Help for a few recommendations


I’d like to ask for help on a few game recommendations. An extra opinion for someone, if you will. How would you rank these games, from the best to the worst?

For example,

  1. Best
  2. Second best
  3. Third best

Here are the games, To the City of the Clouds, Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, Choice of Kung Fu, Slammed!, Life of a Wizard and Way Walkers: University. Thank you so much!


That really depends what you’re looking for. Do you prefer a solid, linear story, or a more freeform, game-y experience? Do you like having a blank self interest, wholly defined by you, or do you prefer a more defined protagonist, with less limited influence on their thoughts and feeling?

I also suggest playing the free demos available on the site, to get a feel for the writing style.


Which of the games have you already played and enjoyed?

Of those games I loved Slammed! and Way Walkers. I haven’t purchased the others. Life of a Wizard is next on my list of games to buy from that list though.


@FairyGodfeather Do it, and kiss the rest of your week goodbye.


@FairyGodfeather I’m surprised to hear you’re interested in Life of a Wizard, I had you pegged down as a story type of player (the type who sighed at the lengthy battles of DA2 that kept getting in the way of the plot, like me).


I personally like Life of a Wizard, as well as Way Walkers: University. Can’t say I cared for To the City of the Clouds or Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, and I haven’t played the other two, but I’ve seen a lot of people like Slammed! I’m just not a fan of wrestling so I can’t help you there :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t need to be a fan of wrestling to like Slammed! I know nothing of wrestling and I still think it’s great.

@Drazen That’s what I’m afraid of. Hmm actually I do own Life of a Wizard, I just haven’t played it.

@Jackrabbit Story’s good. But Lucid wrote Life of a Wizard and Lucid is great and apparantly I bought it ages ago and then forgot about it. I do admittedly tend to prefer story.


Everyone, thank you so much!

It’s immensely kind for you lot to help me out.

I tend to prefer character driven gameplay, but with enough choices and plot to keep things interesting.

I’ll be pleased to keep all recommendations in mind. :slight_smile:


Slammed! is fantastic for character driven gameplay. So is Way Walkers. I think they’re two of the best games for that.


I agree, especially Way Walker, that has fantastic characters with incredible depth.


Well I’m always willing to give my 2 cents when needed. I’ve played all of these games so I think I can help out a bit.

WARNING; All following comments are biased and my ranking system should not be taken seriously.

  1. Life of a Wizard and Way Walkers University
    Sorry boys and girls but I realy can not choose between these two which one is the better one. These games both have great stories and should be played by everyone in the CoG community.
    Life of a Wizard re-tells a story of an aging wizard and their influence of the world around them. You play through this wizards life as you make choices that will effect the world you live in. And who doesn’t like using magic? Nine types as well… Love this game. Only sad thing about it is that I don’t see a sequel on the Horizon… sad face.
    Way Walkers University follows the life of a talented magical user (in training) and their life during their first year of school. Sequel in the making so when you enjoy this there will be another one sometime in the future. Great universe with a story with potential to spare.

  2. Slammed!
    Yep, high fantasy games might have taken the top spot but this Sports life simulator of a profesional wrestler is second in my list. It has a great story amd even if you don’t know anythimg about wrestling it won’t matter, this story explains the moves well enough that anyone should understand. Also loved the Romantic Options… won’t say much more on thatt. Only thing that I can say it is that it is about wrestling so if you’re not interested in it you might prefer something else, but that is minimal at best. If you don’t like profeaional wrestling this might just change your mind.

  3. Choice of Kung Fu
    Yeah… I love martial arts and I practice a few myself (Karate, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo to name a few) so you know that I would love this game. Following the story of a monk with the goal of meeting the Dragon Sage. I won’t get into spoilers so I won’t talk much more on the story. One thing that bugged me was the lack of romance for our female readers… the romance option for girl players are not very fleshed out… neither are the male ones for that matter… Oh well.

