Help with expected choice

so my code will look something like this.

… (text)
#option 2.1
#option 2.2
…*Choice 3
#option 3.2
…*page_break… (text)
Well I can’t get the code to space properly on this.

The line for option 1.2 continually gives me errors, I am trying to use *page_break on the line above which fixes it but deletes all options and choices below it from the chain… How can I have a long chain?

Do I have to use *goto nextscene1 -> *label scene1
And make chains that way?

There are at least three ways to display your code’s formatting on the forums.

  • After you copy-paste the code into the forums, select it all and press the gray button at the top of the input box that looks like </> . It’s called the “Preformatted Text” button.
  • The Preformatted Text button has a keyboard command associated with it. You could use it instead—while the code you want to display is selected, hold down Ctrl and Shift, then press C.
  • Write a trio of backticks both on a line before and a line after your code. A single backtick looks like ` (almost like an apostrophe that tilts the wrong way) and is normally on the same key that produces a tilde ( the squiggly thing that looks like ~ ). The trio should look like ``` .

I personally only use the third method, and I’ve found I must leave a blank line both above and below the backtick trios to maintain reliable formatting. I suspect that holds true for the other methods as well, though it’s possible they automatically add whitespace as required.

Now, on to your actual question: From your description of the problem, the *page_break in question is only supposed to exist inside the text displayed by a single #option, and is currently cutting the list of #options in half. Is this a correct assumption?

Continuing on that assumption, check the indenting of the *page_break to make sure it is a layer of indents deeper than the #option it is under. Like so:

    #Option 1
        *goto some_label
    #Option 2
        *goto a_different_label

Note that everything you want to be displayed or triggered by an #option must be indented a layer deeper than the #option. This includes any text you write, as well as any commands you wish to use like *set or *goto.

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I found that one of my options was 1 line too soon, causing a chain reaction…
Thanks for the tips and help of showing me how to paste the code :smiley: