Hero Not Hero: Adventures of a Furniture Controller (Looking For Beta Testers)



I would love to help test the game if you’ll have me


Hey i would love to beta test your game if that’s alright with you i be sure to leave feedback


Interested in beta testing


I died when I saw the name WiFi. Wifi?? Seriously? I legit loled :joy::joy::joy:


Good game! Well written and engaging. . I would love a longer demo tho. But i like it! The names are hilarious!


The shortness of the private demo is actually because most of the game is in private beta. :sweat_smile: The private demo is just over 100 thousand words.


Hi I’d like to help with beta testing.


Nano and Lazerteeth are both gay ? I liked Nano but I guess as Female MC I won’t be able to romance him right ?


Yes, you won’t be able to romance Nano with a female MC.


Hello, I’ve just read the game and I’d like to help beta test if you’re still looking for people!


That’s great! Please check your inbox.


I like it.


I would like to beta test…


I would like to beta test


i would like to beta test.thanks


ill beta test if ya like


I would like to beta test^^


Do you mean something like tactile telekinesis?


Er, I’m not familiar with the term. :sweat_smile: What is tactile telekinesis?


If you still require beta testers, I would be happy to.