Heir to the Throne (05/28/18)



That’s true, but I find it boring to ask for the experience without the cost of it. If I want an older character then I’m expecting an older character all the way around- not just experienced from their years, but they magically (unless, I suppose, that is the in-universe explanation. even then, though) appear to be 20.

I guess I’m a sort of go big or go home person. It seems unfair to ask for only the ‘desirable’ aspects of aging from a character, but then ditch all the rest. Character design, even in text, is where half of the interest lies for me, and I’ve seen way too many “wise and old, but still young and pretty!!” characters for me to be interested.


OMG, I never realized that. Well that certainly puts things in perspective. :astonished::laughing:
To answer the actual question, I agree with everyone else as long as the MC is a consulting adult and the love interest isn’t attracted to them when they were younger, I’m okay with it.


I’m 23 actually, but I digress (I suppose a little over may have been misleading).

I can certainly see why one would find such a relationship odd, I’m not disagreeing there. I just have a differing opinion when it comes to that kind of relationship. I can certainly see where you’re coming from though.

That said, while I’d like to think the example you made wouldn’t bother me, I guess I can’t really say that for certain, as I’ve never been in such a relationship before. So yeah, I can see where you’re coming from.


I’m playing the update right now!!! I’ll be back!!!

God I loved it. I need to meet Rowan already. Lady Alden is still the best, but I felt terribly sad when my princess almost cried herself to sleep when Lady Alden left her alone. Poor baby.


Thanks to everyone for answering my questions! :smile:

I’m still on the fence about adding a new RO but now it’s just due to the character in question instead of the age gap. So… yeah, we’re see how this goes :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the update!

The way our nanny spoke and behaved around us was insanely creepy. I like how well you could convey that something wasn’t right, even before Lady Alden revealed the cause. Whenever her “thin bony hands” touched our character I would feel as uncomfortable as the MC. So well done if that was your goal!

Speaking of Lady Alden, so far she is my favorite character. I like the contained way she conveys emotion - even as she tries her best to hide it from us. I also can’t wait to meet Rowan. Alden’s reaction at our request to meet him was suspicious at best. I wonder who she’s trying to shield: him from us or us from him…


Older love interests are fine, not usually my cup of tea when it’s younger female/older male just because that’s so very common but it would be something I haven’t often seen in a game so I might give it a shot. I am super creeped out by the idea of an adult love interest who had a lot of contact with the MC when they were still a child, though, and will avoid that trope whenever possible, especially if (ack) there’s any hint of “waiting for her” yikes please no.

I also feel like old love interests who are vampires are otherwise immortal so look young are also fine but they are really really normal at this point and it’s a very different plotline than say, a 25 year old MC and a 40 year old human love interest. I’d be OK with either but I wouldn’t compare the two.


Am i the only one unable to open the stats page? :sweat_smile:


I can’t see the stats page either, I was able to do so yesterday though… :thinking:


@Morphine and @Pizza_is_good, I think I fixed the bug that was causing it so you should be able to open the stat screen now!


Error after you tell Florence you love reading.


Is Florence’s sibling supposed to be the opposite gender of the mc or can you directly choose it?


Since they’re a RO their gender is based on your preference.


Ahh so cute! I love all the interaction between the characters! And the last part of the demo, my mc was feeling sad when she accidentally ticked off Lady Alden. It broke my heart :sob::sob:


Hey everyone! I have another question to ask. :sweat_smile:

Would you guys prefer small but frequent updates or updates that will take longer but have a lot more content?

I’m asking so I can start developing a better writing schedule.


I’m ok with longer updates.

I find it gives the author more time to work out kinks and think storylines through in a way that small but quick updates don’t.

Besides that, as the game gets bigger and more complex, readers will already be used to slower but more meaningful updates.


Longer updates (: I think it will be easier for you and for us.


I Demand you do whatever you feel like…not counting real life.


Take your time (20 patient characters)


I’ve just played for the first time. I’m enjoying it immensely. Take your time. I’ll be looking forward to whatever updates you release.