  4. Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck
    This had a lot of potential that was never realy met, sadly. I still enjoyed the story but I felt there could have been a lot more. This is high tech sci-fi, would say cyberpunk but I haven’t played this recently enough for an accurate assumption. Anyway this game follows the life of a space traveler who comes into being apart of a space pirate crew. I kinda had a Mass Effect feeling from this, without the whole saving the universe feels.

  5. To the City of the Clouds
    I’m actualy sad to put this at the bottom of my list since I did actualy enjoy this. Follows the story of an archaeologist who sets on an adventure to find the City of the Clouds. The reason this found its way to the bottom was its lack of replayabbility and from my own personal opinion a real lack of story depth with your romantic relationships. Felt as if it didn’t really matter if you are in one or not and was meant for nothing but character building. But I did like it.

Anyway this brings us to the end of this comment. (Thank goodness, took a while to do this on my phone)
Hope this was helpful and…



Honestly, I’ve played the demo for every single one of these (except for Life of a Wizard) and the only one I actually liked enough to buy was Choice of Kung Fu. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Way Walkers, however, so I may go back and try that one again.

As for CoKF -


  • I found the characters to be quite interesting, and your choices when interacting with them to be enjoyable and realistic. I never really felt like I wanted to say something but didn’t have the choice to, or that I was being funneled into something that I didn’t want to do
  • The setting is created very well (it is a historical setting after all, though there are magical elements)
  • Said ‘magical elements’ are handled quite well - they don’t take over the game, and their appearances (to me) were breaths of fresh air
  • I actually enjoyed the options for romancing, and that it wasn’t just a ‘happens once then goes away’ type deal


  • I found the game to be rather short; or rather, there was a lot of writing (and well written writing at that) but there wasn’t enough substance for me, personally. I thought that I’d be able to do more through the course of the game
  • There wasn’t too much replayability in the game; by the end I felt like I had seen all there was to see

Hope that helps!


Frankly, City of Cloud could be a hit with its Indiana Jones vibe to it - at least from what’s in the synopsis because that was what got me reading the first time. Too bad it turned up like that as it’s been reviewed before. I guess balancing interactivity with narrative isn’t just that easy.


Here are the games, To the City of the Clouds, Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, Choice of Kung Fu, and Way Walkers: University. Thank you so much!

Roughly in order of preference:

Wizard: Tremendously well assembled, if just a but shallow from a writing/character standpoint. Probably the biggest time-sink in CoG history as it’s a long game with a large number of hard to reach little achievements encouraging multiple

Slammed: Very good. Not perfect, but the issues I have with it are highly subjective. Not much to add that hasn’t already been said.

Kung Fu: Probably the “new” game that reminds me the most of Dragons and Broadsides, in both the positive and negative sense. There are better games out there, but it’s pretty fun.

University: Not feeling this game as much as a lot of people. It has a stand-alone plot, but still comes across very much like the prologue to a larger work. A little too lore-heavy (you have to scour the Codex to even know what the stats do), and you’re not given the time or ability to accomplish anything memorable.

Clouds: So light it’s in danger of floating away. Brief, with a lot of different choices, but few that go anywhere interesting. Fun as a distraction, but probably not worth paying for, IMO.

Luck: Have not played the full game. Based on the demo and review I’ve read, probably never will.


Of the ones I’ve played, I definitely liked Life of a Wizard best. It’s much less story and more game, running very briskly through a long life; heavy on plot, thin on character, requires playing your stats well to get the good endings. But man, the Achievements list at the end was enough to keep me playing for weeks.

I enjoyed beta-testing WayWalkers, it was fun, but I didn’t like it quite enough to buy. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with it… the only thing that irked me was the sheer number of gods, which led to some choices that felt unmanageable. As Wonderboy said, “lore-heavy.” Plus one of the gods was named Montage. Oh, and I’m not a fan of relentlessly chirpy personal Angels. :slight_smile: Other than that, it was good.

Haven’t played Slammed or CoKF yet… both on the list, due to good reviews.

