Help with Choicescript

I’m having trouble with the install for choicescript.

I’m completely new to this, so any help is appreciated! I downloaded the file, and extracted them. I was able to open the serve.command file, but it won’t let me type anything when I am on it. Also, the other files won’t open, it says error code when I try. I’m not even sure where I go to start practicing :sweat: I did loom up a few tutorials and I read the instructions, but I think I must have done something wrong and now can’t figure it out

Are you able to install CSIDE? It would make your life ten times easier.


I tried, but unfortunately it didn’t work :broken_heart:

You said that you have downloaded and extracted the files, then the only thing you need to open to start writing the game is the folder circled in red. The web folder.


Next, open this one. The my game folder

Next open the scenes folder


Then you will start with the startup file where you can add the title of your game and start coding.



Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I’m very grateful and excited to work on a game :blush:

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