Help with goto_scene

I’m having some trouble with the goto_ scene death command. I’ve pored over several online articles, and as far as I can tell my code is correct. When I select an option that would result in death, an error pops up saying “expected code: open parathesis”
So I tried all the different variations of parathesis. No dice. Help? (heres the link to the game in question) (WIP 9/14/20 Major Demo Update) The Realm of Steel (working title, suggestions?)

I’ll see the code and i’ll give you a head up if i find anything
can you be specific to where the error is located?

It is towards the end, under the label “duel”. Its not terribly long, youll find it

which file?


It looks fine. I Don’t know why it doesn’t work…
Use CSIDE and run it again. Maybe it’ll be more explicit

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Hmmm… bummer. Thanks for trying to help though! Much appreciated

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I think the problem is this passage:

#Try to counter and attack
		*if (Wisdom > 10) (Strength > 10)
			You notice the angle the assassin's blade is coming in at and you barealy deflect the blow. However, you accidentally cut the assassin's thumb off, and screaming, he drops the blade. You attack, driving your knife into his gut. Eltariel rushes over and picks the man up, throwing him through the stone wall and out into the moat.
			*set Strength %+ 5
			*set wisdom %+ 5
			*goto watchbattle
			Try as you might, you simply aren't skilled enough to hold off the assassin. His blade cuts a large gash through your chest, then he plunges the blade into your shoulder. You fall to the ground, pain racing though your body. As you vision fades, you hear Gwinn cry out, "No!" Then your pain fades away...
			*goto_scene death

Specifically, this bit: *if (Wisdom > 10) (Strength > 10)

There should be either an and (if both conditions must be met) or an or (if one or the other is okay) between the two parentheticals. As it is, the code doesn’t know what you’re trying to do with the second set of parentheses.


Yes! This worked, thank you so much!

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