I’m new here and just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself, as is customary on some forums. I was doing a google search for tools to write interactive fiction–the choice-selection kind, not the parse-arbitrary-text kind–and my search eventually led me here. I’ve downloaded Choice of Zombies on Kindle, played through it about ten times so far, and I’m not tired of it yet. I also downloaded ChoiceScript and have the first scene of a game well underway.

I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far of ChoiceScript. There are a few things I think could be better, but so far I’ve been able to do everything I’ve wanted to do, and that’s the main thing.

I’ve been involved with the Tunnels and Trolls community for a long time, writing pen-and-paper solo adventures, so I’m not exactly new to writing programmed adventures. I’m also a programmer by trade; I know my way around Java and JavaScript, and compared to them ChoiceScript is a breeze, as long as you get your indentation right. I keep wanting to put semicolons at the ends of my ChoiceScript statements. :slight_smile:

Anyway, hello, and I look forward to discussing Choice of Games and ChoiceScript with everyone.


Welcome, good another person I can bug on coding questiosn lol. I’ve been around a while trying to forge out a story, but do not have any coding background so going is very slow for me. Nevertheless I think we have a great community here and it’s always nice to see a new face that has an intrest in choice. So what are you planning for your first story.


Greetings, @Lordirish! Feel free to ask me anything. If I can answer I will, and if I don’t know something, I won’t pretend I do.

My first ChoiceScript-based story is a fantasy genre “go after the evil sorcerer overlord whose invading your world from another dimension, and you’re the chosen one whose destiny is to stop him, whether you like it or not” story, where you pick up companions and helpful items along the way to help you finish your quest. I wrote the outline for the game about 25 years ago, and always wanted to get around some day to actually creating an interactive fiction from it. With notes written for 45 scenes, I think it might take a while to program the whole thing, but hopefully that means it will take a while to play as well.

I don’t know how much you know about the paper-and-pencil RPG called Tunnels and Trolls (the second oldest RPG), but it has several solo adventures in print. I’m friends with Ken St. Andre, the creator of the game (I help run his T&T fan site at http://www.trollhalla.com), and we have talked about turning at least one of those old-school games into interactive adventures (with perhaps more to follow if the first one is successful). So I’ll be evaluating ChoiceScript for that too. But first I want to see how the language works for a game that doesn’t use much if any randomization. T&T solos use lots of randomization.


@eposic I ran ADnD games for close to 30 years I am aware of Tunnels and Trolls ;-). My first project here was going to be an ADnD type game in a world I spent 20 years designing. Unforunitly there was concern The Wizard of the Coast may have thought it an infirngement on their copyright, which I understood so I moved on to my next project. I look forward to seeing your story.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I look forward to seeing your work!


Thanks, @Lordirish and @CJW!

Yeah, @Lordirish, copyright law can and has put a crimp in many a project, including some I wanted to do myself in the past. So for my first ChoiceScript game, I’m not associating it with any existing RPG system, not even T&T, to see how things work out with CoG first.


@eposic look forward to it.


@eposic where would be a good place to learn the basics of JS. My project is so complex that my simple programing skill is far to little for something so big. I have had to set it to the side until I can learn more. I do not believe I need to learn all of it but a good understanding would be a start. Thanks.


Well you how complex is your project? You really just need to know advanced CS to write a good story.

@eposic I’m very glad to have not only a T & T guy around but also someone who does code.


@mattnoles It starts with 14 npc that you can choose randomly then assign them to whatever seats you want in two van. Of course I have to track these so all the info for the npc stay with them. Of course there will be many more choices durning the investigation. Like assigning team, you can freely explore the library. These are some of the simpler things involved with this.


@Lordirish, if you really want to learn JavaScript, the only book I recommend to anyone wanting to learn it is “JavaScript The Definitive Guide” by David Flanagan. There are several editions of the book, and you want to get the latest one you can. Each edition has grown in size; the latest one is quite thick, so your first look at it may be intimidating, but it starts out simple and works its way to the more advanced topics, and contains a complete reference after the discussion chapters.

I’m still figuring out how much exactly can be done with ChoiceScript without resorting to JavaScript. I’m not even sure yet exactly which JavaScript files other than mygame.js can be modified without messing up one’s ability to, say, publish the game to Kindle or other hand-helds. But I’m sure that any changes made to the JavaScript files will play fine on the web, if that’s the only place you care that they play.

Like @mattnoles, I’d recommend you do as much in ChoiceScript as possible, and resort to JavaScript only as a last resort.


@eposic thanks. I do not plan on changing or writing any JS, but I think if I understood JS more it might enable me to get more out of CS and understand the more complex coding with more clairity.


@Lordirish, it certainly won’t hurt to know more about JS, and some things I’ve found are not easy to do in CS. If you want to do anything with arrays, you can kind of mimic it in CS, but it’s a lot easier in JS. Moreover, if you have any complicated initialization to do for your game, it’s easier to use JS to do it in the mygame.js file. I don’t know if modifying the mygame.js file will prevent your game from being portable to hand-held devices, though. I don’t know if use of the *script command will prevent your game from being portable to hand-held devices either.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts what kind of game I intended to do first. But now that I’ve got my feet wet with CS, I think I’m going to jump into creating a T&T CS game. I will start a discussion topic for it, as everyone else does for their works in progress. In that topic, I’ll talk about how I’m using JS in my T&T CS game.


Sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to reading about the JS use in your game :slight_smile: