HELP with sperate POVs, and how that affects choices

Hi there, I’m a beginner with choicescript, and coding in general.

I’m writing a WIP that will contain two separate POVs, two different stories set in the same fictional world.
There will be instances where the two main characters stories merge into one.

So my question is:
Is it possible to make the choices in one POV directly affect the other?
Like for example show a different text in certain parts of character J’s POV depending on what actions you took in character A’s POV.

And also making the reader unable to select a certain choice in character J’s POV, because of something they did in character A’s POV.

It’s all a matter of variables.
For example. If char A bought the last applepie have a

*set outofpie "true"

There that affects char B being disappointed there’s no pie left.


Thank you!
So, in code it would look somewhat like this?

Character A POV

   #Get Pie.
      *set outofpie true
      You eat your delicious pie
#Don't get pie
       *set outofpie false
      Spend the rest of the day thinking of said pie

Character J POV

if ( = outofpie true)
    You are truly disappointed that here is no pie left 
if ( = outofpie false) 
    You get to eat the pie

And I’d have to
*create outofpie

In the startup file, right?

You can also directly

*create outofpie "false"


*if (outofpie = "true")

Is the correct order for the code

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Thank you!
That really helped :blush:

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