Hell's gaze (wip) (update: 10/14/18)

I’ve begun work on my new game HELL’S GAZE. In it, you play as a lost soul trying to figure out why you are here and how you died. You’ll be able to side with Heaven or Hell, make friendship with demons and angels alike and perhaps even romance one of them!

Currently I’ve finished character customization and started to progress the main story a little bit. This first part is dedicated to meeting the majority of the most important characters and I plan on updating every week (at least this month and the next one). I apologize in advance for any game-breaking bugs, I’m still working on fixing them and would be pleased if you reported them to me! Feel free to give me feedback as well, since this is only a tiny skeleton.

PS. customizing your stats may be frustrating, since you’ll end up with a different result than expected. My advice is answering the questions thinking of the character’s personality and not so much on values, in order to have fun!

To play the playtest, go here:https://dashingdon.com/play/natsdemilla/hells-gaze-wip/mygame/index.php?cb=41793

(UPDATE: 01/08/18) - Corrected bugs and made it easier to read! I should be able to post a big story update by the end of the next week.
(UPDATE: 01/20/18) - Now you can explore the kennels with both Lily and Root Beer, and if you chose to go with RB you can also visit the library. I’ll be adding more for Lily in the next few days, if my schedule allows it.
(UPDATE: 02/06/18) - Heavy bugs kept me from updating sooner, but now here it is. I added an option for text descriptions of relationships, although the stats will continue to be displayed. Also added Lily’s version of the library scene and modified skills and character creation. I don’t expect many bugs, but stats values may be problematic.
(UPDATE: 03/11/18) - I tested it a few times, both with randomtest and quicktest, so it should be fine now. I apologize in advance for any stubborn errors remaining.
(UPDATE: 10/14/18) - Major changes to stats, character customization and gameplay - mostly code, so you may not notice them that much. Added a few more scenes to the story.


“Our apologies; there was a 404 error while loading game data. Please refresh your browser now; if that doesn’t work, please email support-external@choiceofgames.com with details.”

I already deleted my cache.

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I’m so sorry, I just saw this, too. I’m trying to figure out why.

I think you didn’t upload the files correctly my dude.

I uploaded all my txt files (my game files). How strange.

Fixed it! My apologies.

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Nice beginning. So i noticed that when you choose to deceive Lily, an error popped up.

Also, you should put some space between the paragraphs! It is really difficult to read!


Thanks! I’ll be sure to correct it and update tonight or tomorrow morning max.!

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Got an error when i tried to persuade lily


That was i was talking about! Sorry not deceive but persuade!!!

There also is an error when trying to seduce her

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I’ve noticed and error my MC is a female. Part way through it switched to he.

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Got an error when trying to reason with her too

Another error when i tried to sneak by the window.

Sounds good can’t wait to play it

I’m liking this a lot, definitely going to follow this to see where it goes. I do have a question about the evaluation at the beginning. If we wanted to, couldn’t we just keep putting ‘strongly agree’ making us a bit OP in the stats?

Other than that, I would just say revisit the grammar and separate the paragraphs a bit more to make it easier to comprehend.

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The paragraphs are a bit hard to read, perhaps separate them. During the disagree or agree questions, who were we talking to? Ourselves? I really like the demo so far, can’t wait to romance some demons and angels. :slight_smile:


a period at the end.
Get rid of the quotation mark between the … and ‘There’.
Capitalize Mr.

not sure if it supposed to stop here.

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I don’t really know about that. But i’ve tried to say strongly agree for many things and i ended as jack of all trades. And my stats isn’t that good either (all 60)
Well for me, i like to be only good at one or two things than be op, it’s more interesting that way.
Overall, i really like this WIP too!! Can’t wait for more updates in the future.

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Every choice you make in that page pops the same error…

Oops, my bad! Thanks for the warning. XD