Help with my Formulas!


Hey guys! I’m really desperate, so please help!

I’m currently working on a Strategic Role Playing game on Choicescript entitled “The Girl of Time” (Yep, my entry for Lordirish’s IFcomp). I’m really stupid when it comes to formulas, so I thought I should just do what Fire Emblem do with their computations, but they aren’t really what I expect them to be…

So please help! Can you guys suggest how I should do the formulas for the following;
DAMAGE (Physical and Magical)

And here’s the variables I use;

(Defense is for Physical Damage while Resistance is for Magical Damage)

While other factors are the following;
BONUS (Random number from 20-30)

The Computations I’ve come up with are;

Atk = (((str*2)) + ((0.5*weight) - (enemy_def*2)))

Mag.atk = (((int*2)) + ((0.5*magic_skill) - (enemy_res*2)))

Atk_spd = ((spd*4) - (0.5*weight))
Hit = ((((4*acc))) + (((luk)) + ((weapon_hit_rate) - (enemy_evade))))

Eva = (((2*atk_spd)) + ((luk) + (bonus)))

Blk = ((((2*def or res))) +(((luk)) + ((bonus) + (weight))))

I think I got the damage right, but everything else isn’t really what I want them to be.

For example, the character Raven is a LV.3 Dual Wielding Fencer and his stats are STR 5 DEF 4 INT 4 ACC 6 SPD 8 LUK 3 RES 5 and his weapon weighs 10 each and its weapon hit rate is 50

He’ll fight Castor, a LV.1 Priest whose stats are STR 3 DEF 3 INT 7 ACC 6 SPD 2 LUK 5 RES 7 and his magical skill is 30. But in that fight, Castor is berserked, which gives him a +5 on his stats. His magical skill is used as the weapon weight.

When I calculate their stats, it’ll become

Damage 4
Atk.Spd 22
Evade 75 (Bonus 28)
Hit 7
Block 61

Damage 29
Atk.Spd 17
Evade 70 (Bonus 28)
Hit 7
Block 82

Everything else is okay (I think?? Still not sure though), but something is wrong with the HIT RATE. That’s my main problem, but I do think the rest of the formulas also needs some fixing…

Please help!


My first suggestion would be to NOT base any characters values on an enemy’s values.
In other words wherever you have minus enemy_evade or minus enemy_res (etc…), I’d remove them.

You want each character’s stats to be self dependent and then you want to change the DAMAGE (or whatnot) based on seperate formulas that take both stats into account.

In other words rather than having the player character’s magic attack go down because the enemy’s magic resistance is high, instead keep the magic attack as whatever it is and keep the enemy’s magic resistance as whatever it is, but whenever magic is used in an attack, do something like:

*set magic_damage (attackers_magic_attack - targets_magic_resistance)
*set targets_health - magic_damage

That’s a much more tidier and more organised way of doing things, I think.
By the way, you do realize Irish’s competition is over… don’t you? Just checking.


Oh thanks! I’ll do that instead.

Yeah, I was able to pass my game on Irish’s competition. Right now, it’s my active project.