 2 axes, 2 Daggers, 2 Maces, long and short swords, 2 short staffs, or 2 wands (fantasy John Woo movie).


How will replayability be handled in this game this game sounds great and pretty big but replaying it again after you finish it sounds like one hell of a chore just my thought.


You have three (I think) different save files. So when you are done with one playthrough, just save your next one on a different file.


That’s fair, but it’s also a personal preference thing. Myself, I don’t mind replaying a long game if I enjoy it. And considering how large this game is, I imagine that may only add to replayability – with so many variables in play, you may not discover everything on one playthrough so each experience will likely offer something different. Of course, that assumes that the reader’s desire to explore avenues they may not typically prefer in subsequent playthroughs, but that’s true of all RPGs and CYOA games.


Lots of plot questions here, which I’ve been refusing to answer. :slight_smile: You are already an orphan, but will your adopted parents die? I hope not!

Defend your home? Oh yes, Daria is in danger. With the stronghold system, defending your home will become very literal.

Combat with companions is well under way. You will take 1 into battle at a time. You’ll see companions on the next update.

Interesting idea, but probably not. Perhaps a bonus for using two-handed though. :slight_smile:

For sure. I like necromancers, so I’m sure we’ll see an appearance.

Yes. Once a companion is recruited, you can change them in and out. You can also upgrade their equipment. They’ll have their own stories and you’ll eventually garrison your stronghold with them. But in an actual fight, you get to bring one at a time. I’m avoiding multiple enemies.

It’s a monstrous project. I’m sure that anyone who tries to pull it off will create a very different game in the end. Good luck!

Did anyone replay Skyrim? You get to see a lot of it in the first go. I’ll be differentiating my classes more, so playing as a priest and then as a thief should have a different feel. But ultimately, up to the player, as always. :slight_smile:

This is just the WIP, which isn’t even the beta. Those saves will break very soon. In fact, I’ll be surprised if they work on the next update (which will be full of new stuff!)

As for the interesting duel wielding discussion, I don’t know yet. I’ll have to think more upon it. I might avoid duel wield altogether.


Would you like to name a character who will be in this game? Perhaps a bandit, or a shopkeeper, or even a romancable companion? Are you interested in helping to design your very own side-quest?

Here’s your chance! I’d like to announce a fun and worthwhile charity event that will run during the early development cycle of this game.

Help support cancer research and make a permanent mark upon the world of Daria! I’ve chosen the Canadian Cancer Society, but rest assured that international donations will go to research that is shared globally. This is a great cause!


Wow that’s amazing lucid is trying to make a difference


I honestly don’t have a good opinion of mother at this point and dad hasn’t showed up enough for an opinion…


This sounds super amazing. Although I can probably only give £5 (or whatever the price of the game will be) I shall recommend them to everyone I know.
(Even at the risk of being called a nerd.)
((Again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:))

I’ve also bought most of your other games (probably all, but I can’t remember thme all haha).

Also, unless this has already been discussed, how is you going to make your monies?

This game seems kinda unique, and although I’ve been think you could make the beginning (just before we go to Tornassa/ with the hermit dood) a demo, and then only allow them to do sidequests (so they have to buy the rest of the game as an IAP)

This is generally a good idea, since although I like paid games against IAP’s I foresee many hastily written angry reviews that it wasn’t what they expected.

Since it’s so different you could also allow you to progress but at a slower rate (half exp) have a certain amount of actions an hour. You could also lock some special classes/ companions, or lock some special quests (and so, both content and items)

By the way, this doesn’t mean I agree with any/ all of these idea’s.
In fact, some I hate sooo much, but it does make money.


We make our money through adventuring and looting enemies.

If we have companions garrisoning our stronghold, I suggest our stronghold grow into a Castle City over time and get besieged during a late game climax- be interesting to repel a Siege of Tornassa type event alongside our companions vs. direct one. All our Companions can then shine fighting the enemy Army (be they Orcs, Dark Elves, or whatever). We can also improve our city through certain Companions (Dwarf Blacksmith makes extra money, Gnome Engineer improves defenses, Half-Orc Sage founds library, Jolina sets up an Alchemy Lab, Guard Roland leads our Guards, Thief Rossi keeps the Guild on our side, and so on). I know we can’t be King or Queen again, but Duke or Duchess of a new City would be nice.


Although it’s unique, I hope that there will still be a market for RPGers. I was planning to release it as a Hosted Game.

I’m not sure about the Demo. Perhaps just keep them in Elmvale and restrict leveling up to only 1 level. A dedicated demo-tester could try a few classes then. I’m not sure, I’ll have to think more on it.


Although I’m eager to expand the content and story, I had to get a little more of the engine done:

  • Companions are now coded. You switch them out and take one at a time with you into battle. They are weak, so as not to overshadow the MC, but they make a nice bonus. They can take a few hits and they attack every second round. If they fall, they get angry with you and you may have to bribe them back into your employ. Their weapon and armor can be upgraded. I still plan for their level to be upgraded and for them to join you in your future stronghold. I believe that all companions will be romancable too. Currently we have Roland the male human and Rossi the halfling female.
  • Guess which skill got deleted? The Concentration skill wasn’t finding enough use. It’s now gone. Any needed Concentration type checks will be done with the willpower save.
  • I’ve finished adding the last of the equipment slots. I’ve decided upon adding Ring, Feet, and Head. Only one ring can be worn at a time, due to magical interference (and gameplay balance). This seems like a good amount of stuff, since they can all take enchantments which give a staggering combination of types. Weapon, Offhand, Ring, Feet and Head.
  • A successful Geography Check will shave time off your travels.

Before I share this update (which I suspect will break all saves), I want to add some new content. I’d like you to get to a Tornassa and see what’s going on there. I’ve got some of it started. :slight_smile: