HELP or i just couldn't return forum


My forum is buggy as a caterpillar shivering posts , jumping lights my text just erase and my virtual keyboard disappears during wrtinwritingave to change browser and spend five hours to could log. If just continues i haven’t PC so if movile


See just post alone radonly without let me end. I think this is sadly my last post in this forum . I need help


Ihave no idea what is causing this, i also use my phone but it all works well for me


I just have to erase browser and download a new version. I think now is stable , at least pages don’t jump and appear random messages from nowhere. Still the fact of don’t use pages, and being forced to the mobile version is annoying. IS There Anyway i could use desktop version like in Vanilla?


I have tried desktop but was unable to post messages. I think one other user had the same results.


I can log in fine, but I had to change my password
because my former password is not working. When using the phone it is a little
buggy, but it does disappear after a minute.