Heir to the Throne (05/28/18)



and 2 years younger then ya…ewwwww…like totally lol


so like the WIP of guenever…huh…tell me I won’t be forced to sleep with florence…


The court definitely thinks so and while I don’t wanna give any spoilers let’s just say that no matter how disturbing the plot gets, it’s never going to get into that kind of level of disturbing.

Like I said said before, subjects like that are just too dark for me.

Oh yeah definitely! Trust me, Florence is just as disinterested in you as you are with them. If not more so considering their sexuality.

At most your marriage would be more on the line of “platonic life-partners”


Phew…good to know ! Thank you! :grinning:


Main person I’m interested in is Cecilia/Cassius, when will we get to meet them?


You meet them later in the game compared to the rest of the ROs. I haven’t decided on a exact age but the ballpark is somewhere between 18-20.

It’s mostly because a lot of events happen when you’re 16 and I thought it would be good to let you guys have a little breather before introducing another character to the mix. Believe or not having a super intense and weird romance is not the best idea when you’re trying to solve political murder plots


Well that’s a shame seems like we’ll have less time with them compared to the others. They’re the only ones I really wanna romance.


You’ll still have plenty of time with them :wink: If it makes you feel better their courtship is pretty quick compared to the other ROs to make up for the late introduction. Hopefully that makes up for all the drama that happens after you two hook up. :laughing:


Sorry if im going on about this I just don’t want the one person’s romance I’m interested in to end up feeling rushed. Like maybe we could be able to meet them once or twice before then. So how long is the game since they’ll be introduced so late?


You know I’m surprised no bit of extra text came up when you make the king name the MC Henry for example, since it’s what the Queen predicted. I feel like there should be something along the lines of that if he names the kid after one of the uncreative names she points out.


Loved the character descriptions! So far, Cassius and Arthur have caught my interest. If it’s not too spoilery, is Arthur going to be our personal guard or something? Because I would love to have a shiny knight to watch my back. :black_heart:

Also, Rowan is not at all what I was expecting. Here I thought they would be like their mother but I’m now curious to see how mother and child personalities will clash. I can’t imagine Lady Alden being too thrilled about Rowan’s openness.


I’m glad you like them!
And yes, Arthur is going to become your personal guard when you get older so you would have an actual knight in shining armor if you choose to romance him.

And while Alden doesn’t understand how Rowan can be so happy she indulges them due to her own guilt about what’s happening to them.

I thought about adding something like that in but I decided that it would clash with the tone and I didn’t want to further insult people who actually have those names :laughing:


so where is my female knight in shining armour ? Massive Pout AVELINEE WHERE ARE THOU! :yum:


I was SO curious about Arthur before and NOW??? I’m DYING to meet him! Favorite RO for now. I didn’t expect Rowan to be like that at all, though…


I wonder how this will go if your character is not interested in having anyone as a RO. I can see my MC deciding not to have any children, ever, purely to spite his father. Probably even telling him up front that he should get himself a new heir because there is no way in hell we will be willing to continue his bloodline.


I am SO interested in this!! My fave thing is absolutely the marriage with Florence. The idea of “platonic life partner” is so sweet and I want to be the best friends ever, and support them as much as I can.
I’m also really interested in both AL and Arthur. Arthur because there’s an air of mystery around him, but also the fact that he’ll be your knight is pretty sweet. AL because… well, you can’t say “have fun trying to romance that” and then expect me not to try.
Rowan seems super sweet too, but they give me more the feeling of “I have to protect them” than anything. But I’ll see.
Either way, hyped to see where this will go!


Since were stuck with Florence will we eventually be able to divorce them, so we can marry our RO?


dunno,…was there ever an option like divorce back then if you are heir to a king?

Me think , you gonna be stuck and take on a lover .


I mean there’s magic in this world so an annulment of a marriage wouldn’t be crazy. Also being stuck with Florence forever sounds like Hell.


lol you should play Guenevere , you get stuck with Arthur and his sidekick Lancelot lol

and there is magic in that one as well and no way out lol .

An annulement would be crazy if you are the only heir to the throne . You know how it usually goes right ? anyone who run away is chased down , cose duty…blahblah…bring more heir…blahblah…blood line blah blah…

so if the author want a story around us taking the throne and ruling , no magic will be of any use .