Help i broke my forum inbox!


I broke my forum inbox. HELP! I accidentally double-posted a private message to someone. I deleted one of those two, only the person replied to my deleted one and now I’m stuck with being told I have 1 unread message only I can’t read it. Whenever I go to try to read it I get an error message.

“Page Not Found: The page you were looking for could not be found.”

Is there any way I can fix this? I’ve tried asking to be re-added to the discussion but it just doesn’t work. Nothing works. It’s driving me crazy having that 1 next to my inbox that I can’t access.


Ive been having this problem too XD for like a month or two now




I wish there was a fix.


XD I just learned to live with it mine constantly says inbox 2


I went to look at the files on the forum page by Vanilla and seems like other people have this problem too and there’s no answers over there and no fix. It’s going to annoy me so much having it there. I have OCD issues. Having that 1 taunting me is going to drive me crazy.



Dont worry it did the same to me at first but youll learn to live with it… it is now a way of life for you and I


Just one of Vanilla’s many bugs.
With access to the database your problem could be “fixed”.
The issue will likely continue to plague us though.


Vanilla is my favourite icecream but not my favourite forum. :frowning:


You think your inbox is broken?
Mine’s been showing a permanent one next to it for forever.
At this point, I don’t even care anymore.


That problem.
Yeah, welcome to the club, buddy.


It’s fixed! It’s fixed it’s fixed it’s fixed! YAY!!!

Could a mod lock this topic now please? It looks like the new update to the forum software fixed my inbox problem.