  1. Way Walkers - I’m not a fan of relentlessly chirpy personal Angels either, but aside from that I really liked this game. I love intricately crafted worlds that are heavy on lore. Dune and A Song of Ice and Fire are two of my all time favorites. And the world of Way Walker university is very well thought out. Furthermore, being a student at a magical university is a lot of fun!

  2. Life of a Wizard - This is basically a D&D game, with all that this means, both good and bad. The upside is that its a fun romp of playing a D&D style character and taking him/her on lots of adventures, building your power, and eventually becoming a major power in the kingdom . There is no other CoG game that is quite like it. The downside is that the story and other characters were too shallow for my taste.

  3. Slammed - I haven’t played this one as pro wrestling isn’t my thing; I much prefer real fightingand less fake drama. This game gets -great- reviews however, and so I’m going to put it #3 on my list.

  4. Choice of Kung Fu - I expected more from this game than I got. It was short, and didn’t make much of an impression on me. The writing wasn’t bad however.

  5. Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck - Played the Demo, it was ok. I really disliked the opposing relationship system however. Some of the characters came across as a bit one dimensional as well.

  6. City of the Clouds. I got bored and never finished it. The game isn’t bad however, it’s just that it has a really small target audience, and most people, including myself, are not in that group.


I haven’t played all of these games on the list, but the of the ones I have, it is a very tough choice between Way Walkers and Life of a Wizard.

For the record, Way Walkers IS just the beginning of a series, so it will feel a bit “unfinished” even though it does have a very obvious climax and resolution to the story. It only follows your first semester at the University, and the second part is due to be released in HOPEFULLY a few months! WayWalkerLeigh just recently finished the writing for the second part and it is in beta testing. It is a very detailed world, and it is a great story! I liked having all the gods and goddesses in it! I always enjoy reading about fictional deities, however, so that part of the game was right up my alley! I understand that a lot of people don’t like that though. I found the peppy Angel Guide very enjoyable! Also, the University only just touches on the world of Way Walkers. Leigh is also writing novels about that world. The first is going to be released in January, I believe. Anyway, I’m done sales-pitching about that! LOL! It is a great game with a lot of different choices, and I think the multitude of gods and goddesses only effects the playing if you choose to go through and try to grind a certain stat up.

Life of a Wizard is also a great game, but there is almost no variability in the actual story. Yes, some things will change, but you cannot change the course that is set. That said, I don’t think that really makes this game any worse! It is amazing! The first day I bought it- incidentally the first day it came out- I was home sick and I spent literally all day playing that game as many times as I could trying to find everything that can happen! I still have not gotten all the achievements for that game, and it is so fun to play it over and over! I do, however, think that if I ever stop reading it and just click the options I want, it will be nowhere near as fun. I do force myself to read every word on the page every single time or else it just becomes a grind and it is not fun. It might not affect you in the same way, but if you don’t want to read a lot of the same material over and over on your way to the achievements, I don’t think you’ll enjoy this as much as some of the others. It is also a very unique game, like the others have said. No other game is quite like this D&D-type adventure!

I have played Slammed! and despite what you may think, you do not have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it. I LOVED it, but in real life, I absolutely hate sports, wrestling especially. I wasn’t even sure why I bought the game when I did since I fully expected to hate every page of it, but I am so glad I did!! It was tremendous fun to read it, and I found that knowing absolutely nothing about wrestling and hating it as a sport did not get in the way at all when reading this! I wouldn’t say it is as good as the other two above, but it is definitely a close one!

I played the demos of the other three, but they didn’t engage me nearly as much, and I wasn’t particularly enjoying them as much as any of the other Choice of Games I have played, so I didn’t make the purchases. To the City of the Clouds got horrible reviews though, as far as I know. It is targeted at a very specific audience, and I don’t fix the intended demographic. The people who it did appeal to liked it a lot though, I think.

I didn’t even make it all the way through the demo of Kung Fu. It’s just a genre that as a whole does not appeal to me, so I have no opinion on it. Same with Lady Luck. The whole thing with the aliens and stuff doesn’t appeal to me, so I didn’t even try it. I have no opinion on that one either.