Hero of Daria: The RPG (WIP) - CLOSED

Hadn’t considered skipping events with Speedwalks, Hmm…

I suggest allowing us to change equipment from the Status screen. Maybe just Weapons, not Armor if modesty is a thing- but then again, when is it ever a thing in these games? :slight_smile: If the Code won’t allow that, what we have is fine I guess.

Racial Prestige Classes definitely have me enthused. Half-Orc Berserker, Elf Spellweaver, Dwarf Miner, Gnome Engineer, Human Jack/Jill of all Trades, Halfling Invisible Rogue (perhaps trained by Lomi, a Mentor we can’t see who is now a true Old Master since he became a Wizard after Lost Heir and Magic kept him young). That would be awesome.


Lol. I remember Lomi. I left the poor soul invisible forever.


Is he that invisible halfling bastard from lost heir 2 ?

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Yeah, he is. RiP forever.

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Yep. I usually left him Invisible too, except when I was playing Stupid Good. :smiley:
// And occasionally I killed him- maybe never mind my Mentor suggestion considering that. Or maybe there was a Lomi Jr. who also got the same power…


I always killed him for robbing me without talking to him

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(Found some old posts from earlier, in the thread for some possible class and mounts. The list is based off of past classes and mounts.)

I don’t think you should abandon this project just yet. Something tells me you invested a lot into this, on a personal level too (and will continue to do so) - the desire and ambition to doing something something few others have. However I’m not sure Choicescript is the best choice for this… I like RPGs and I like text games, the culmination of both sounds good, in theory, but for a game of this magnitude, specially a sandbox, I think visual aids, a UI or even a map, are essential.

You can do something similar on Unity and deliver both an RPG and text game for people to play. I don’t know if you have a Patreon or not but given you seem to have a few followers maybe it’s worth considering?


I agree with @IvoryOwl, to a point. I don’t think you should abandon this, but I also think ChoiceScript is a fun medium for this, and I haven’t found the lack of visuals to be a problem. (Similar text-based RPGs, like Sryth, have been shown to be viable.)

The stat-roll system could do with some changes or a means of increasing critical skills, since otherwise I’ll just stand around saying ‘Johanna, I want to talk about Jolina,’ until I starve to death–but I hope you can do that without restarting the project.


Won’t work. Changes made in the stats screen don’t save into the main game. :frowning:

@Envy I have those posts saved elsewhere for reference. :slight_smile:

@IvoryOwl Actually, a map will eventually be placed into the stats screen. :slight_smile: But it’s not ready yet.

I’m not sure. If a text-based RPG is a bad idea, I might have to set it aside. This was why I showed the engine up to here.

There has been no attempt at balance yet. So if it’s just a matter of different numbers, that’s easy.

Allowing your character to starve to death is a person choice. :slight_smile:
But I’ll think more on it.

The concept of food and tired makes things like traveling and mounts have more meaning.

Lots to think about.


Text-based RPGs do work for a niche audience in my experience. I have enjoyed Aardwolf and other multi-user text dungeons online, this could be similar. Click this link if you are not familiar with Aardwolf- http://www.aardwolf.com/

I am not familiar with Sryth, may need to check it out.

I suggest improving Stats with testing them as well as character levels, much as you did in Lost Heir. That is something Choicescript players are used to doing and could be fun.


But I thought they do now? You can change things from the stats screen in several of the recent titles and it affects the rest of the game, detailed here. (You do have to go to the next page though before the change appears in the main game; it doesn’t refresh your current page. But still.)

Also, I haven’t had much time to tinker, but I really liked this so far. It’s very different, yes, but I do think there’s a place for text-based RPGs. And some of the titles that have gotten a bit close—Great Tournament comes to mind—seem to be fairly popular. I hope the right folk will be able to find Hero of Daria and enjoy it for what you have in mind for it to be.


Hmm you do have different difficulties I think the way should eat food and sleep. Should vary with each difficulty Easy, you don’t need to easy that often just here and there you’ll have to eat, Normal you’ll have to eat at least one meal a day, hardcore you need to eat or else it would affect your Str and Con or something along those lines. Either way if not eating would affect your stats it would be a good motivator for the player to eat food and to sleep.


I disagree, and think that it isnt that hard and to have disadvantages if you dont eat or sleep enoug makes it valuable, if this gets erased in easy mode, what would be the point of sleeping or eating at all?


This is the heart of the truth, @Lucid. There is a lot of people that will be attracted to a text-based rpg. The existence of this audience is proven by all the old MUD users to the Zork, Interplay and Siera remakes popularity.

The community here has a bit more vocal literary members but there is a strong demand for this type of work - even @jasonstevanhill’s barebones experiment drew a lot of attention.

I have a feeling that this would be your greatest challenge to date but I also have a gut feeling that you are capable of executing such a project and gaining that much more of a dedicated fan base. I usually refrain from saying this in this early of a phase but I feel you are breaking new ground within the CS world.


I feel like eating and resting is necessary you know. Hunting would be useless otherwise, and so would the day and night cycle. As for this game overall, I would be really excited for a final product so I do not think it should be abandoned at all; in fact, I suggest it be made first priority.


Now now we could still sell pelts and other animal goods from hunting.

I agree a Food and Rest counter is good though


Do you mean, not going random but instead simpy giving them the pass if they are above a certain value? That would mean that there would be no chance of failure after reaching a certain skill level. As it is now, it’s probabilty based, so the better you get, the more often you succeed. I think that’s a core idea in an RPG.

Stat changes in the stat screen. Hmm, that’s interesting. Although I’d still be in trouble. I designed the equipment system to save the majority of the stats in code instead of having 50 variables for each piece of equipment, there are only 4.

It’s already set up that you only need to eat once every 2 days, pretty much. Once a day is prefered. And, if you step into your home, you automatically grab something to eat. Also, sleeping at home automatically gets you to eat too.

I agree with you. The main point of eating and sleeping is give you a progression. Eating makes it worthwhile to hunt and travel faster, once mounts are added. Sleeping will make more dreaming important too. It gives you the sim feel.

That’s super nice of you to say. :slight_smile:

Like @N1GHTMAR3 and @achtungnight say, I think food and sleeping will allow a lot of good things to happen. It gives a lot of extra dimensions and possibilities. It’ll really make travel and mounts important too. And just imagine when our wizard eventually learns Teleport, or our cleric learns Create Food. Lots of power to be had!

That’s great to hear. I hope there are enough people who enjoy than those that don’t. I know it won’t be for everyone, that’s fine. But when I hear that the RPGers are getting put off too, that makes me very nervous and makes me wonder if I should return to a traditional IF game.


There’s always people who like a certain game and those who don’t like that certain game. Make the game? They won’t enjoy it. Don’t make the game? Those who want it will be disappointed. I am not speaking about HoD right now, but in general. So, everyone has opinions and these choices can be tricky as everyone won’t always be happy. That’s why you should do whatever you think you should do.


I agree with Nightmar3. Damn the dislikes, full speed ahead!

On the probability system, didn’t realize it was in play. Maybe keep it, but success still improves our stats when achieved.