Help me get back into the community!


Hello to all!
I’m MrYoungzman, and I’ve been around here since the original forum got posted up.

I used to be active and more or less faded back into a lurker, but recently my love for interactive choice-driven media has taken a backseat during my years here in college. (If anyone is in the Lewisburg area in PA, hit me up!)

I’d love to get back into this wonderful community. Does anyone have games to recommend for me? Hosted games, games in beta, official games? I love to play them all. Don’t ask my preferences, just throw me what you have!

(I’m sure that with a few searches I could find some cool stuff, but I haven’t been around since Choice of Robots. I have a looot of catching up to do. And, this is a way to say hello to the community, and have you guys hold me accountable for actually playing these games and interacting again!)

Also, to any oldies still in the forums, talk to me! I miss all of you guys.

Thanks for reading,


I just bought Sabres of Infinity and I am loving it! Wholeheartedly recommended. It’s super expansive and very engaging.

also P.S. I’m making a WIP :wink: check it out.


I’ll bite. I recommend you A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight because that is the game I am playing right now and it’s been great so far. I’ll also recommend So, You’re Possessed! because I think it has a different feel than most other games around here and I really enjoyed it. Welcome back!


I don’t have any recommendations yet because I just joined today, but welcome back!
If I find something I like, I’ll tell you.


In order of release

Somme Trench
Lords of Aswich
Hero of Kendrickstone
Hollywood Visionary
A Study In Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight
Community College Hero: Trial by Fire

These are, in my opinion, the best games released since Robots that I’ve played. If you have any questions about them feel free to ask.


Did you read all of the gamebooks that came out before Robots?


Hey there! Welcome back man! If you really need to know wich games are worth it right now I would be glad to help. The two latest relase, pendragon and community college heroes are both great games. Though most games are amazing so you should maybe ask wich game are not recomended instead.


There are quite a few good games out these days, so I’ll try to narrow things down considerably. I’d say my top 3 picks for games would be

Tin Star
A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight
Zombie Exodus

Of course I want to talk up my own WIP, but in all honesty I’m still working out a lot of bugs. However, there are some awesome WIPs underway. Guns of Infinity is indeed a very solid game, and seems pretty close to completion. In addition, is wildly popular and seems to comprise about half the posts on the forums. Guenevere is also very solid.


Check out Samurai of Hyuga too, if you want something different, along with the already mentioned titles, such as A study in Steampunk and Hollywood Visionary. I’d also suggest, The Lost Heir and Sabres of Infinity, if you haven’t got them already. IMO that’s a pretty solid sample of the different things on offer here, at the moment, to get started with.

If you’re really daring you could always go and try some of the WIP’s, Guns of Infinity, Sun and Moon and Song of the Fallen are particularly promising, IMHO.


Here’s the stuff that I’ve been noticing in community discussions over the last year. These are just a few from my personal impressions:

Hosted Games

  • The Lost Heir: Fall of Daria— Epic D&D-style fantasy, first in a trilogy. Part 2 is in its final stages.
  • Tin Star—Still a favorite, and huge. If you never played this, play it.
  • Samurai of Hyuga
  • Community College Hero: Trial by Fire

Works in Progress

  • Guenevere—Still going. This one is brilliantly done.
  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • Guns of Infinity

Choice of Games

  • Choice of Robots—I know you’ve played it, but people remember this one.
  • A Wise Use of Time—by Jim Datillo (Zombie Exodus). Clever concept.

Not saying these are the best games, or any of the many games I’m not mentioning aren’t really good. But these are among the games that might help bring you up to speed.


Hey welcome back to the community!

I don’t own/buy many recent choice of games so I’m just gonna point out that if you like Samurai of Hyuga you’ll probably like Fatehaven too. it looks like it’s the same kind of thing but instead of being a ronin in Japan you’re a hero in a fantasy setting, but I’m not gonna go into detail because I don’t wanna spoil it. (Although I think it was before Choice of Robots)
put simply I’m just recommending it because that’s the reason I made this account in the first place, and I’ll leave it at that.

also Founders Saga: The Culling was pretty good (And if I remember right it’s free too) but the only problem is that it ends on a cliffhanger and you have to wait for the next story in the series, which really isn’t that bad of a problem.


You might consider checking out Trial of the Demon Hunter, as the sequel, Captive of Fortune, is coming out this month.


Welcome back!

Of all the recent releases, A Wise Use of Time was one of my favorites mostly because I think the whole idea of “tinkering around with time manipulation and seeing what trouble you can get into” is a perfect thematic match for interactive fiction. Jim did a great job with that one.


In order of awesomeness
-Sabres of Infinity (suggest Guns of Infinity too. It’s not out yet but only the prologue is left I believe.)
-Lords of Aswick

Now that I think about it I haven’t really enjoyed a lot of CoG games released after CoR.


Welcome back to the community. These WIPs are really good. Check them out besides the official games the WIPs have potential.


This has been awesome guys, thanks so much!
Sabres of Infinity? Boy I have been playing that since the first chapter and I love going through the entire game.

I’m done with finals, which means I’ll have a bunch of time to catch up.

Also, @boredhypocrite, I never knock the WIPs. They’ve been what made me create an account here.

I think I’ll try out Samurai of Hyuga and depending on how much I like that, I’ll play Fatehaven.
@BabbleYaggle, your list is essentially what I’m going to use going forward.

Thanks much!


Welcome back.

If you like Sabres, you’ll love Aswick.

Best I can suggest is to sign up for the usual beta tests when they come up. A few of the older crowd seem to have vanished sadly.