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I’m fine-tuning my WIP Demo. It’s passed the Quicktest & Randomtest. I’m now onto the manual testing phase, picking choice after choice after choice after…

I’m brand new to coding (praise be unto the all powerful beings who created CSIDE), but I’m consistently running into issues with stat raising. My choicescript_stats page looks and works great, but when I try to *set a variable, it only works ~1/3 of the time.

My code looks like this:

    And in which art form do you specialize?
    *set acuity +10
            Never in a million years did you expect yourself to be a contemporary Vincent van Gogh, and it's a good thing you didn't set your expectations so high! You're not nearly as talented as van Gogh, but you have both of your ears and a steady income.
            *set visionary +5
            *set allure +5
            *set Career "Painter"
            *goto title

In this instance, only acuity increases +10. The *set career “” works 100% of the time. “Visionary” and “Allure” don’t change. I’ve quadruple checked all of my variables, stat chart, etc.

The most frustrating thing is that sometimes the exact same coding format works exactly as I want it to. I can’t pinpoint what needs to be adjusted.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Do you have the demo uploaded somewhere? To me it looks like the problem is somewhere else and without knowing what the rest of the code looks like, it’s difficult to pinpoint the place where the bug occurs.

Edit: my first guess would be that after the “title” label you are setting them to a fixed value again, thus overwriting what you set previously, but without looking at the rest of the code, it’s just a wild guess.


Are you using opposed_pairs for the stats?
And are the ones that don’t raise then the ones to the right of the bar? The second ones listed?

Because opposed_pairs only actually use the first stat, not the second.


If you’re using CSIDE you can use the console to help you debug. At the bottom of editor screen there’s a little ‘>’ icon. There’s documentation for it on the help tab, under “Advanced Topics → The Console”.

I think you’d benefit from the tracking commands most. They will make sure any and all changes to your variable values are logged in the console, so you can see where and when they are changing.


Brilliant! Thank you so much. Tracking variable changes will make things a lot easier.

Ah! I’ve been using opposed_pairs, and every time the variable didn’t change, it’s because I was using the second stat. Thank you!

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In response to your question, not yet. Is there a common consensus on when a demo should be uploaded? I have 15,000 words written, edited, and tested, but if I continue following the current outline of my project, the estimated word count is in the 250k - 300k range, so 15k seems painfully small to consider making a demo. Your thoughts?

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