Help with concentrating on studying


Hey I need help and a major one in that , how to get back my interest , I hadn’t touched my book since a month and it is not who I am , I used to love study stuff and my IPCC exam on may 3 Rd and I m attempting only group 1 ie 4 papers still 2 is left to study and I m really short on time ie max 15days left ,but still I can’t concentrate in my study , and I envy all those writers here who are dedicated to what they do and u make me want to ask you ,what do you do … Don’t tell me you drink red bull and all lol I mean really I need help in concentration problem … Help please :face_with_head_bandage::persevere::nauseated_face:


If you have trouble concentrating on larger things, make them into a set of smaller things and do them one at a time.


Separate your work into manageable chunks. If you have the time, study 1 page every 10 minutes and spend the rest of each 10-minute chunk doing something fun.

For papers, write one paragraph for each paper a day, so two paragraphs a day total. Do one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Lol let me be clear ,I m studying for CA and my total books height is nearly 2-3 ft and i have a 15 days left ,if I go for like 1page in 10 min it would take 5-10 yrs to complete it , anyway it is a good point for writers so I will think about it when I plan to go for writing rather than a professional course and it is a good point to all those newbs here who are interested in writing thanks anyway …


What is CA? And what is IPCC? Also, how many days to study did you have at the beginning? Did you manage your time correctly?


To be truthful it is just a recent problem , I like doing hard study stuff and all but the problem of concentration came up recently say a month before and it is a real problem for me . Lol I used to like and love study when I was in my 12 th but now I can’t manage to look at book …,and regards to making some small units and doing it , it was never my problem before and I just want to know if anyone has been through the same thing and if they found the reason and way to overcome this issue …


If you cannot make yourself do a thing, like study, perhaps your mind or body has other priorities that need to be taken care of first. Consider obscure things like love life, family problems, anxiety about the future… anything that may distract you from your goal.


Ca stands for chartered accountant , the accounting field , like tax ,law and audit stuff , i hope you have heard of it …And IPCC is an interim exam just before our article and final exam , and as I said I planned to go for only 4out of 7 papers and thus was expecting to go for indetail study as I had leave for 3 months to prepare for it so
First I went for accounting , which is major so I spent like one month in it and I just need to revise ones to get it
Next is costing and FM which I was planning to do last as I expected that a skim through is enough
Then next paper is law which I had finished and need just revision
But the actual problem is my tax paper
It changes each year to some extent as per the financial budget of my country and this changes make some problem and I have tax and costing and FM still left to finish …


Lol to be truthful I do flirt but never thought about love and stuff and i agree recently there where some family issues and I m just 19 so I ignore them mostly so I don’t think they are my reasons but still some family stuff can pass through and I used to get angry at my mom , which made some additional problems for me but none that I think should effect me to such an extent…


Hey bro, where do you study? India? I know how difficult it is because i study in India too

First get your mind off everything else, try taking few deep breaths, think about your career and what will happen if you dont achieve it (it gives me sudden adrenaline) . take your book and go somewhere quite, start with basic concepts, and revise em, (gives a little morale boost)

Try reaching out to your bookworm friends, if you have one ask him/her to study with you. (It gives some competition) .

And remember to keep a balanced diet and exercise daily. And always get enough sleep (atleast 6~7 hours)

Best of luck for your exams, i wish i can help but i have my head on platter already as im preparing for neet lol.


Bro you are an Indian i hope ,you know about relatives right if i don’t pass it they make comments and it will be my second attempt already and i m not a dumb person …I m my school topper for my 12 th board exam if I could just work as hard as I did in my 1 St attempt I could have passed , it appears too late to me and my morale have fallen to such an extent that when I see my book i think that anyway I would fail s😢o why study … And my mom is another pressure which do not good for me …And I hope you get your neet exam it is engineering field right so best of luck bro


Another thing to consider is if you feel the material is either too easy or too hard, or perhaps just boring. Maybe you resist doing the work because you believe you could be doing more important things with your life at this moment? Only you know for sure :wink:


We share the same country, no doubt.

Nope neet is for medical and im screwed cuz there are only 56000 seats in india and 11 lakh students are applying (god save me :sob:)

Yeah i know the relatives prob (just why cant they keep their thought to THEMSELVES? ) personally i dont care what they say just keep doing your work its your life man.

Im giving my neet for 2nd time too, nah i wasn’t a topper like you man, just a avg guy. But i believe we both can overcome this hurdle, just enjoy you studies like if your watching a movie or playing a game (this is the key to success)

Cut of unnecessary time spent on things which are not important, take breakes of 10~15 mins when you feel stressful, or take a stroll in a park or in your society helps to clear the mind.

Finally, there is still 15 days left focus on important chapters (i remember my tutor said that xamidea was a good book for xii physics and damn so many question came directly from that book )

But the most important thing! Dont let your self to get depressed! Keep a positive view on things i m sure youll succeed. Least i can do is ill be here on forum everyday, so if you need someone to talk know that im always there :slight_smile: .


This year Neet is going to be tough ( like every other entrance exam ) but I think its not that tough - considering previous year’s question paper - but making in govt. college is the real thing last cut off was at 63% but qualifying was at 25%
for non Indians - people tend to get -ve marks in entrance tests like -150/720 so 25% is a good thing its below-moderately-hard .
Its my first try and my 12th result is awaited , I can get a drop year if I chose it but lets hope that it won’t come to that so lets hope we all achieve our goals whatever they may be


Lmao what’s Neet? You definitely don’t want to tell a Japanese you’re taking a Neet test, might lead to some rather comical misunderstandings




Yup i know i staked my phase 1 mark 288 to give phase 2 and got screwed when i saw i got 177 last year, even i qualified i was rejected in counselling lol, but this year i plan to hit 400 mark (but its like gambling to be honest -_-)

If i dont get it this time i have plans to go abroad, its my last option though.


Hi bro let me clarify it ,have you heard of entrance exam , professional courses have entrance exam for me it was CPT for CA and similarly NEET is for medical And there is similar exam for engineering also .


Meh…NEET for medicine and JEE for engineering


Hi lol u said it , u are informed on no of seats available and so u have to work , but we have percentage lol pass percentage till now it is between 1-30 and it lead to uncertainty and thus more pressure …