Help with saves in Dashingdon?

I’m having trouble with the save feature on Dashingdon in my WIP. From what I’ve read, It’s just checking the little box and adding the *sm_init nameofthegame | 5 command to the bottom of your startup. When I do that though, I get nothing. Is there something I have to do to ‘define’ my game’s title? Or anything I actually do have to download? I’m completely new to choicescript and coding in general, so apologies if this is something obvious.

Did you upload your game to Dashingdon? Can you share the link so we can see what your startup file looks like?

The startup file looks fine. Most likely you forgot to save the game details after you checked the save plugin. Make sure that this is checked in the game’s dashboard.

I’ve tried doing that, and now I’m getting a bad slot error.

The only other thing that comes to mind to fix this is to move the sm init command above the first paragraph in the startup file.

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The save system code needs to be before any text to work. So before the first paragraph would be correct. It can be anywhere in the code as long as its before any text that would be read ingame.


Thank you! I think that fixed it.

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