Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED

It’s a real challenge. I want to give wizards stuff, but I don’t want them over powered either.

I thought it was opened nicely to let you choose to take multiple uses of certain spells, or choose to spread them out.

I could change it to give a certain number of castings per day, of any of the spells. Like the sorcerer class of d&d. Perhaps 3 spells a day, allowing you to cast any of them. Then get another 2 on level 2, and so on.

It would give a lot of versatility, but would it be too powerful?

I’m still thinking this out, but I think it will cap in a similar way to the way it does now. You can take all the classes that are available, so perhaps 10 levels of each of the core, so if a person wants to multi class all, they could reach 40 levels without even getting into prestige classes. I don’t mind a person racking up levels in order to beat the tougher spots in the game.

Thanks! (I accidentally didn’t quote the word before this. Looks better this way. :wink: )

That was the plan. If you get a mana pool, or a “cast 3 tier one spells a day”, would the wizard be too powerful?

I’m afraid that it would make the game clunkier. Even if there were default spells to memorize.

I’m leaning to the ‘3 spells a day’ idea. Just worried about making the wizard too powerful. One level 2, give 2 more uses.

A level 2 wizard blasting all 5 arcane blasts in a row would be tough. Although that person could already be made, I suppose.

That could work too. I just felt that as a wizard I had to keep resorting to a weapon to make the most effective use of the day. Trying for a pure wizard is really difficult. You can pull off maybe two battles before you need to sleep. A fighter could do up to a dozen.


I think you should keep it the way you have it now. It would take away the aspect of thinking your choices through. Which I think is one of the biggest aspects that differentiates the wizard class from just attacking the enemy with the same spell over and over, it would become dull.


I love what your doing. There’s is just so many options which is great. There is so many options i look forward to exploring more of the world. And there is a big replay factor so many different paths to take.


I literally just said I cheated

Took a lot of editing. The classes stop at 3 and I had to add a choice to not pick anything for the level ups for when they were done. I seem to have messed up a humanity variable somewhere, which made it so I couldn’t access the stat screen.

Oh that reminds me @Lucid can you add a choice to not level stats or pick a perk on level up to make it easier for cheaters for challenge runs?


I think everyone should remember this is basically the bare bones of the game. I do find all the walking tedious but I’m sure once the random encounter are put it it want be.

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Yeah, random encounters are important. Except when it’s 99, the Dragon appears, I’m only first level, why GM why?.. never mind, Lucid wouldn’t do that… or would he? :wink:

I like the limited amount of spell power, don’t get me wrong. I just wish it were spells per day instead of per level. That way I have extra shots of everything. It’s hard to pick which spells are best and limiting them to choices at leveling doesn’t help create a very versatile Wizard IMO.


Yes, I wasn’t specific enough on that: how did you cheat? I don’t know how you can do that in a WiP.

I downloaded all the code and edited it.

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Woah, how, exactly? I’d like to do that too.

Replace the index part in the url with scenes/scenename.txt
the first scene you should go to is startup.txt

Also you’re going to have to delete a line of code at the bottom that makes it possible to save.


That’s nice. Plus that’s a great way to see how the game runs if you examine the code.

You’re also going to have to download the sites game making tools (and drop the scenes there). And use firefox.

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I’ll try to see if it works.

It worked, but I had to rearrange the startup scenes I think, because first it started me automatically into skill distribution.

This is no cheating: just a reincarnation of the Demon-King of Daria!


Nope, sorry. :slight_smile: I’ll be concentrating my effort on the game itself. I’m not entirely comfortable with modding, but I’m not against it either. But that said, I won’t be spending time to add options to make it easier either. :slight_smile:

Thank you for saying this again. Yes, I hope that I can smooth out some clunkiness and I know that the story will be epic, but it’s just starting out.

So, two big topics of conversation and thought.

  1. Adding a quick-walk.
  • In some of the busier areas, I use a “Leave the Area” sub-menu. That’s an extra step out. I could add the “Go North” etc buttons directly into the menu. It might mean that the menu for somewhere like Elmvale Center could have 10 options, but it would save a click.
  • Or, I can put all locations to the “Leave the Area”, but make them all quick-walks. So, “Go to Edge of Alderheart”, etc. I could even remove the North/South stuff that way and just let people move around the local area without thinking about directions. I kind of like this. It would likely be way less clunky.
  1. Changing wizard spells to spells per day.
  • I’m starting to lean toward the mana idea of this. Make all the Tier One spells cost 10 mana and give the wizard 30 mana a day. (This would be the exact same as giving them 3 spells a day, but it might look fancier.) This would then allow Tier Two spells to come along and cost 20 mana each, allowing more versatility. It also gives me a little more balancing power, because if a spell seems too powerful, but we don’t want to nerf it, we can just up the mana.

I think wizards were too OP in TLH. I mean, they helped out in situations other than combat. Indeed, it was a mage run with which I achieved a perfect ending.

I had a pure melee character who was dragon knight, no magic and I was able to get the good ending you just had to make the right choices wizards in TLH were balance out.

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I did not say fighters can not achieve good endings. The fact that wizards were actually OP still stands in my opinion. They could help out in many situations other than combat and also served as a ranged class when needed.