Henry_De_Awsome game review


I’m always happy to review a game give me a name and step away. ~O)



Give mine a real good read through it’s sneak peek scene.


@mattnoels looks like its be worth playing I’d make some free to get them hooked then for updates make it cost em. ~O)


@Henry_de_awsome Yeah well I have to get this baby written first and then I can worry about money and Im looking forward to the review. If you stay up I can probably have the second scene done tonight. It includes some very nice fight sequences as well.


@mattnoels I’ll do it in the morining 1st thing night, good luck. ~O)


I’m going to put up the second part of ‘Legions of Rome’ later today that triples its length. Just hold off on the review until then



@mattnoels okay.


@henry_de_awsome nice hashtag :stuck_out_tongue:



Ok the expansion has been updated and it out. Play it here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/48368297/Legion%20of%20Rome/web/mygame/index.html


@mattnoles keep up the great work.


I’m glad you got a chance to play it. What did you think and how can it be improved?


@mattnoles I’ll run though it one more time tommrow and get back to you about it. And don’t worry I see that you comment just use HDA on my forums on other ones you want my input then use the full at thing. ~O)