you guys probably can’t help me with this but i can’t stop myself from making new games without finishing my old ones, i know this can lead to disaster so i was wondering if someone has faced a similar problems and how they stoped it. i just have to many idea in my head that i want to show


I have that problem. What I do is focus on two projects then just make a note on the other ideas.


you are working on 2 games?!


Yeah a secret project with @Pale_Strider


…ooooooooooo when are you releasing a demo?!


Once I’ve finished chapter one and he is happy with it.


yea… i was kinda getting tired of unnatural now your writing is back, i hope its a different genre.


My writing is back?


i don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


I get you got bored with unnatural but I don’t understand what you mean by my writing is back? Was back meant to be another word?


I don’t think it’s uncommon to have a side project going. It’s good for your sanity, but more than one tends to get unruly.

Having a lot of ideas is great! Nothing wrong with that, but save them for a later time. By the time you finish what you’re currently working on, all of your collected ideas will form something amazing for your next project.

Really, you just have to force yourself to focus. It’s not your problem alone, as I’m sure everyone has to deal with some variation of it from time to time.


you kinda faded out for a while with very little updates , but you started posting more and the comments picked up again.


no just random stuff ignore it eng is not my first lang




I feel like im part of this :frowning:


@akatsuki9344 when I was younger I have same problem, you have to think in other stories inside your universe what if I was the antagonist or that woman you save etc that make your mind creative while you still focus same story line and help to think awesome ideas!!