Heir to the Throne (05/28/18)



My PC is a lesbian, so my first thought when this was brought up in story was wlw & mlm solidarity! :joy: It was extremely cute, and I’m loving the story thus far!


Great game. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.
I wonder though if I’m the only one who doesn’t like Lady Alden…?
It’s possible that I was just very unhappy with her little gift. I almost always focus on high charm characters so when I received the ribbon then checked my stats I thought, no, take it off!
I just don’t trust her and I’m not getting the lovey mom vibe. So I’ll be watching out for her real motive. :grin:

Also when you are talking to Florence about why they are a Duke/Duchess at such a young age… they tell you their father died. After, if you ask about why they are at court, you become confused about the mother being in mourning. Might want to change that so the MC doesn’t seem like they have short term memory loss.


I too enjoy playing as high INT and CHA characters so I get what you mean!
However, the MC is still just a kid so I feel the ribbon is a very good thing to have to protect the MC, because at this stage of life the MC is not really savvy enough to charm others for his benefit…
And considering how creepy the governess is being when affected by the MC’s charm…I would hate to see what would happen if outsiders are charmed by the MC, like kidnappings would probably be more likely to happen.
Once MC is an adult and become more capable, He/She would probably have the choice to remove the ribbon when they need to use their charm to further their agenda, so I look forward to it.


Hey everybody, I just wanted to make a progress report for the next update. Basically if I keep up the rate I’m going at now I should have the update ready to go by tonight or tomorrow… probably tomorrow.

I also have an announcement! I decided to make a tumblr account in case any of you have any questions or thoughts about the world or my characters! I thought having a blog would be nice to help flesh out both the characters and the world building for you guys :smile:

Here’s the link!


Just curious, is Florence considered a Romantic Option as you are engaged to her?


Unfortunately no, Florence is not a RO despite being betrothed to her. I explained it in one of the first few posts.


Ah got it! I shall look for that post then!
Edit: Ah, found the post. Got it!


So I had a update planned for a while but the file got hit with some serious bugs so I decided to make some mood boards for inspiration and to keep my mind busy until I can figure out what’s going on. I hope you guys understand!

You can check them out at my blog!


Your demo is very well written! The flow is good and scenes are easy to imagine. It is hard not to feel for our princess/prince :slight_smile:

As others have mentioned before, the charming aspect of the main hero makes things interesting. I can imagine how difficult puberty will be, if the MC doesn’t learn how to control it.

Will we at some point meet someone, who shares MC’s unnatural charm?

If it is not a spoiler, here’s a question for you – in order for the MC’s charm to work on a person, does the said person need to be potentially attracted to the MC/MC’s gender?

(The governess is super creepy, though … )


I think the MC charm work on everyone hence the creepy governess .


Not just “normal” people? Lady alden didnt seem affect, if i remember correctly.



yeah but didn’t she say everything she own is charmed?


But the charm doesn’t seem to be working on Florence, hence the question. Given Lady Alden’s reluctance to introduce the MC to her child, I assume the charm works on children, so the only other reason for Florence not being affected would be the lack of attraction to the MC.


yeah but she only met florence . Maybe it take a bit longer before it drive them to obsession . The governess was with the MC since they wake up until they go to sleep .


Maybe Flo is “special”, her father was " the great being made of pure magic" after all.( i think)



Time might be a factor. I think the governesses mentions not showing MC any of her books before despite being responsible for MC’s education, which could mean she was charmed by the MC the moment the two met and wasn’t thinking straight ever since.

Could be. Does that mean Flo’s sibling is also immune?


That line suggested to me at least , that she wasn’t her governess for a very long time .

This line , suggest that it isnt the 1st time it happen…and won’t be the last .


It appears your governess is too fond of you," Alden says with a sigh. “It seems we’ll have to find you yet another one.” She mutters

So either it take time , or it only work on adult (or…peoples with a poor will maybe?) .


Probably. There are to many variable involved to say for sure.

Thats a good guess as well



one thing is sure , it would explain the isolation of the MC .


Yeah. Holding court would be a mess to say the least.


Though i wonder if its possible to manipule them( the people) through the infatuation :thinking: