Hero Not Hero: Adventures of a Furniture Controller (Looking For Beta Testers)



Hello! We have an update up, so we’re looking for new beta testers, especially people who could give feedback regarding pacing and character development.

If you’d like to beta test and think you could give feedback regarding these aspects, please post here or PM me. Thanks!


Could you send me the updated link?


Hello! We have the first part of the game up at this link: https://dashingdon.com/play/eclecticeccentric/hero-not-hero-public-/mygame/

We’d love it if you give it a try and tell us what you think about it.

If you’re interested in beta testing and giving feedback on the other written chapters, please post here or PM me. We’d be happy to have you. :smile:


Those names…haha…oh god…priceless and Genius !!! :grin:

but man…everyone is so LOUD!..living with them mean you need alot of TYLENOL!


Can I beta test this story ? The demo is interesting for me so I’m quite curious about the next part.


It’s great you should test.


I would like to beta test.


Hello! So, this isn’t dead. Actually, there’s another half-chapter (30,000+ words) added to the private demo. If anyone is interested in play-testing and giving feedback, we’d be happy to have you!


EE, may I grace the private test?


I would love to help with the beta


So does the premise remind anyone else of the the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the army of brooms?

Not that brooms are furniture, I know.


Critique mode activated: First off, I enjoyed demo a lot. The characters felt alive and I was able to connect with the mc very quickly.

Now for a more critical eye: i found the start moved a little too quickly. Not sure if the parents will play a huge role in the story but it would be nice if this part,

, was expanded a bit more. Like having a scene for each one with a choice that won’t affect the overall story but allows the player to connect with the mc a bit more.


Hello! The public demo is updated slightly, with more choices as per feedback. The RO list is also added to the first post.

If the demo interests you, we’re still looking for beta testers! We’re mostly looking for high-level feedback (pacing problems, character development, ROs, opinions).


I would like to be a beta tester.


Sure! Please check your inbox.


I would love to test


Can I beta test the game?


Hi! Are you still looking for beta tester?


Yes! Please check your inbox.


i would like to beta test this game