Help? I'm looking for a web-site


Hello, everyone! I’m a new member to this forum so I decided to use this thread for introducing myself too. I want to apologize in advance if I post this thread in the wrong category.

So, let’s get straight to the question.
I noticed that the forum is more about interactive stories/games but… I started working on a crossover series in February (but had the idea for the crossover years before hand) mostly in novel format… I also draw too but rarely and I mostly draw concept art for the crossover at the moment. I was looking for a fitting web-site where I can post the crossover. I frankly know several web-sites (, Wattpad and AO3) but the thing is that unless your fanfic doesn’t contain mature content, it doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention which kind of sucks. So any ideas?
I’m currently using my Google+ account’s features for working.

Thanks in advance.


The only other site that I know is Quotev, which has both stories and quizes. There’s barely any mature content ( that I am aware of). Most of it are fanfics though. You can add pictures and audio.


Oh, yeah, I forgot about Quotev. Hmm, seems like
a good choice. I was thinking on posting in Wattpad but I heard that it’s not very good… Since most of people from are moving to Wattpad to post their stories because they can’t take a criticism.


I’ve been using AO3 for a couple of years now and in my experience, pretty much any fanfic will get attention so long as you’ve been at it long enough to build a fanbase or write for a popular enough fandom. (I write pretty much exclusively stories with mature content, however, so I can’t quite tell if that makes any difference.)

Now crossovers are a difficult subject. Many people will skip right over crossovers without giving them a chance (I admit I am one of those people), so it will always be more difficult to generate interest for it.

FF.Net is pretty much dead or dying as far as I can tell (most people switched to AO3 at some point) and there is very little good stuff left on there. I can’t say much about Wattapad or Quotev other than that the stories I encountered on there were…well, not the cream of the crop. Haven’t spend much time on there either, though. (I only ever use Quotev because those quizzes are my guilty pleasure.)

Basically, I’d think that AO3 would give you the biggest possible amount of readers, but due to the tag system a lot of people will judge your story by nothing but that. And since there are so many stories, you might have a hard time gaining readers without an existing fanbase or the appropriate fandom.

So yeah, maybe go with Quotev or Wattapad.


Hmm… Yeah, I agree. The most popular fandoms that AO3 has are shows/games/anime that has nothing to do with my crossover- Marvel, Dragon Age, Attack on Titan ect., so unless I don’t include them in, the crossover will not receive a lot of attention.

Not only that but most of the fanfics that receive most of attention are those that have sexual content in it. Like in Attack on Titan’s case, there is a lot of Yaoi in it.

I’m not aiming for that tho, even tho the crossover has verses like To Love-Ru which is actually very infamous for objectifying women, I don’t want it to attract attention because of it. What I’m aimng for is for serious action packed series with few dark themes. Which is why I don’t think that AO3 is good choice.


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Yes, I think.
I think that you are referring this.

Funny, that’s same video that I watched about Wattpad.