Heir to the Throne (05/28/18)



Or everyone would be so smitten with the MC, they would agree with everything MC does or says and the court would be over pretty quickly.

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lol seem we all though the same thing . As long as I get to take the throne…Ohhh…the amount of chaos I would create :grin:


Usurping the throne without a single battle …


I mean there are two main possibilities either we will became all might( inside the castle) or we’re going to be raped :upside_down_face:



save for the countless victims I plan on making ! Since I’m guessing in the time this story take place they have no toilet paper…the next best thing…is cheese LOL

roll and roll of yellow cheese everywhere ! and mouse and rat at the main table…lol with quivering nobles and ladies lol


I wonder; if someone is charmed would they even be able to feel fear or any other negative emotion towards you? Maybe they would think it’s a romantic dinner instead, mice and all.


well yes , I would think so . I mean the governess is clearly under the charm and yet she still act somewhat normal . Being jealouse , glare at Lady Alden and all of that .

Also , the ‘charm’…for now we don’t know if it’s a real charm . Like under a magic spell . So far it’s seem to just make peoples obsessed with the MC . If that’s true , then…if anything , instead of hoping we can charm peoples…it will be the opposite…think of it ‘gaining a stalker’ .


The book governes was leaning to the touchy side of things (in a physical way), no matter how creepy MC obviously thinks it is. So i think in the long run it would be a pain to deal with.



Imagine MC becoming a celebrity …

Anyhow, I was thinking more along the lines of other characters being able to be angry at MC (or something). Hm.


i dont think they would be able to get angry at MC, it would be like asking an addict to quit using( i think)



Just imagine MC going to another kingdom and ask for their surrender, MC could make an empire out of nowhere just by asking for it.


No, you won’t meet anyone who has the same unnatural charm like the MC’s. However, if you choose to investigate further into it you’ll find out that there are people like the MC out there. Though none of them of them have such a powerful affect like the MC does. Its a whole concept that’s going to be further explored in the game :smile:

Anyone can be affected without being attracted to the MC/MC’s gender. Especially when the MC is still a child… anything else would just be too disturbing for my tastes.

While that would be absolutely hilarious, characters can still feel negative emotions towards you. They’ll just be so charmed that they’ll forgive immediately afterwards… well, the weaker willed one would.

If anything most of those nobles would be completely disturbed throughout the dinner but would justify it by thinking you were just having an off day.
The rest would probably be too busy staring at your pretty face to notice the mice :laughing:

And everyone, while I love all these theories about how and why Florence isn’t affected by your “charm” the true answer is just I’m a idiot that forgot to write that you’re still wearing the ribbon when you meet them… Something that I’ll be sure to fix in the next update. :sweat_smile:


So much for theorising, haha.

Thank you for answering my questions!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve decided to officially add Madeline to the RO list! She character grew on me more than I thought she would :smile:

To celebrate, I thought I’d add a description of the ROs so you guys can have a better idea of who they are!

Ashton/Liliana: Age: Same as you.
Like I said before, AL is the younger sibling of Florence and while they don’t inherit the title of Duke/Duchess, they’re still a high class noble who comes from a very old and distinguished line. Like Florence, they have red hair but they get their green eyes from their mother and no matter which gender they are, they have a slight and delicate figure. They’re also the most two-faced and manipulative person you’ll ever meet. They play the charming, airheaded in public but you’re one of the few who get to see who they really are behind closed doors. There’s never a moment where they not scheming … or roasting people. No one is safe, not even you. Scratch that, especially not you. But hey, they might be a manipulative asshole but thanks to your marriage to Florence, they’re your manipulative asshole. Have fun trying to romance that :wink:

Emery/Hayden: Age: Three years older than you.
As one of the three non-noble ROs they are Done With All These Goddamn Rich People™. Their work is stressful and does nothing for their patience but on the rare days where they’re not running themselves ragged you’ll find out that they’re actually pretty calm. However they’re also very prideful but can they blame them? They worked hard to get to where they are and they’re not going to let some bigoted noble take that away from them. They also tend to stand out in a crowd without meaning to with their bronze skin and their intelligent amber eyes. Their hair is always a mess so they’re not going to waste precious time when they could researching so leave me alone, AL" They going to be very cautious when entering a relationship
with you since its going to have be in secret and they’re someone who values honesty plus it brings out somethings from their past that they rather not think about. With all these things combined, they’re really not in love with the whole “tragedy” of this romance.

Rowan: Age: 2 years younger than you.
Oh Rowan, sweet, sweet Rowan. They’re an actual ray of sunshine or a forest nymph, its pretty hard to tell. They’re everything that their mother is not: open, affectionate, and not the least bit intimating. They definitely didn’t get their looks from her either with their fawn complexation and warm brown eyes. Despite how sweet they are they like to isolate themselves from court which is hard to do considering they in the castle. Their reason is a mixture of social anxiety and the fact that they rather be in the gardens than figure out how to talk with people that they have nothing in common with. Hence the whole forest nymph vibe they have going on. Not to mention the mysterious air they have around them. No one knows what they do yet they’re the person who takes up most of the king’s attention. In private no less. Which leads them to become the subject of many rumors at court. It should be noted that while they’re easy to befriend they’re tough to romance thanks to their horrible fear of commitment and intimacy.

Arthur: Age: Four years older
A stoic knight who has proven himself through years of hard work and devotion to the Crown. He’s never seen without his armor and many courters like to speculate that the reason he’s always wearing his helmet is to hide some horrible deformity. You would think so if you didn’t meet them as children so you know that the only things that helmet is hiding is honey blond hair and his unnaturally blue eyes. You also remember how he was always covered in bruises whenever you saw him but you know from experience that he doesn’t like to talk about it. (Sorry that its not that long but anymore and I let accidently drop some spoilers.)

Cecilia/Cassius: Age: One year older
Oh boy, the word “intense” might actually be too weak of a word to describe them. Everything about them is passionate down to their emotions and words. Their stubborn and relentless with a fierce survival instinct. You have to be in order to survive in the Vruria court let alone as a bastard. Lest the wolves come to tear you apart. They get most of their looks from their mother which only added to their misery. With their porcelain skin and raven locks, they would’ve made a fine prize if anyone ever wanted them and with their foul attitude they made sure no one ever would. Growing up in such a cut-throat environment has made them a bitter and resentful person with the goal to take everything from the people who made them miserable just so CC can make them watch as they destroy it before their own eyes. How far they go with this depends on you. It should be noted that while they’re easy to romance since they feel that they share some sort of “connection” with the MC it doesn’t mean that its going to be smooth sailings. Like them, their romance is going to be intense and dark.

Age: A whopping 10 years older than the MC (was originally going to be 15 but I decided to make the age gap less drastic)
She’s currently competing with Rowan for title of “biggest ray of sunshine.” Everything about her screams joy down to her bright clothes (even though the Ravos court hates color) dark skin and kinky hair that she loves too much to tie up in some elaborate bun. Considering that she’s the royal spymistress (not that anyone at court knows that. Hell, they don’t even know that she’s not even a noble) you would think that her sunny attitude is all just an act but you soon find that she’s just as chatty in private with a joke on the tip of her tongue. She’s fiercely loyal to the King and by extension, you. Besides Rowan she’s the only RO that actively
tries to dissuade you from trying to romance her. Despite her cheerfulness, she’s very insecure about the future of your relationship with her and she doubts that you would feel the same after ten or twenty years when you’re still young and she’s well past her prime.

That’s all of them! Let me know what you guys think about them or if you have any questions!

As for a progress report, I should have all the bugs fixed plus the scenes that need rewriting to be done before the week ends. I’ll must likely have the next update ready on Friday with everything goes as planned :smile:


Oh my god Madeline! Your description of her just made me fall in love :heart_eyes:. I’m wondering if hopefully you could do a snippet of her with mc?


hum…that 1st description…spoiler in there lol was that intended?


Yeah it was. You’ll find out how manipulative they can be pretty early in the game anyway plus AL doesn’t bother putting on an act around you. At least when the MC is older.


didn’t mean that one lol the ‘you get married to florence’ . we will have a choice right ?

yeah , manipulative romance…so gonna stay away from that one lol ! of course…the one that appeal the most to me…is…urgh…the hardest …you meany meany splendid writer :smile:


Oh! Sorry about that! :grimacing:

To answer your actual question, no you don’t get a choice. You can guilt-trip or argue with your father as much you want but it’s not going to change his mind.

After you find out his reasoning you can decide to either forgive or hold a grudge against the parities involved.


Wait so is Rowan sleeping with our father? Cause that would suck :sweat_smile: