Help with making a 48 x 48 icon


I’ve received an e-mail with the requirements for Hosted Games submission. Several icons are part of it.

Well @JimD was kind enough to resize my title (drawn by @PaleStrider who sadly vanished off the forums and couldn’t do it himself) but the title page doesn’t translate to a 48x48 icon.

Would someone be able to help me out by making me an icon for Unnatural. Unfortunately I can’t offer money but will offer the artist a guest character in either Season Two of Unnatural or one of my other projects if that genre isn’t your cup of tea?


What would you like the icon to portray?


I’m no artist, but how’s this?


I think its for what appears on a phone screen. But I’m not sure yet what would be best to have. Maybe a small version of the s.r.t badge never had to use a picture this small.




Wow thats cool where did you get that from?


I used the wolf from PaleStider’s image plus a quick mess around in Photoshop :slight_smile:


That’s perfect.

Thanks. Can you pm which game you want your guest character to be in?


Ah, don’t worry about it. Take it as a gesture of faith/good will and good luck with the publication! :slight_smile:

There’s another variant here with a less prominent moon, I thought the first one was a bit overdone:


urg. No, don’t make a 48x48. Just a 1024x1024 THAT LOOKS OK at 48x48.

But I’ll make the actual file.



Ok my title didn’t look right at 48x48 which is why I asked for the small.

I have 9 images JimD did for me. I’ll email it all to you when I’m ready. Just need to decide on the 5 screenshots for you.


1024x1024 isn’t something I’m going to be capable of, sorry buddy :confused:


That’s okay I tried shrinking down a copy of the title and it didn’t work. But no worries it’ll get sorted :smiley: