Hero Not Hero: Adventures of a Furniture Controller (Looking For Beta Testers)



@EclecticEccentric I would like to beta test please!


Hello! So, this still isn’t dead! I realized that there isn’t much information about the private demo so:

  • The private demo runs up to 100,000 words.
  • The private demo has 5 chapters.
  • The private demo includes:
    • Meeting the remaining characters
    • Registration day
    • First day of school, with 5 classes
    • AGLET RO date scenes if you go down the appropriate paths
    • Jobs
    • Clubs
    • Plot

This is also all added to the first post in case someone has trouble finding information.

Also, as always, we’re still looking for beta testers! We’re looking for feedback about characters, ROs, pacing, and choices, and basically everything deemed high-level feedback.


Can I sign up for beta tester?


Can I beta test?


I’m interested in beta testing it i have a few private questions first though I can’t pm you yet.


Would it be too late to head back?


Not at all! I’ll send you a PM.


I would be EXTREMELY interested in beta testing this mofo


Hi, I’m interested in beta testing if it is still available.


I would like to beta test please


hello, is it to late to beta-test this?


Can I beta test


Am interested in Beta testing


Hello! I’m interested in beta testing! Let me know if you need more info before letting me join!


Is it to late to beta test