Help about stats in a game

I am trying to make a choice of thief style game, and I need help about what should be the stats and/or skills that I should have in the game. Help me out with your ideas!

Stealth, greed, bloodthirsty, whether or not they are known by the police

Helping you with ideas for skills and stats is so hard if you do not provide background info, we can’t suggest something like technology as a skill if your game is set in a time period without technology.

I think what @Lillystone has suggested sounds good, notoriety is a good idea. I assume you are planning on adding the usual stats like charm and intellect?

You could also have an infamous like stat where you can be famous like robin hood or infamous and hated

Skill ideas… hmm…


yea the 3 most important skills of the medieval era in england

modern thief
electronic security operation
Fast talking

early era thief

I am thinking of a early 1900s era thief, so no electronics, please
Here’s what I have thought so far - agility (climbing windows, and drainpipes), intellect - (breaking safes and thinking up clever ideas), charm - (con man).

Some or stats would be - brazen—cautious
Also, there’s a goal system, where the player can choose why he became a thief, and perhaps a stat based on that.(Money, Skill, Thrill, Oath, Bored)

My problem is that intellect seems too catch-all. What others could be there so I can evenly distribute it?

Also our thief is more of a heist-man, so no pick pocketing stat. Yet.

Rather than ruthless—empathy >> apathetic—empathetic sounds better and means the same thing

Apathetic gives off a more “i don’t care vibe”, while in truth I want a stat that shows how far the MC is willing to go (taking hostages, killing people) while the other end, he would be willing to leave his loot behind if it means escaping without casualties on any sides.

What word should I use in that case?

Conscience v.s. Immorality may be what you’re looking for?

That’s better. Thanks a lot!
Any idea on how to divide intelligence into few different stats? I’m thinking Research (before a heist), Tools (what to use), and Perception (traps and other things).