(Help) How to create a value for a custom name



Currently working on a script and having a couple of issues associating a value to a custom name, that is made up by the player.

For example, I’ve seen this a lot in the COG games, If the player meets a new character and wants to customize the character’s name to say Michael, how would I create Michael as a percent to show how strong the relationship is.

The specific problem I am having is in regards to the player creating a restaurant, and I want to allow a custom name to be given to that restaurant, and to associate that name to a value between 1-10, to show if the business is a success or not.


*create Restaurant_Business false
*create Restaurant ""
*if (Restaurant_Business)
        text Restaurant

The choice

      #Open a restaurant
        *set Restaurant_Business true
        *input_text Restaurant
        *set Restaurant 1
        (You have a Restaurant called ${Restaurant})

Where would I create the value, or in fact, how would I create a value for the restaurant? As of now, My stats screen only displays the 1 and not the custom name. It will either display the custom name or the value, and not both simultaneously.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


You’ll need another variable, say restaurant_success, that is numeric and that you can set to 1.

“Restaurant” is the variable for the restaurant’s name. It can’t at the same time be a numeric variable measuring the success.