Hello I'm back again


Hopefully for good, this time. The new forums scared me off but I decided to come back :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I’d been locked out of my old account so I had to create a new one. It’s the same old Aquos you knew, however; just no underscore :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, for now Red Candle is on hold while I redesign the characters.

I was wondering if it would be in anyone’s interest if I created a game taking most of its plot from the Japanese video game Dangan Ronpa (But not the characters, setting, etc)? I wasn’t planning on publishing ever since I know about the legal trouble it would cause the website. Just as a side project while I try to redesign the characters for Red Candle.

Anyway, long story short, I’m back, Red Candle’s on hold, I want to try making a new game.


Could you give a description of the game, I’m not familiar with it?


Basically, Dangan Ronpa is a video game where you play as a young talentless boy in a class of talented people. They are all trapped inside the school (or island depending on which game) and are asked by a masochistic teddy bear to kill each other to leave. When a murder occurs, a school trial is conducted and your job is to find out who did the murder. If you can determine the murderer, they alone are executed. If you can’t, everyone is executed aside from the murderer.


Killer teddy bears and me being talentless? Sounds fun.


I don’t know about that one… Sounds like it may brutally destroy any sanity that may possibly still be within me


After two games of being an orphan in a mansion possessed by demons, a game about teenagers killing each other’ll be the death of your sanity? XD


Kinda reminds me of Corpse party with some Trouble in Terrorist Town thrown into it.


You had me at masochistic teddy bear


I’ve watched the Anime adaptation of it… I hope you’ll write it! I’m looking forward to playing it :slight_smile: