Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED



Not that they are lacking it’s just they were just underwhelming in the skills department compared to Elves, but with those two racial perks for half-elves to me that makes them balanced out since that would +2 to Pers and Geo.


Which classes, mounts and special skills did you think of?


I have lots of scattered ideas of varying depth scribbled on my iPad, but not enough to share yet. :slight_smile:

The next update will have companions. My mind is more on this. I want to get it working next so that I can think about them and start twisting their stories into the game.

Roland (male human) and Rossi (female halfling) will be our first two, but I’ll add dozens more scattered all over Daria. The companions will eventually have their own side quests too. They’ll also be romancable and will join your stronghold.

Roland and Rossi also need some fine-tuning to show their true personalities a lot more.

I’m going to keep the genders fixed, but I’ll include a fair balance of them. They’ll all be interested in the MC romantically, if you can get their relationship bars high enough through sidequests. :slight_smile:

My mind is also on the next area. Not to surprising, it will be Tornassa. We’ll see what problems have fallen upon Daria. We’ll also see Jaymon and find out more about his story.

But, despite the speed I seem to work, I’m going to take my time. So the next update might not be for a bit, or if I do share it early, it might only have a few new things in it as I finish the other stuff. :slight_smile:


How do people react to interspecies romance? Would it be alright for my human to be in a romantic relationship with a halfling, or would that be looked down upon by townspeople?


I wonder since you could choose your race would there be magic that only certain magic like elves and maybe half-elves using spellweaving, half-orcs using shamanism magic, Dwarves using earth magic or whatever it was called, and gnomes with illusionary magic. Then with pure-blood elves and orcs it would be even stronger than looking off of the list of races in LoW trolls, halflings, and goblins are the only three that I could find or remember that had a special type of magic.


@Lucid will we see anymore of the wizard Luimar contrapments?


@Lucid Another suggestion:

When hunting, can we specify what type of thing we’re hunting for (animals/edible plants/alchemy ingredients).

As of now, I find the hunting system really annoying, especially when trying to find the ingredients needed for the alchemy quest the wizard/witch gives you. I feel like implementing the choice tondpecofy what kind of items you’re looking for will make it a lot more enjoyable.


If there’s going to be dozens of potential ROs scattered around Daria, there should be an Achievement for Romancing them all with the same character. Free Love, Witcher Outdoer, call it what you will. Or if this isn’t in your ethics… never mind. :grin:

Now that I think about it a Hello Sailor Achievement (1+ RO in each region of Daria) sounds more doable and inclusive.


I like academic learning too. I loved Scepter of Power (Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy) by Morris Simon (AD&D series) :slight_smile:


Very inclusive. Some strange looks, but that’s about it. Due to the time frame of the game, we won’t be getting into biological children, so that part won’t matter. Although it’s possible to wrack up 9 months of game days, I won’t be including pregnancy. :slight_smile: Adoption, on the hand, will work just fine. :slight_smile:

Perhaps. I see full classes, for sure. So anything is possible.

I think that’s very possible. :slight_smile:

You can already choose between good stuff and bad stuff, requiring a Survival Check. Good stuff includes food and ingredients. Getting more specific (food vs ingredients) might happen once I’ve added more stuff to the game, we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Maybe. :slight_smile: Although some will probably block others, but I’ll save achievements for a while to see how it all shakes out.


Still gotta think having some many hearts string up on one string is gonna lead to heartbroken eventually,


What about taking the Pathfinder route and letting the player choose their racial traits?


Will there be magical wands and magic staffs?
I´m 95% sure there will be magical staffs,but will there be wands?:thinking:


Pretty good so far, I hope romacing Jolina will become an option!


I don’t date witches. Sorry.


Jolina is not a witch!


she’s a graduate from the wizard academy


I know. I’m just messing around as she gets annoyed when you call her a witch.


a witch, a wizard



No, racial traits will be set the same for all of the race. :slight_smile:

I think you’re exactly right. Staffs will be there for sure and some will increase your magical ability. I may end up with offhand wands, but I’ll see when we get closer.

I had intended this early on, but now I’m starting to rethink things since I may not want people dating trainers. But, I might still. I’ll just have to see how it works out. She may become a mid-game companion and then romancable, but early on, she might not be.