Helping people


I don’t think I could not help someone if I saw them in need. Some of it is organized volunteer work, some of it just giving my neighbor a ride when they car is broken. I think I might be the only person left who still picks up hitch-hikers.

As for why I do it?

I could say something about spreading kindness, and making the world a better place, and that’s great, but probably not the most honest answer. I have my own problems that I can’t or just wont solve because I’m afraid to somehow, so helping someone else gives me the excuse to ignore my own problems and still feel like I did something worth doing.


Helping strangers. … It could be very very very insulting for the people you offered too. i suffered ha hard depression i got fat with meds and have not a really attractive presence due I felt like shit. I remember like one of most embarrassed moments in my life when a teen decided that She would give me UNWANTED advice in middle of a fucking bus fill of people. Saying how I have to be happy and go to a gymn and make up AND HOW MY LIFE WILL BECOME BETTER!!!
She was so proud of herself with her friends like look how empathetic I am.

Who in the hell was her to maake me feel embarrassed fat an ugly in front of people. I was incapable of use a bus for one month due stress. Except is an emergency NOT EMBARRASSED OTHERS YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THEIR PROBLEMS.


Me being from a small rural area I’ve always been ready “to give the shirt off my back” whether it be helping someone who’s broke down on the side of the road or the many times I’ve pulled over after a storm to pull a tree out of the road or chase a farmers cattle back in through a tear in the fence. I’ve helped a few charites from adopt a family and Toys for Tots. I guess some of it has to do with me being a devout Catholic and the fact I’ve always had an urge to help people. That’s why I joined the Marines


Absolutely, but I don’t think I would define what that girl did as being helpful. That sounds like the girl was being passive aggressive, rude, judge-y, full of herself, and a whole bunch of other things.

Giving unasked for advice and judging someone you don’t know is not how I would define helping strangers. When I think helping strangers I think things like offering to help someone who is struggling with their grocery bags out to the car, holding doors, when someone is at checkout and short some money offering to pay, volunteering at charities, when someone stops you on the street to ask for directions making time to give them those directions,…etc.


I just remember when I was like 11 and taking 4 hisses to school a day.

No biggie, except I didn’t really get pocket money (as in, no money on me, I did get money sent to a bank account, not completely destitute)

One day I didn’t have any money, neither did my bro, and we thought we’d have to ask other people on the bus for like £2, or call my mum at work.

Thankfully, the driver just told me it’s fine, and to get on, and for that term I got 100% attendance and straights A’s and above in my GCSE.

I mean, its unlikely it greatly impacted onto the latter part, but it was a pretty big deal to 11 year old me who then tried to be as nice as that guy was.

Plus this one time my mates and I were at a chicken shop, and being skint all 4 of us sharing a box meal (usually for 2 people), and the owners giving us a large chicken pizza for free, since someone paid for it but didn’t collect it.

It was probably worth only like £10, but put a smile on my face for the rest of the week, hence why I try to give back to others


Totally agree with you; However one percentage of people that pretend to help but they do it for looking cool or even to feel superior. Given unwanted advice just when someoone that want to impress is there.


I do love to do Operation Christmas Child, which over here in the UK is a Christian charity which sends shoeboxes with presents to children in countries where poverty or warfare means that their lives can be a struggle. Knowing a child has received a nice present with toys and essentials like toothpaste or soap and knows people care makes me happy when the Christmas season is here. :slightly_smiling_face:


In my experience, you can sort those folks out pretty fast. Those are usually the (pardon the generalization) middle aged soccer moms - the ones obsessed with presenting a picture perfect life to the public. Usually have the “let me speak to your manager” haircut. They try to control what everyone does, even though they only show up for the big events, unlike the rest of us.

I like to talk about the charitable stuff I do, because it’s a passion of mine. People like them talk about it to get a proverbial pat on the back.


Well I’m a total misanthrope, and my self esteem is none existent. So my view is why should I help a bunch of people, or even one when they’re probably scum? Plus even if I wanted to, I doubt they’d want help from someone like me…But I do give to the homeless when I can afford it and remember to have money with me, as apart from this and maybe a few other things, I only use card. The way I see it the homeless are so down and out they can’t afford to be nasty, though the ones I give to, as I give to the same ones, do seem genuinely nice. And even when I can’t give them money, either due to me not being able to afford it, or not having any on me I always talk to them…Though thinking about it when I don’t have money on me I could offer to buy them something from the shop.

Also when walking I’m extremely careful not just to not walk into pigeons, but walk slowly, and avoid them if possible, so as to not disturb them. It’s not their fault disgusting humans dessomated their natural habitat after all, it disgusts me that I don’t really see anyone else besides me do this. Also in the train station I make sure to accidently on purpose drop parts of my subway samwidge for them to eat, as there’s a good few there.


Don’t worry too much about that one; odds are the pigeons you’re seeing in the city are the feral descendants of domesticated birds. A dirty alley pretty much is their natural habitat.


It is absolutely wise, even if others deem it as unintelligent or unnecessary. But then again, pragmatic intelligence (pragmatism) and wisdom are two totally different things, imo. The world is in constant need of more selfless kindness, as selfless as human acts can be anyway (not being pessimistic, just acknowledging every human is inherently selfish to a certain degree).

As someone who is hitchhiking more and more, it is an absolute gift and - often - a delight. I’ve donated to some charities even though I’m usually very stingy with money.

Unfortunately, due to the social stigma (and uncertainty as to where the money actually goes) that surrounds it, I sometimes hesitate to help homeless people, I can literally feel the stares of other people who think it is below them on my back when I do - both the stares and not helping make me feel bad, though the latter definitely does more so.

I recently watched a documentary about a train station which regularly helps the homeless and I remember thinking, “I wish I had their way of thinking”, as in, I wish I wouldn’t hesitate and care about being judged or interacting with somebody who has been marred by such pain (it is scary, to be honest, and I am scared of feeling their immense pain with them).

So many people are suffering and are threatened by death, and here most of us are bothered by first-world problems (I don’t mean depression - mental health is ALWAYS valid regardless how much money you have - etc.), thinking they got themselves into that mess and should therefore get themselves out without our help - no, that would be too demanding, how dare they.